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The Last Farewell (shortstory/vent writing)

Brief warning - It's a sad story, if the title and song didn't give that away.
Below the cut.
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To the deer I've met...

A shoutout blog to notable off-community deer that my deer meet/play with.
Chronological, oldest at the top and newest at the bottom.
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The Fantabulous Adventures of Phylux the Plushie

For fun and to keep myself on track with this work-in-progress. Expect slow progress, as I will be doing this between work and school. I am estimating no fewer than 10 hours once sewing begins, as I do not have a machine (but I do have two cats who enjoy playing with thread).
A plushie is born!

-Design the pattern (done - heavily modified version of the free pattern found here)
-Cut out (done)
-Trace onto fabric (done)
-Cut fabric (done)

-Markings (4/4 legs, 2/2 masks, 0/1 wings) (Wings cannot be sewn on until body is finished)
-Body (in progress - 1, 2, 3)
--Head (done - 1, 2, 3)
--Antlers (Left 1, 2, 3 - Both painted 1, 2) Unfortunately, the modeling clay is more fragile than I anticipated. I lost the antlers in the process of turning the pattern right-side-in. I MIGHT be able to save one, but the other is severely cracked and damaged. One or both will most likely have to be re-built from scratch.
Antler Update: Moderate success in repairing bothp antlers.
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I'm not so much a fifth wheel... I am just so lucky as to have a lot of Valentines!
Below the cut.
Something I doodled in Spanish today.
I'll probably trace over it eventually and clean it up, because ohmygosh so many things wrong with it and not finished.
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[To be moved] Pictogram Building Guide {Gen4 PSD Builder Added!}

This page will be moved and divided between two pages:
About Pictograms and Pictogram Building
Please feel free to re-track there.

Pieces will go missing from here as they are moved, to help me keep my place.
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Mini-Abio Video 12-31-10

A special New Year's Eve (early morning) treat - a visit from Michael!
Michael is the bat in the beginning. He changes into a dove later on.
I appologize for the low quality, skips, random key clacking, and IM window (lol, Ravus). When I realized it was actually Michael and something was starting, I got Hypercam up as quick as I could and used whatever settings it was on. I missed a few parts here and there, due to conflicts with my hotkeys for TEF and Hypercam, but most of it is there. The sound is about 5 seconds ahead, but it won't allow me to adjust that. Sorry!
All the roars are silent, and the deer blow bubbles instead! The longer you hold still, the bigger the bubble gets.
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Trick to make saving your set easier (3.4)

When you go to save your set and it says "Saving..." click the "Save" button again so that you get the error message "Please wait a moment and retry."
Wait for it to say "Ready" again and IMMEDIATELY click "Save."
It will succeed.
I've done this several times now, and it appears to be a consistent work-around.
Haven't found one for getting a set to load, yet, though. :/
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Better late than never (Merry-New-Valentine's) [Updated: Leyawiin, Dub/Mattie, Rainflower, Tikwid, Vass]

I started working on these in early December, but pffff, my best-laid plans have gotten set back.

Update 2/14/11: Rire has seaweed on his head.

Update 1/12/11: Well that only took forever.
I had to fudge some character designs a little bit, but I tried to stick with the out-of-forest design as much as possible.
Two groups left!
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Note taking

First three to link to a bio/reference will get doodled into my chem or Spanish notes.
I can only scribble my own deer so many times x3
I'll be doing a doodle dump tonight or tomorrow, so they'll be in there.
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Good Gracious ._.

Did I miss a memo, or did y'all just decide to make a giant deerpile? I don't think I've ever seen that many pictograms load on the map! It always seems to be behind the actual in-forest count, so I can only imagine how many might actually be online ._.
(Picture under cut)
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