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Rire Diar[y]

I keep saying Rire Diar, Rire Diar in my head because it rhymes.

What does a deer think about as he finishes his day and drifts away to sleep? If those half-dreamt thoughts were gathered together, what would they say about the deer and his world?

Entries start after the cut.
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Pictograms: Code cracking and how to find anyone WITHOUT the map

The Pictogram Builders have MOVED! Please find the downloads and a guide on how to use them HERE.

Going to try to re-organize this...

This post has two purposes.
One: I returned to the Forest after a long absence, and did not realize that I had missed an update. Due to this, I was not viewing pictograms correctly, and the new friends that I made could not be identified. When I realized this mistake, I began working on a way to convert a false 1st gen picto into its true 2nd gen form, so that I (and maybe others who made the same mistake) could recognize people they'd been playing with after the patch had been properly installed. I don't know if this will be of any use to anyone but myself, but I figure there's bound to be at least one other person at some point in time who has or will return after a period of absence and not realise there was a patch update for the second gen pictos.

Two: This is the one you will probably be most interested in. This is a way to find ANY deer's player/login WITHOUT using the map or resorting to a "Who is this?" post. All you need is a screenshot (or your memory) and the files I've uploaded.

Investigations and conspiracy theories after the cut~
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[Rire] - To Laugh

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I need more RAM :<

My computer is juuuust barely able to run TEF.
And it can't run most games due to the RAM being below their minimal sys reqs. Lame.

But anywho. I haven't been on the community site in so long I am more or less completely lost Laughing out loud
The forest, however, was still familiar to dear Rire (albeit very laggy), and he was very pleased and incredibly surprised that a wonderful little fawn gave him his favorite set back (...Well, aside from the mask, but he'll hang on to the big one for a while 'cause it's pretty nifty, too!), by accident or by design~ Didn't see that one coming. When I noticed what was happening I tried to figure out who you were, but alas - I fail at navigating and my computer is refusing to load the pictograms. Lame.
Also, Three-Squares-and-a-Rectangle is a nifty picto o:
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And They Danced

Rire went in search of the cloud of flies today.
He did not find it, alas!
But he did find a new friend Laughing out loud
It was a long, laughter-filled dance.
And then Rire had an idea! He'd gathered some purple flowers earlier, and his friend had picked up some poppies. Then they got themselves a couple masks... And Rire's mask was purple as well.
So why not go all out?
On a whim, Rire took off, new buddy in tow, and made a beeline for the crying statue. Red! And then a red mask...

But they never quite got to being all red and all purple and back to dancing; buddy had to go. Oh well, perhaps next time!

Rire certainly had a good start to his morning, today. Thank you!
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Rire's Return

The stag blinked, taking a deep breath. Hey, that smelled familiar! Suddenly filled to the brim with excitement, Rire let out a bellow and took off racing, not caring what direction it was in. By chance or by fate, he leapt over the river and danced his way to the Twin God Statues, and stumbled upon two others in the process. Suddenly, his pelt was white and glowing - something that hadn't happened in a long time. Somehow it was fitting that the first fur change back in the Forest would be that of the Twin Gods. The other two deer couldn't possibly have any idea why he was so excited and content to just play, letting them cast random spells and decorate him; but he'd been missing for forever, it seemed, and he couldn't possibly be more grateful for two strangers' kindness.
I'm back!

~ * * * ~

Long story made short, I looked at my hard drive to see how it could be possible that I didn't have room to do something, and lo and behold - 1 GB of space left on my hard drive. Well. Naturally, I needed to slim down! I dropped any and every program I didn't use enough - and unfortunately, TEF was put on that list out of necessity. After several months, though, I got nostalgic enough to decide that I could afford ooone very special program.

No clue who the other two deer were, and I'm sorry, but I don't remember your pictos very well, so I may never know! But thanks for the warm greeting back. It was very good to remember why I loved the Forest. And I'm sorry I had to leave so suddenly - I was called to dinner. Sticking out tongue
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A Romp

The Forest has been so horribly sad. Rire was very glad when he heard a familiar roar; he had expected to be running alone at 3 AM. Yay for Taiko! It was so good to simply run around and be ridiculous - to have a backflip race - to play look-alike - to accidentally slip into the pond, and have to fetch everything back. To race away from, ahead of sorrow, and on and on into tomorrow.
Rire loves the Forest. Very much.
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For Shame

Rire is so bad at keeping up with his diary.
Or maybe that's just me.
At any rate!
Rire saw Cyric and Ahey'nii, neither of which has been spied for a longlong time! And then, to make things even niftier, Taiko showed up! Laughing out loud Rire was a happy fellow, seeing so many familiar pictograms. I dare say he felt a little out of place, though, without anything Halloweenish about him!

Cyric looked sad for a little bit. Rire hopes he feels better.
And on a random side note, Cyric is very photogenic, especially in the graveyard.

Now, if I could just figure out how to make the pictures show up on here...
Rire needs a new avatar. He hasn't been wearing the 'moth' pelt lately, because he sees everyone and their grandmother with it and he's stubborn like that. Sticking out tongue
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Rire hasn't made any diary entries!
Maybe it's because we're lazy. And/or busy.

Well, today, Rire woke up and... promptly went back to sleep again. The sounds of the frogs and the water lapping in the creek were just too good to pass up! After he dozed for a while, all peaceful-like, he got up again and went to track down the only other deer who seemed to be awake in the forest. There were fun, and the trio got into a game of follow-the-leader-dancing-do-the-wave I dunno what to call it! But it was fun.
Screenshots later, maybe? No time right now - Rire's prodding me (the fingers) to go and do calculus, like I said I would when I told him why he had to take a nap.
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