Okay... Help?

Pages like this Arrow http://tale-of-tales.com/TheEndlessForest/register/pictogram.php?usernam...
Aren't working for me. I've updated adobe flash player... but it's still not working.

[e] Okay, sorry didn't explain that very well, when I click on ^ that link or links to pictogram pages all i get is a white screen. I've updates quite a few programs and still no results :/

So, um, help?

Bump~ Still not working -.-

Still not working -.-
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They aren't working because

They aren't working because at the end of the link is your username. That shows only your picto.

Oops, sorry should have

Oops, sorry should have explained this a little bit more ^^"

When I click on links to ir or other pictogram pages, all I get is a white screen. It worked until a few days ago but then... It didn't.
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I get that on my phone

I get that on my phone because I don't have flash player on there.. maybe make sure you installed the new version correctly and you've actually got it on your computer? Or you could try downloading flash player again and see what it says?

I've just updated flash

I've just updated flash player, and it didn't work. However, I tried IE rather than Firefox and that worked so, until I figure something out with Firefox I'll just use IE instead. Thank you for the help though Smiling
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Oh, good, I'm glad you found

Oh, good, I'm glad you found a sort-of solution <3

try clearing your cache and

try clearing your cache and cookies on Firefox
I once had trouble with flash stuff, and that fixed it