The Stellar Tree;

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10th/15th - 1 - 12

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Good morning! It has been awhile since I had a run around and explore, my legs have become a little bit stiff. I made sure to give them a good warm up; splashing around in the pond and jumping over the creek. I was about to groom myself and take a dip under the idol when I saw a deer out the corner of my eye watching me from behind some trees. They seemed really shy at first and I tried my best to go up to them, it was kind of strange to catch them watching me. I made sure to approach them calmly and eventually got close enough to them. I never caught their name but they seemed to enjoy running through the birch, our bodies racing through the grasses sending lots of seeds into the air. But in the end we both ran our separate ways.

Once they left I was alone again. Everyone was collected in their groups and hardly moved. Just enjoying the company of each other. How do I approach something like that? Something that is so strong and definite. No one moved for me when I went up to them. Scary skulls over their eyes, others facing the opposite way. I went to the birch, curled up in some tall grasses and went to sleep. I wish others played with me. I want to make new friends…but its so difficult. I never know what to say…

I soon woke up and wandered around the birch. There is something that seems familiar within it. It is warm and welcoming with tree trunks as bright as the moon. I was about to turn back when I caught the smell of someone familiar..


I was so excited. I missed her so much, I was just glad to see a friend. We sat down in the birch for a while, calm and collected. It was nice. I wasn’t really feeling myself that day. From a distance an odd purple deer came up to us. It looked really strange and had horns coming from the middle of its face. It was gone before I got a chance to say hello…but it did look scary. Herla ignored it. When it left we managed to find ourselves jumping and racing through the forest. I raced her too the pond! I’m pretty fast you know. Herla may be small but she is really fast too. And she looks really pretty all dressed in white. White is such a nice colour. Its really quite calming. Herla started to jump over the creek, she must have known it was one of my favourite spots! I made sure to show her that pretty flower I like to look at, but I think she already knew it anyway.

As we both walked around the bank of the pond I stopped to look at the dandelions. I haven’t checked to see if Dags hill still has that dandelion on it. I hope he is okay. I was about to head back to mums tree when Herla stopped, and seemed really agitated and stepped back. It was that purple deer again. “Hello, my name is Sterre. Whats yours?” it just stood there and watched.

I began to feel uneasy. Like my body said run. But that’s rude, isn’t it?

Herla shouted out to me and told me to follow her. The strange purple deer didn’t follow us, which seemed to calm Herla. She led us to this really nice patch of funny grass that grew in the sun. It’s really warm and pretty you know? It was there that Herla told me that I should run from carnivores and trust my instincts. Wolves are wolves. I didn’t really understand what she meant first. I know there were some scary deer, but they seemed nice in the end. Like Gehirn! I guess I need to listen to my instincts more. Maybe that funny feeling was my instincts.

But then Herla tensed again.

“Sterre. Run!”

I didn’t understand what was going on. A white deer sat nearby and all of a sudden we ran in different directions. The white deer chased me. I didn’t stop to look back. I think Herla led him away. Did I do something wrong?

I went looking for Herla again and I couldn’t find her. I hope she is okay.
Why didn’t my instincts tell me to run. He didn’t look scary…

I don’t understand.

“Im sorry Ravenflight. I don’t really want to play today.” She seemed to understand and stood watching over me for awhile. She seemed a little odd too. I fell asleep calmly knowing she was watching over me but when I woke up she was gone. Another deer was sitting close by, watching me. It really caught me by surprise and I reared up with fright. “Who are you?!” She said her name was Sektry, and that she was a friend of Ravenflights. She was sort of like trees! She was a doe but had antlers. They were a really strange shape too. I learnt that she liked to jump and we raced around the birch. She didn’t seem like a threat and my instincts were not really warning me, so I led her to Mum.

We talked for awhile. She said she was blessed by stars too! Maybe she knows mum? Sektry said she was put here for a reason and that she has something she needs to do. I made sure to tell her she needs to have fun too. I think I have a new friend!

“Sektry the star-friend! Star-friend!”

Star-friend really liked to run and jump like me. I raced her to the old oak and back. She is really fast too, nearly as fast as me. She did win, but that is beginners luck I think.

We sat back down at the tree and I drifted to sleep. Y’know, today was kind of fun.

But then I felt it again. That unease. Watching others from afar. I want to say things, to say hello. I always find myself walking up to a group and then running back when I am halfway there, hoping they didn’t see me. When I go to shout out hello, suddenly I forget how to speak.

On the outer. I don’t understand why.
But what if they turn out to be wolves, or predators?
Maybe my instinct is broken.
I paced around the ruins. There was a really big bird there. Big row! I watched them play and run around.

Maybe if I just…run around and jump in whilst they are…
Maybe they wont notice..

Maybe they aren’t so bad after all.

As I headed home though, I started to feel a little empty. I watched a fawn run around and play with its family. They all looked so close. They even looked the same.

I feel like something is missing.

I always let my mind wander. But I don’t know…

They never did look like us.

Mama, Papa.

Where are you?

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Sterre is too adorable, I

Sterre is too adorable, I like how you ended this. "They never did look like us." Simple but powerful (:

Ah, goodness this was

Ah, goodness this was absolutely charming!
I loved her telling Sektry "she needs to have fun too.", that was really cute. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for these!


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I love these entries.

I love these entries.
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Sterre is so adorable.. Quite

Sterre is so adorable.. Quite a learning curve with her too. I'm interested to see where she goes and how she develops from here. Smiling
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Agreeing with Dag. I love the

Agreeing with Dag. I love the last line there.. its simplicity is powerful, and the picture adds to that. Lovely. :'3
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Spending time with Herla is

Spending time with Herla is dangerous it seems. XD

I just love these, the writing, the screen shots and the adorable drawings, just really bring out her bright innocent personality.
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@ Dag: She is &hearts;

@ Dag: She is ♥ Thankyou so much! I was never sure if you saw it but Sterre came across Dags hill all bloodied up. This was just after the epic battle.

@ Tera: Awww thankyou! Yes. Its awfully Sterre like to think of fun over all else C:

@ Hooran: ♥ ♥

@ Kaoori: Im really glad you do, I had a lot of expecations to meet. Im glad people are enjoying them C:

@ Vee: Thankyou! It was certainly a learning curve. Im also eager to see where this all leads. HOPEFULLY SOMEWHERE GOOD

@ Fin: Thankyou ♥

@ Sight: Sometimes dangerous. Sometimes really fun as we saw today. Sterre adores Herla, so wherever it is concerned she is happy to be with her!
Thankyou ♥

D'aww. Ni'kahl wasn't trying

D'aww. Ni'kahl wasn't trying to be scarryyyy!
She does look kinda freaky though. ♥

I can't believe I never

I can't believe I never commented on this. Shame on me. :I

Sektry really enjoyed Sterre's company. Even moreso that she's the kind of deer who jumps around and has fun. Oh, and the starry aspect she has going on, too. I think Sek would happily spend time with her again. c:

dslkjflskaj abububu

dslkjflskaj abububu Sterre
Her doodles always make me smile. :]

Love your edits as well.
Otis wants to tell Sterre what's up but kind of lacks a ton of vocabulary. Hm.

That last drawing, though. <3<3
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that last drawing you just

that last drawing you just posted

oh my goodness


so wonderful
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absolutely enchanting.

absolutely enchanting.