What day is today? It's Quad's birthday! What a day for a birthday...

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"Let's all have some cake!"


Historically I always thought Quad's birthday was October 15th, because I didn't know what day I registered his pictogram. But I recently found out it is actually October 23rd by checking the original registration e-mail (Durr...should have done that to begin with).

So anyway...Quad's 6 years old, but it seems like he's always been my friend and guide.

Heheh so umm...grab a mushroom cupcake in celebration. Zephyr made them Eye
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Thur's a fungus

Thur's a fungus amongus.

Happy birthday, Quad. B)
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Happy birthday!! *takes

Happy birthday!! *takes middle shroom*

umm...these aren't "magic" are they? XD
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Happy birthday, Quad-deer!

Happy birthday, Quad-deer! 8D
...I'm a little worried about eating those mushroom cupcakes. >>
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Zephyr - "They were made with

Zephyr - "They were made with love! And sprinkles, teehee!"

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Happy 6th, old friend. You're

Happy 6th, old friend. You're not much younger than I. Eye

I remember seeing you when you first came into the Forest. I'm glad to have known you!
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Happy birthday. ^^ Six years

Happy birthday. ^^ Six years is quite a lot!
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Yesss...Mushroom cupcakes

Yesss...Mushroom cupcakes !!
Happy 6 years !
That drawing is so cute Smiling
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Happy Sixth! ^^

Happy Sixth! ^^

Happu sixeth B-day!!! *takes

Happu sixeth B-day!!! *takes bright blue one to the left of center one*

Happy Birthday, Quad! *wish -

Happy Birthday, Quad! *wish - The Best*
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Hooray for another "old "

Hooray for another "old " ""Oldie"" ... Happy birthday "dear" quad! ♥
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Happy birthday Quad! I know

Happy birthday Quad! I know relations between Walter and Quad haven't been that great but he sends his best wishes as well.
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Happy birthday Quad!

Happy birthday Quad!
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Happy Birthday Quad!!!

Happy Birthday Quad!!! Laughing out loud
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Happy birthday to Quad! :'D

Happy birthday to Quad! :'D
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Happy Birthday! x3

Happy Birthday! x3

Art by viktes <3
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Quad: "Awwhh thanks everyone,

Quad: "Awwhh thanks everyone, glad to have so many friends around here!"

Iugulare: "So bored...ugh...maybe I should infect one of the cupcakes and see about scoring a minion or two..."

Zephyr: "Don't worry, daddy, I didn't let Iugulare get anywhere near the mushroom cupcakes while I was making them. Hmm...though I can't remember which ones I made wasabi flavored...wasabi is trendy right now, hee!"

Anirapio: "Mrrh? It looks like the Earth fungus but tastes like a cuppycake? It is much of the confused, mhh!"

Nekumbra: *Sluuuuuurp!*

Also I got real life mini cupcakes to celebrate. Eye

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^ Hello! Wishing you a happy

^ Hello! Wishing you a happy birthday!

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happy birthday! *munches on

happy birthday! *munches on mushroom cake*
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Happy Birthday Quad!!!!!1111

Happy Birthday Quad!!!!!1111 *noms cupcake* 83