--Rihame's biography--

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SIZE: Giant; bull male size
-bright voilet eyes
-blood drain
-torn ear
-scratches above eyes(fights)
-bright red horns located on forhead
-Horse's skull(a bit shaped like this)
-eyes are menacing
-ring in nose/ear
-blood located on bottom of chin
-mask color, regular
-scar over eye
-tips are bloodstained
-bright red in color(a little brown)
-large in size(zombiedeer horns)
-red scars located toward roots
-Skeletal pelt
-Large scruff
-scars located on chest
-long black tail
-medium size spikes across back
-tuffs on rump, hooves, and cheeks
-Hooves are white
-Hooves contain scars
-fluffy underfur
-rings on ears and tail

-A tease
-Loving only to some he cares about
GENDER: bull male;(alfa if considered wolf
SOUND: growl, or hiss

-Head but
-Slash of the horns
-paws the ground
-tail smack
-shake head

Rihame first lived in a forest full of life and tranquility, until wolves with knashing teeth and bloody hearts and tongues took and captured his family, leaving rihame to survive on his own. Rihame never knew he was ever destine to be alone his whole life, but for the love of his friends and the soal of mother nature was he ever able to survive the harsh climates of the world.

Rihame will never believe that another deer will be better than him. For his father has said that one who has pride in his heart will gain victory over the kindness of defeat. His father's stories influenced him to believe that pride was the answer to every problem. Life says to move on....even if you may be alone, with no one to confort you in times of need.

-His friends,Licor,Splinters,Truban,Anjali
-Being alone
-to be better than others
-Deer who fancy his style
-respectful deer(still don't expect kindness at first)
-Make others suffer
-Hard climates
-the crying idol
-rubbing his horns on trees
-dark places
-the pond
-Disrespecful deer
-Bull males
-wounded pride
-having pain
-Tresspassers of his area
-Pink flowers
-Saosin(just in the game)
-Unplugged(just in the game)
-Aerodoe(just in the game)
(Rihame may come to trust his enemies if they show kindness)
-I cannot understand the doe I have met, she is very intricate but very pretty, what am I to do to gain her back to me?(Licor)
-Other males try to steal her from me, of which may be disqust and invain.
-I am the red eyed devil of the forest, fear me.
-the ruins
-the crying idol
-the great tree
-Low growl or hiss
-hiss; warning
-growl; you are not to be trusted or a threaten
-roar; attack noise, or leave me!
-purring; friendship
-nuzzle; love
-cry; pain/hurt
-paws ground; follow me/anger
-nodds head; yes
-shakes head; no, I'm itchy
-looks away; this means he feels funny around your deer
-grumble; hungrey
-deep breathing;sick/thirsty
-bow; greeting
-half bow; hello
-cocks head; confused
-dances; happy/dance with me
-runs off; careless
-points ears forward; senses something
-eye contact; curiousity
-laughs; sunny mood
-sniffs; curiousity/interested
-puts down head and shakes rump; lets play
-puts head forward; suspects
-grooms; friendship
-puts head back; I don't trust you/ back off
-puts head down; sadness
-shakes tail; bordem

Arts(Mainly templates created by other people)
By Pepper:
Sorry not done yet, just wanted to save my work*
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Tracking! Edit: Oh! And I

Tracking! Eye

Edit: Oh! And I replied to your comment here, too, and would like to draw Rihame. ^^

Would you be interested in an art trade, at all? Smiling
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/tracking ♥

/tracking ♥
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Thanks for tracking this you

Thanks for tracking this you guys, in fact, I'm gonna add more to it. Hope you enjoy

Edit: oh yes I would be interested!
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Awesome! Here's a link to

Awesome! Here's a link to Anjali's bio, if you need it, or here is a reference I drew. He looks just like the screenshots of him, pretty much--but feel free to have fun with it and take some artistic liberty with his markings, mask, or flowers etc. Smiling

Any specific pose or anything you want for Rihame?
I'll do my best on it!
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I would like rihame to be in

I would like rihame to be in a rearing pose. , and make sure that there is no white backround because I might even use it as a signature pic. I really need some pic. for rihame's bio. Yu always need to have a few templates jus for fun of the deer.

btw, the bio was great, I really loved it much thanks. It helped a lot. would there be a specific pose that you would like your deer to be in? If you have anythin, ask me. Backround, no backround. what do you prefer?
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Track. (:

Track. (:
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Rihame--There's no specific

Rihame--There's no specific pose I want my deer to be in, whatever you want to do is great! Background or not is fine.

Unfortunately, I cannot do a picture with no white background; or at least no drawn background (I can't make a signature, is what I'm trying to say.) I don't have Photoshop or anything on my laptop, and I'm not skilled with digital art or graphics at all. My drawings will look like these and the one of Atvana. Is this allright? Smiling

Very niicccce, bestie hey,

Very niicccce, bestie Eye hey, um, why isnt madison(marilasd) at school today?
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Anjali@ OOOOOOOooo these are

Anjali@ OOOOOOOooo these are very nice...I can't wait til you see my drawing! I drew it already! btw, I would like to use it as a sig. its so nice, even though they may have a white backround. I really enjoyed drawing your deer btw. It was a really fun challenge.

Splintered@ hmmmmm....Oh yes, Marilasd(madison) was sick today remember? Oh and guess what? My life jus got a whole bunch worst. You know how I said that I was goin to the dentist today, well, I've got a bad cavity. I was lucky though, because if I waited any longer, I would've had to have a root canal. Yikes!!! I was freakin out about it for the rest of the day. My appointment is next week on Friday. I'm really upset, I do wonder if the dentists' fingers are gonna get nipped off by the end of the operation, go figure...so upset right now. Ugghh...now my tum tum hurts...*groan*
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Track! lol my deer Aulinah

Track! lol my deer Aulinah has violet eyes too.
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Evengeline@ that's really

Evengeline@ that's really cool, speakin of which, would yu be interested in an art trade, because I would like some more pic. for my bio. that would help a lot. Jus link me to a pic. or bio of your deer and I'll get right to it. Oh and thank yu, I'm still editing it I'm still lookin for whatever else I would need to add to it. Jus maybe some great Ideas would work too.


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Thanks for tracking it!

Thanks for tracking it! still, do yu have any new ideas on what I could add?That would be helpful...oh and do yu like it so far?

Do you play him in the

Do you play him in the forest? Here are some suggestions that I just came up with (you don't have to add them Sticking out tongue) :
-Today : Say what your deer did in the forest or on RP.
-Current Thoughts : Say what your deers currently thinking
-Current Feelings : Say what your deers current feelings are.

Just a few random stuff I came up off the top of my head XP
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Hmmmmm...I wasn't really

Hmmmmm...I wasn't really looking for what his current feelings were, I was actually looking for what his always feelings were. Still, that's a pretty good suggestion though, got any more ideas?

His history maybe? I can't

His history maybe? I can't think of any right now XP If you want you could center it [ center ] [ / center ] and add for the headings < h1 > < / h1 > or < h2 > < / h2 >

Those are only suggestions though XD
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Don't worry, I think that

Don't worry, I think that they're great ideas, but, could yu help me with css, I have no idea how to do that....pleaseness!

of course! (but I'm still

of course! (but I'm still figuring it out myself XD) What do you need help with?
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Awesome, btw, I would like to

Awesome, btw, I would like to have a css for it. How would I do that?
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i think unplugged as made a

i think unplugged as made a guide blog to that

Mmm kay! These are some ones

Mmm kay! These are some ones that didn't help me, but helped other people such as this and this one.

If you want to get a background picture and aline the stuff on the left to the right, you use this one. To get the background pic you have to experiment a little.

If you need any other help just ask! XP
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Ok awesome guys, that really

Ok awesome guys, that really helps!