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random notes :: sexualities, alignments, MSNs

Contains mention of sexualities oh god the horror
also these MSNs actually exist because I have no life

come into the [ Lock ] dark carnival, sister

May contain mature content; swearing, sexual themes, substance abuse, violence.

Turn me inside out turn me upside down
I've got a chronic frown and it won't go away
Get a medikit and I'm hit it's a come-on
Let me go down and I'll let you stay

"You're gonna go far, kid, if you join the family. I don't, uhhh...I don't like to see people get hurt, no I motherfuckin' don't, ha..."

Entrances to the Forest ==> EXPLAIN, HUMAN

In which Dannii tries to explain how her characters found the forest, and how they continue to flicker between the deer and human world. WARNING :: May contain extreme rambling. |8

panic attack [m/personal/lyrics]

A rewrite of Queen's 'Dragon Attack' after I made a joke about some personal stuff. Rated M for dark themes and a tiny sexual reference.

scrawny mule-thing ==> ENTER

Because I love him, even if he does have mental problems that result in him acting like a child and frustrating everyone around him. |8 oh Jim.


AGENT 6 :: ==> ENTER

A short story depicting the arrival of Agent No.6, otherwise known as 'Q', into the forest where two of her fellow agents have already been working. I presume this happened a few days ago.

ocean? :c

eeeh I wanted to check up on you, since you haven't been on MSN for me in ages...I miss you, man. ;;

child on my jealousy swing [m/lyrical poetry]

Rated M because of obvious murderous themes. The rest is up to speculation.

Inspired by an odd combination of Jimi Hendrix and The Real Tuesday Weld.

who's up for an RP, man? my blog or yours. [GET IN THE VAN]

contains SWEARING!

art requests [ complete/currently closed ]

My art needs improving, and the only surefire way to get that started is to practice like hell. I've been spamming the community with selfish!art for two days or so now and I feel bad, so I figure hell, let's just take requests. I've never really done anything for the community since I can't write other people's characters, so this is it, I guess.

I'll take four slots just now, and probably re-open them sometime. You can request one image, with one or two deer in it. The deer can be yours, or someone else's.

Examples of my 'art' (I use this term loosely yeeee) are ::

x x x x

Slots ::


Completed :: Autumn, Nix, Aniu, Juawen

Edit: Juawen doesn't have any ears because I suck. |8 Uh. Sorry about that. Hang on 'til I fix.
Edit2: Done C:

Requests are still closed just now. ♥
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