[ VELOCIRAPTOR ] hatched!


Tchk-tchk-tchk. The egg was breaking. Tchk-tchk-snrckrrt! The egg was broken.

Bright orange eyes peered out at the world, wide and surprised. A feathery, reptilian creature curled around itself, damp and fragile.



This may be used as a future reference for his build and body shape as an adult. The colours will not be like this, however, by far. This art belongs to ~Dragonlover92 and not myself.


+ Was hatched by Kestrel, it seems! With Raptor lurking nearby, and Bright also around.
+ Seems to have assumed that Kestrel and BrightEyes are his parents.
+ Found Bright's flapping hilarious and doesn't understand why he can't do that
+ Excited and intrigued with the forest around him
- After seeing just the two bird-deer, the other deer bewilder him; it seems unusual for them not to look like the bird-deer
+ Discovered that butterflies taste good
+ Discovered a love for the bundle of logs by the
- Frightened by Raptor, confused as to what the other was, funnily enough
- Chased after a fawn that came too close
- Chased after a bunny, only to be frightened by it

Physical : 100%
Mental : ???

Status : A newborn reptile
Location : Near the Ruins
Problem : Hungry
Inforest : No

Was helped to hatch by : BrightEyes, Kestrel, Roe, Aimitis, Rabbit, Sorrel

Pictogram : clawed
Future Appearance : Newborn Raptor. Fawn.

Voice : colour

Likes : Logs, eating butterflies, snuggles
Dislikes : Eating flowers (they make him choke), fawns
Wants : Food!
Fears : Unfamiliar species

Traits : Energetic
Quirks : Rears and bounces a great deal to show jerky movement, and sudden pouncing on things


Kestrel : Imprinted. Sees as 'mother'. Attatches self to. Snuggles. Loves.
BrightEyes : Imprinted. Sees as 'father'. Wants his approval! Cling.
Raptor : Fears, yet intrigued by. Confused by.

Artwork/Writing : -

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will they be eaten? >_>

will they be eaten? >_>

It actually sounds quite

It actually sounds quite adorable.

... it'd be nice if one of my characters could do it but ...

I feel a little awkward volunteering, roflmao~
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...*stare*... ...=D HEY, it


...=D HEY, it just so happens you have a large egg, while I just so happen to have a giant bird big enough to sit on it comfortably.
I do believe interaction is going to happen.

Kao; |: Of course nooot! He's

Kao; |: Of course nooot! He's a sweet little thing ;;

asdf don't feel awkward, man >> ♥ Although I think I'm going to force pick Bright for the hatching, I'd love if it a character of yours could be involved in Velociraptor's early life ;;

Cicaaadia as said |: yes. I agree. yes. yes. huuuuurrrrrr.

Heh. bright's going to be a

Heh. bright's going to be a daddy
Idk which of my characters would suit it but sure, once Velociraptor's hatched. c;
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Fufufufuuu...excellent~ >=D

Fufufufuuu...excellent~ >=D I'll have to draw something out for this...
I might mention that you placed this egg in the only spot in the forest he's terrified of. |D This...could be very interesting.


@Sybil- I just said the same thing. |D Suddenly- he's mommabird.

Sybil; time to go stalk yer

Sybil; time to go stalk yer blogs B) ♥ awesome sdfdsf thanks bundles~

Cicadia; ...|: coincidences are win. and yes. yes I do. very much so. ;;

Raptor!! 8D *watches*

Raptor!! 8D *watches*
*kicks dirt* too late tho D: haha oh well, still gonna attack your blogs about Raptors tho XP

Thou art mine raptor friend.

Thou art mine raptor friend. |:
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Oh man, this guy sounds

Oh man, this guy sounds really adorable actually.

And I couldn't help myself:

He'll be climbin' through

He'll be climbin' through your windows, snatchin' yo people up. |:
Not really. Harmless!sweet!velociraptor ;;

0 days
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you have no idea how much

you have no idea how much this makes me squeal. I love raptors. |D;

Asdf they are win yes B)

Asdf they are win yes B) <3
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Jesus loves all the

...Raptor has the sweet,

...Raptor has the sweet, sweet love of Jesus.
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The mulie doe wandered

The mulie doe wandered through the dense fog, looking for shelter. As she meandered through the ruins, something caught her eye. An egg? What's an egg doing here?
The doe curled up next to it, falling alseep.

Kobal Snuff

asdf aww~! ;; I love Roe

asdf aww~! ;; I love Roe already but this asdfljshdf <333
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Tracking omg

Tracking omg
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This deserves so much

This deserves so much looovveeeee /traccckkk
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since I'm not in forest

since I'm not in forest usually when you are.. could I do like.. a doodle here?

thanks guuuuuys 8D asdf of

thanks guuuuuys 8D

asdf of course, Kao! ;w;

A lone, freezing egg sitting

A lone, freezing egg sitting in a dark pit. What a sad sight.

A quiet mare who is also a doe. A conundrum in herself. She stares at the dark pit, considering the circumstances.

Both of the creatures, although very different, were also similar. Neither were like the others. Outcasts who searched for a place to belong. A slight connection is found.

She takes those last steps toward the pit and steps into the shadowed place, heavy hooves thundering against the stones of the Ruins. 

She stands beside and over the mysterious egg, slowly lowering herself to lie beside the unborn dinosaur. She uses a back hoof to press it against her side, and her lighter brown tail is picked up off the ground to cover any of the exposed shell. 

Then she curls her head in to let it rest near the egg. She speaks gently, her voice barely audible to any but her and the egg.

"You may be a stranger to this forest, but you are not alone. I can see you becoming quite a loved creature within these trees, and I will offer what I have to help you acheive that. I can give you warmth and protection. You can always trust me."

With that, Aimitis closed her eyes to sleep, giving her warmth to the unborn creature.

[Well, seeing as how I'm not in a position to get in the forest or create a lovely drawing atm, I felt this was the least I could do <3]
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Rabbit wasn't sure about this

Rabbit wasn't sure about this mysterious giant egg, and not just because mysterious giant anythings never seemed to end well. He didn't know what kind of crow could have laid it, or why it was in a pit instead of a nest where eggs belonged...and it smelled funny, not at all like the old wet rock he was used to in the ruins. But it was dark and damp out, and he hated being damp, so for lack of anyone else to snuggle around, he clambered into the pit and curled up against the Mysterious Giant Egg That Would Probably Not End Well, not at all sure he wouldn't regret it later.

Ohyes eue! I love raptors so

Ohyes eue!
I love raptors so much ;u;. Greitai would adore it - she's my raptor-faced character whom I haven't finished a biography for. > >
Going to be watching developments closely ♥!

Oh, wow, I didn't expect

Oh, wow, I didn't expect these responses! ;A;

AA; asdf Aimitis you lovely mare, you ;; That was heartwarming asdf aw aw aw thankyou <3

Kalira; Oooo! Absoloutely in love with Mysterious Giant Egg That Would Probably Not End Well, great characterisation there :'D What a lovely stag aw <3 Thanks bundles!

Ammy; Ah! I was praying you'd spot this ;; I wasn't sure if you'd approve of it or not, since you had a raptor-y character first 8C But asdf I'm so glad to hear you approve :'D <3 -cling-

Ah, how did I not see this

Ah, how did I not see this earlier?
Might send a certain someone to the ruins later ><

>> i should be tracking this

>> i should be tracking this

Oh, fff! As if I wouldn't

Oh, fff! As if I wouldn't approve! Not like velociraptors and raptor-based characters belong to me. C8
But that's really nice of you ;; ♥.
Honestly, I was excited to see it~! I love raptors and can't wait to see it develop ;u;.
May even get Greitai to watch over it, though I'm not sure if she'd want to eat it or not first.
*clingclingback* Mmmyescling.
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Here was quiet. No one to

Here was quiet. No one to chase or kick in the pit. Just an odd object. She licked it once, but it didn't taste very nice.
Sorrel stayed, long mane curling towards the oval as she began to sleep, like a bird covering its children.

Thanks for the tracks, guys

Thanks for the tracks, guys :'D

asdf Freyja ;w; thankyou!

Ammy; Eeeee Greitai win ♥ ;A; sdkfjhsd this makes me happy yes. -CLING!-

EDIT : |: Guuuuys he's hatched. Because I am impatient.

The raptor watched the pit

The raptor watched the pit anxoiusly. He smelt something...his own species. He opened his teeth, annoyed that a deer was in there with him.
It was his species. What was a deer doing with it?
The raptor felt a snarl appear on his face, but he stood at the edge of the pit, waiting patiently for the deer to leave.

Edit: 8D New baby in the Forest!

The Hippogryph looked down

The Hippogryph looked down at the hatch-ling panic went through it a moment as her eyes locked on it. It hatched! She didn't really know what to do. nor did she really know what to say to it. she just stared. waiting for it to do something. Part of her wanted to flee but there was the urge to stay. more for the looming predator above the pit causing a rather protective motherly instinct that was rather foreign to the bird creature. She snuggled up to the hatching keeping watchful eye.

(o-o I didnt expect it to hatch while she was still on it. >o> did it imprint on her?)

Aimitis stood atop a hill,

Aimitis stood atop a hill, watching the small reptile play and learn about his new home. She smiled. Of course, she had not been there as it hatched, but she felt proud that she had at least helped to bring the new life to the forest.

Her tail flicked. She also knew that she could not personally meet the hatchling just yet. It was not the right time. Perhaps in a few days time...

The shapeshifter turned and disappeared into the trees. But she would be back.

I'm so cheesy.

I wish I could get into the forest so Aimitis could actually meet him 8C. Maybe they can meet up in a couple of days though! (When I recover from this trip, that is :< )