Familiar faces of The Forest (2024.)

Just a small collection of pictures I've captured through the past couple of months. Thank you to everyone who joined Fjara and kept him company during his long days, and as always if you need a friend, I welcome you to come say hi and sit with him. Thank you for all of the lovely experiences, and see you in The Forest. Smiling

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The Springtime Septet

I enjoyed the second dance performance with Jeweleye and everyone. Fabi is our guest conductor now! Laughing out loud Sorry that I fell asleep, I was busy with my family.
Anyway, please enjoy these new colorful photographs! Smiling I'll see you all again in the Forest!

To the music of nature

Thank you everyone for the mini-party, it was a pleasure spending time with you)
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At home, again.

first day!

this person was nice to us, thanks! cool game so far. Smiling

Holidays in The Forest (2023. / Image Heavy)

Here's a collection of some of my favourite screenshots from this holiday season in TeF, including some cool weather effects! Happy to be back in the community after a long time, and thanks to everyone that kept Fjara company! Smiling

See you in The Forest!
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Weihnachten Stimmungsbilder II / Christmas Mood Pictures Part II

Here are more pictures of the Forest as it celebrates Christmas for the final time. Please enjoy them!

Merry Christmas! Idea
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Silent Night

I have heard that this is going to be our last Christmas in the current version of our game. Please enjoy my last pictures of Christmas in the Forest. I wish all of you best a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

God bless all of you. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Idea

First Day (many images!)

pretty monarch. the first i found 'awake'
we played a bit, and then they rested

another fawn!
we became friends, i think


how did you get up there?!

playing at the spring

resting after an eventful day

i couldn't leave my friend alone, so i left the pc on overnight
and they were still here in the morning!
but i heard a commotion and needed to investigate...

!! a gathering?

i still don't know!
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Memories of Halloween 2023 "Halloween Rhapsody No. 2" (Heavy Images)

Jeweleye and Widmung present to you a colorful spooktacular rhapsody in pictures. Please enjoy them!

Happy Halloween! Twisted

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