Writing Practise - Offering Free Writing

I want to practise my writing. I'm opening Three Slots if anyone wants it.

I'm warning you, it might be a while before you get it and it might not be all that great.
But this is what I posted this for - so I can practise! XD

Something from a Rock Hound's Point of view.
Something about one of my characters.

1. Nayu - A child's POV and Nayu's hoard
2. Uwharrie (Something about Jade)
3. Mr.Sanguine (Dysfunctional Family)

Anyway, go ahead, tell me what you want written and I'll try my best.
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I want!!

I want!!

Siggy by Butterbrot <3

What do you want? Re-phrase

What do you want?

Re-phrase XD, what would you like me to write about?
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Now that I have secured a

Now that I have secured a slot, here is what I would like, if you're up to it.

Something seen through a child's eyes.
You know, the kind of awe children have for things you often take for granted when growing up; a shiny stone held toward the sun, the glee felt at mixing colors in a glass of water when you paint, that kind of things.

When I was a young monkey, I used to hide in a kind of underground ventilation we had in the garage, light was streaming in like tendrils, and however silly it sounds today, I pretended I could eat it and imagined what flavor it had.

Could you write something with that kind of feel? Something about fascination for small things?

If you need a less vaguer theme, a piece about this would be awesome:

"He keeps something from every deer he accompanies in death. Feathers, rubies, ornaments and masks. Small treasures gathered in the hollow of a decaying oak covered with holes. He finds strange happiness in sitting there, watching the light seeping in, casting soft shadows on the relics
of lives he knows nothing of but how they ended. "

I would be honored then, Blu.

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Actually, the death collector

Actually, the death collector guy is Nayu! XD
I was thinking 'bout his own fascination for these relics.

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I might try both, because

I might try both, because they both look interesting =)
I'm starting now, so all you have to do is wait ^^

Edit: Nayu it is then XD
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Starting now, but I have to

Starting now, but I have to come off the computer so it'll be on paper. I'll type it up tommorow Eye
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Take all the time you need,

Take all the time you need, luv ya already for taking up the challenge.

Siggy by Butterbrot <3

This is taking longer than

This is taking longer than expected, haha!
My muse is taking it's time but I'm still working on it! I really am XD

Anyway - I still have two slots left so if anyone else wants writing ask away!
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Agh, don't worry, even if you

Agh, don't worry, even if you take weeks I don't mind. Laughing out loud

Siggy by Butterbrot <3

I've almost finished the

I've almost finished the child's POV one, but I need some more info on Nayu. Could you just explain some more about him? Or link me to his bio? I'm especially interested in that second concious he has with him XD
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Would you mind doing

Would you mind doing something about my doe, Jade? here's her bio
-----> http://endlessforest.org/community/jaded

You could do whatever you like; poem, story, or anything you feel like doing.
Thanks for offering free writings <3

Jade it is, then! And your

Jade it is, then! And your welcome <3
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Oops, I just saw this! Nayu

Oops, I just saw this! Nayu doesn't really have a bio, I'm trying to built things in a way I have more fun with, but shoot questions if you want!

Siggy by Butterbrot <3

I'm so close to finishing the

I'm so close to finishing the child's POV one! You'll get it soon XD

Anyway, I was basically just wondering about Nayu's personality and some stuff about Yeulh. Also, why he takes things from the dead - I mean I can make this bit up if you want ^^
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AH!!! I just saw this! If

AH!!! I just saw this!
If you read the basics category, I think it might help you greatly.

Nayu keeps dreaming of who these others could have been, he shelters himself into a reality where he is omniscient and has almost total control over. Dead things can't hurt him, neither can hiw own fantasies ( as he is making them up. Realizing all of these are illusions is another matter.)

It's just like children often find refuge into their own reveries, when they play and make up stories. ( I'm really, really summarizing stuffs here.)

It's also a way to humanize the ones he sees dying, give them an history, a past, and break the image of death, which isn't that different from when poeple keep something that belonged to someone they lost. It makes you feel as if a part of them is still with you, and it makes them exist out of death (because you remember of the time they were alive.)

Bwah, I could delve into children psychology, but I'm sure I would bore you to death and I just wanna lazy in bed at the moment. Laughing out loud

Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Maybe a short writing on my

Maybe a short writing on my little Dysfunctional family? Human if it's all the same?
Deeper personality aspects here if needed~

Thank you, Nayu =) And the

Thank you, Nayu =)

And the dysfunctional family looks interesting - It shall be done XD

Here's the Child POV one for

Here's the Child POV one for you, Nayu!

It's not completely finished yet, so I'll try and finish it tommorrow. Hope you like it <3

Edit: Here's your other one~
The other two will be coming soon Smiling