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Okay... Help?

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Aren't working for me. I've updated adobe flash player... but it's still not working.

[e] Okay, sorry didn't explain that very well, when I click on ^ that link or links to pictogram pages all i get is a white screen. I've updates quite a few programs and still no results :/

So, um, help?


Hmm... Names?

Hum... Currently deciding on a name for a new character as well as gender.

Timid, defenseless, trusting, will bent easily, slightly arrogant once you've got to know him/her.

Any suggestions, please?

History I

Bluejay's RP Blog

Here would be the place to interact with my characters. It doesn't matter if you know them or not - if you would like to RP with them, you can do so here Smiling
Under the cut~


Guess what day it is~

Yes, it's my birthday!

As much as I love my birthday's it always signals the start of the new school term. School starts in two days and things will be a little hectic. Although my laptop is now back (if you hadn't read a previous post - long story short is that it broke down and I got it back yesterday) I not be as active as I usually am over the holiday period.

Anyway, I have some fan art I created in the car while to and from Twycross Zoo, so I'll upload it soon. A birthday girt from me Smiling

Questions for your Characters

A little something that came to me last night, something for character development, I guess. All it is a series of hypothetical questions for you to answer as if you were your character. For example, I will be answering as my deer Awilda.

There will be some random ones, and some cliched ones. I may add more at any time. Feel free to suggest your own. If a you think you need a name, you can use stars. If you have any questions about the situation, you can ask. And don't feel you need to answer them all ^^
Under the cut~

A Hoarder [For Nayu]

Writing under the cut~

For Nayu, from this.

Also, this was all so I can practise my writing skills, therefore critique is welcome.
If there's any spelling, grammar and typos - of which I'm sure there's many xD - I'd like to correct it, so if you notice it, please drop a comment ^^

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