Vuk's reference

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Posting this here tooo cause not many ppeople are posting art here anmore.

also vuk.
I love him.

All details and all colours and all materials.
Only thing missing is how he looks like with hte heads mazerialised into copies of his own.

This is very beautiful

This is very beautiful reference and that character, woah!
I love those leg warmers <3 looks so soft and warm.

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I love him a lot and I love

I love him a lot and I love your painting style, he looks so soft ;u;



^^^ agreed! Your painterly style is really nice. Your marshmallow creme boy has never looked better.
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@Hautakumpu Eyyyyyy, thanks

Eyyyyyy, thanks there. Funny that Vuk a few minute drawn attempt for first ver and it's love on sight with people. And ye, he really doesen't look complete without them! Though somtimes i've forgotten that they go over his heel and ankle xD Anklewarmers. In his human form they are kind of like socks but not really. Hidden under his boots.
Gotta be warm for the cold winters.

Eee ay. I mean, god I wish I had more opportunities to draw in this style. But like a dynamic pose with all the neat anatomy and details.

Aw yis. Really tried to render that floff and his face realistically. Though I gotta admit that the small fur nook on his jawline edge is not as pronounced as in this ref o?o
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A tad late but WOW he's

A tad late but WOW he's gorgeous and this style is incredible??? I think my jaw dropped

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What a stylish character,

What a stylish character, especially like patterns on clothes, such harmonious colors :0
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The detail on those

The detail on those clothes!!! I love this style, it's so soft ♥

By Draak ♥
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oh my gos h i love him

oh my gos h i love him
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He is the expression of all

He is the expression of all the love people have for him.

And ye I think the clothes are really what make Vuk, Vuk. Without them he's rather plain and all of the pieces work off eachother. He looks rather naked with even one element missing. The other pieces just end up standing out as if a key portion of him was torn off (like clothes get torn off hehe)