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Contact information + Update

For anyone interested in interacting with me - not sure if anyone left here still remembers me or my boy but figured I'd give it a go Smiling

New people are always welcomed as well - I love making friends.
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Vessie's character IN GAME activity and presence tracker.

So what's the character activity tracker.

It's a tracker that tracks weather one of my characters is ingame. I edit it normally and i'll edit it every time I go online. I will not be posting in this thread, only updating it. If it's updated it means i'm ingame.

Aproaching policy
1) Ooc characters are ooc, and are welcome to just be ooc. No serious rp with them I guess.
2) If I am active it's easy enough to check, I'll be happy to both actively interact in game or to just chillax
3) If I do not respond in game but you contact me on discord and I appear active, we can do something! yeey. Be it in game or discord huee, or both!
4) If I don't appear active on discord I'm probably briefly AFK and will return shortly huee.

(keep in mind i don't continously stare at the tef window if nothing is happening, but every time i look i move my character a lil or make them stand up, so if you see that movement when you're aroundm e it's worth checking the window more often <Smiling

I guess i'll be embracing the all random aproach! And will be receptive to basically anything really. (Except the obvious TW stuff which I think has no palce in forest in the first place e-e ...)
The only off limits character is Lil babu, however. (He is my comfort character, hands off!!)
-IF I am ingame I am obviously receptive to something happening in game, I don't have characters in forest out of some kind of sense of obligation, thank you for understanding, oooor rather, don't be scared to aproach me if you wanna do something crazy, because i'm game by default...

Menin art blogim

New Player

I just found out about this game and joined today! I met another fawn as a guest and later logged in (after crashing) and found them again luckily. We must’ve messed around for at least forty minutes. I found it cute, it really made my night. Really, I’m just posting this in hopes of finding them again! If you happen to see this we can mess around again sometime! I am fairly active on Discord Mingau#0326 and Instagram @puma_con(though this is my art account)
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As the sun rose on the horizon by the pond, a faint sunbeam pierced the branches of the trees. It landed on the base of the twin gods. Its gleaming white exterior nearly glowed on the hilltop with the sunbeam a diamond sparkle crescendoes then diminuendoes making the many deer nearby turn their head to see what the flash was all about. The same occurred on the back side of the twin gods from the opposite direction except evening sun accomplished it.

Sunrise, sunset dancing in sunbeams hoping for that moment of clarity like a diamond of placed light to happen where all the world becomes balanced then the music of the spheres bursts forth to give energy for the passing of the night. Where that journey takes one only the gods know.

Diamond gateways bring one into the light and a diamond gateway takes a deer out All get a preview for a time at sunrise and sunset so it will not be a surprise.
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