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I want to see...

your peacock :3
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Livestream/Twitch - Offline

Livestream link Twitch link
(Opens in new window)
Probably will only do this once in several blue moons.
Got it to work, yay~
Past doodlings will be under the cut.

Vent art.
May have mature language in whatever music comes on my music station.

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The Cats' Meow (Non-TEF)

The Cats' Meow:
A-mew-sing Conversations with Rowan and Lieutenant Dan

Occasional profanity warning, generally mild.

No idea how long I'll keep up with this. It's just for shiggles.
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Problem with zoom function [Fixed, I think!]

Well, I thought I'd gotten rid of this after re-installing the Forest, but apparently it's back!
My Forest client will only let me zoom all the way in or all the way out, and eventually gets stuck on one or the other.
I've tried adjusting the mouse settings and switching between my touchpad and a wireless mouse - no luck.
Anyone have this problem before/know how to fix it?
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Dear Little Pond-Hopper,

Dear Little Pond-Hopper,
You almost had it!
Rire will try to teach you again some time.
Thank you for making our night ♥ We are sad to see you go.
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You could be famous o: (Done)

Maybe not really. xD
I need an example pictogram for the visual walkthrough of my GIF Pictogram Builder tutorial. I could use one of my deer, but that's boring, so the first one to throw a clear screenshot of their deer/pictogram my way gets to be in it o:

A screenshot from the Forest, please - not just the pictogram link.
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Aivilo - Player Updates

This is a personal, OOC blog and may contain mature language and whatever else I throw in here.
If you feel the need to contact me outside of TEF, you may E-mail
Please note that this is NOT a messenger address; it is for E-mails ONLY.
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The Princess is in Another Castle!

I found this in my salad tonight and got a kick out of it, so I thought I would share.
Below cut for size.
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First one to post and meet the following requirements gets a sketchydoodle.

-Little to no other art of the deer
-Post contains or has a link to a thorough physical and personality description for me to work with

Nothing spectacular, just a pencil/pen/sharpie (or combination thereof) doodle in my sketchbook. May be slow to scan it since my access to a scanner is currently sporradic at best.
Just one for now. Might do another later if the mood hits me.
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