THE FOREST ENDS [The Endless Forest Comic Concept]

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Thanks to @Uitleger for inspo. Will very much most likely not actually be a comic, but if I WERE to make one it would be super edgy looking like this but probably also have story, maybe a fawn somehow stumbles out of the endless forest one way or another and discovers the world hidden from theirs, and either is stuck in that world or runs back to the endless forest to speak about their discoveries only to be played off as just a child.

Aah! Poor fawn, how did they

Aah! Poor fawn, how did they manage that? Maybe in the same vein of thought that fawns can't keep Forest magic because they're too young and inexperienced, this one's entire body slipped through the Forest's magic into the area that nobody is supposed to see for one reason or another.

Now you've got me all inspired and it's not even 7am U_U needless to say I really enjoy this concept!
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I'm definitely seconding Fish

I'm definitely seconding Fish here-- this is such a cool concept!! I'd love it if this were a full comic, I'd read the heck out of it. I'd be curious to see the ideas that could be created from it *u*
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@FishBiscuit Yeaah something

@FishBiscuit Yeaah something like that. I imagine because of the twin gods who's shown to actually be real and the fact they have forest magic the endless forest is a section of a forest hidden from the world and its world hidden from ours so neither can find it, except for this one fawn.

I feel like the story might either divide off into the story of the fawn and a human character until they meet, or one world invading the other, ect ect. I'm not sure.
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@Bayleen Thank you!! I

@Bayleen Thank you!! I personally don't have the skills or time to make a fully detailed one myself, my artistic skill and story telling only go so far. So if I saw a comic based off of this concept I would also probably read it LOL.