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Love you !

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Tkaa chilling by the water
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promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep

just a little thing of my boy cinis - who i actually need to make a blog entry for - relaxing among some wildflowers
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Peace in the Sunlight


hello i don't know how to use this site

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Lovin' mates!

I love this game!
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Look closely..

Can you find the third deer? Haha!
Deduscze is the deer next to me, I believe.
I was just thinking about doing this and then this happens. I want to try. ;;
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First day, yesterday.

Theknaru showed Jestvre (not pictured because I'm unsure if I have the right name?) and I some landmarks. ..And we might've dance. Ahem. Anyway.
Thank you for being so welcoming. It was my first day yesterday.
I may not have been here in the time that there were many deer but I am content with the goodwill of those that remain still.
I'm grateful for the peace this game brings me and for the 'elders' who let me chill near them. ^^
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A case of the mysterious blue smog?

Has anyone else noticed this before? When you zoom in it appears to be little flies but when you zoom out to a certain extent it becomes this? :'D

Well then

I learn why i should never fall asleep in the forest, you'll wake up to not evening who your Buck is.
well so much for the dark blue coat i had. lol.

update: nope screen shot still not working Sticking out tongue

Puccoon Umber has awaken

after a long hard battle with a few things that was on my part setting it up, I am online the first time. sadly didn't get to try being a deerling BUT i have a lovely Buck. Puccoon is now a new soul in a strange world and he will be sniff and study the world out he might keep it down since this is the hour where most sleep.

updated note: working on the image thing, oops
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