Rut 2018 - Jettem

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l 9.29.19 l

Wandered around the Crying Idol for a time, ventured towards the Cemetery to see what Harems had already been accumulated. Not many faces were recognized, but it has been some time since she actively sought the company of others. Scent of the day is a slight musty scent, but clean due to a dip beneath the tears of the Idol to start the evening. Muzzle will smell of blueberries and wet grass, hooves of the soft earth. In wandering the red doe came into view of Latchon, and after a bit of careful maneuvering between the two the smaller, more delicate figure decided to stay with the scarred bull, curious lips lifted to touch gingerly, to brush over the patchwork of skin and fur adorning the space between eyes and brow.
She has never met the bull before, but he seemed mellow enough to join for the evening as it seemed the rest of the Forest was slumbering away.

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - RP is enjoyed, merely post or ask if you'd like an opener from Jettem.
Content to be a Judge, there could be some sway for a Stag or Doe
based on who is already a part of their Harem.
Due to work, my availability is in the evenings usually.
A rare day off or two may occur during the Rut's time range.
Always looking for interactions, with familiar
and new faces during and after the Rut.
Please be reminded that IC does not equal OOC.

Coding Credit to Uitleger

Scarlet Ibis.

Scarlet Ibis. <3
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aaaaa I might throw corvus


I might throw corvus in to say hi at some point too
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O.O what do I see here

O.O what do I see here
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391

well she made this old bull

well she made this old bull satisfied <3
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Heh, she's new to the Rut so

Heh, she's new to the Rut so he may have a handful later, or a lazy snoozer.
Going to curl around those long stilts, get lost and tangled like a newborn fawn on wobbly legs.

We shall see then haha! Got

We shall see then haha! Got that cute image in my head now ;;
He'll be alert but also giving her affection here and there in a moment of calm~
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@pearlslug Gypsy Sister, hnn.

Gypsy Sister, hnn. Hello you.
We are overdue for writing together, bring our does back to life.
I miss your writing, even if it's snipits. I need to feast on your stories.

Huhuhuhuuuu, hello beautiful. Snuggle pile again soon, eh?
Saw Illrose on the Red Hill the other day, Jettem needed a good
heartbeat to listen to while she dozed in and out.

Haha, aaaaa to you too!
Good, she's needing a few more familiar faces to see, so many new
ones that she's not used to and names never heard of.
She'll be wandering, or sitting around during the Rut. Drop by, hn?

Hello and howdeedo there, just a little WIP that may be a bit small and
not much to read, heh. But still, enjoy!

I don't think she'd mind some affection, she's a bit of a compulsive
groomer and tends to be affectionate in that manner. Fear the
impending nibbles!

She can be as compulsive as

She can be as compulsive as she likes the grooming is a sign of bonding to him (':
His manner of affection also incudes grooming as well face rubs and snoot touches to any part of the body
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Too cute, Moose snoot! I did

Too cute, Moose snoot!
I did mention her cat like curiosity regarding the marking/scarring on his face and brow.
Likely she'll be fairly delicate and doting on that area as they rest.

aaa I really enjoyed reading

aaa I really enjoyed reading about her day, you have such a way with words ;;
How sweet of her~ if he was a cat he'd probably be purring right now haha
I got screenshots of them up on his rut blog <3 Sadly it's late and I need sleep
Thank you for bringing your lovely doe over today!
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definitely I'm hoping my

definitely I'm hoping my connection behaves. Seeing if I can throw Corvus in now.


lazy loaf while I do stuff lol