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Community project idea

Update: Since there's a positive response, went ahead and made the account.


I got to thinking the other day that it would be really nice to have some of the neat/informative things in one place instead of scattered across the community and completely reliant on that one poster keeping up with it. So, I wanted to see if 1, there was community interest in something like that and, 2, if others would be interested in helping out with the account.
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Ivi's CSS Credits

I pull CSS and HTML from many wide and varied resources, to the point that crediting them all in a small disclaimer section is becoming difficult. So, they are listed here and linked in the disclaimer instead.

On blogs I have put together, you may find code from or inspired by the lovely:

Brit - Oh gosh what hasn't Brit helped me with

Hraeth - Assorted Javascript

Shamiya - Assorted visual effects

Unplugged - Basic CSS template (heavily modified); various snippets

AlisonRobin - Assorted Javascript

Keepiru - Variation on the accordion script

C!ssy - Gif images in text

...and probably others from Google.

And here's some other stuff I use.
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ALL the CSS tests \o/ - Deus

Test blog
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CSS (ignore) - accordion variants

This is a CSS test blog. Please do not comment.

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CSS Testing (No comments, please!) - Roh Roh Roh your boat

CSS test blog, shoo! <3
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[To be moved/deleted] Are there any tutorials you want to see?

I know a handful of frequently cited tutorials have been deleted over the years (several in the last couple of months), so I figured I'd poll the audience and see if anyone wanted anything in particular put back up (or one made for something that hasn't been done before).
So. Anything (TEF-related, of course) you want to see a tutorial for?

I might also make this post a master list of the tutorials I've put together, since I tend to lose track of them and always have to go digging >.<

Currently Posted Tutorials:
(From Me)
Installing multiple versions of TEF (WIP)
Save your set
Save your mini-deer's pelt spell
Fix a pictogram that links to a blog post when clicked on the map
Cast DotD on a mini-deer
Find a pictogram without the map

(From Others - you can find these in the TEFc Directory, but I'm mentioning them here so there aren't requests for things that are already done)
Log in
Resize shape spells
Create node links
Make a cut (CSS/blog)
Remove the loveglow
Get masks when there are no mushroom trees
Make a signature
Post a picture
Make an icon
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Donation Game - May

Below the cut!
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Doodles - Closed

I am not accepting more requests at this time.

Going to be petsitting next week and will likely be bored. Give me something to do pls.
Request for whoever, but please provide a reference of some variety. Picture references preferred, scribble or text references okay.

Don't know how many I'll do. At least one, likely no more than 5-10. Will probably pick and choose at random.
Quality may range from rough sketches or doodles to monotone scribbles, and if I get really bored maybe something more serious.

I may or may not livestream some as well.


Click images to enlarge.

Centaury & Rikkonel




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Template: Minimalist Maroon

This is a CSS test blog. Please do not comment.

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Ivi's mess of links

Just a collection of CSS links for my own use, because I'm tired of digging through my track list. Track if you want, but it's going to be pretty boring lol.
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