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DisclaimerCursing will probably be here, so yeah.

Feel free to interact with any of my deer in-forest if you see them! I'm shy and don't approach often, I also tab out quite a lot so if I don't respond I'm not ignoring you! I just tab out a lot because I have a hard time focusing.

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June 23rd, 2014
finding myself growing bored of the forest again. i log in for a little bit and nobody i know is really... around much, either that or the people i do see online are ones who aren't usually very interactive and stuff. im starting to openly notice more and more of closed groups around, and i guess besides those groups, i don't really see many people around that have profiles on the site or anything. i know thats kinda petty, but since i rp my chars in the forest i like to know who they're interacting with, yeah? idk.

im probably not going to be around very often, just warning. even if i fade out i'll probably come back some day like i normally do, but for now there's not really much to do to engage me very much. sorry guys!

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Name: Morgan
Username: Sable (Please call me this!)
Age: 20
Gender: Girl
Residence: Oklahoma, USA
Height: 5'1"
Favorite Color: Chartreuse!
Sexuality: Gray-Ace: Attracted to others(Mainly female, but rarely male), but little to no sexual desire.

Two Sphynx/Hairless cats named Fletcher(Girl) and Billy Mays(Boy)
Three Siamese named Simon(Boy), Kilala(Girl), and Shippo(Girl)
Then standard cats named Mewtwo(Boy), Pudge(Boy), Fidge(Girl), Lulu(Girl), TP(Girl), and Whiskers(Girl)
Dogs that aren't mine so I won't name them but there's quite a few
Two Leopard Geckos named Smaug(Boy) and Orochi(Boy)

MMORPGs, Roleplaying, Cats, Hyenas, Deer, Drawing, Watching videos

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Track! Laughing out loud
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LOL thank you!!!

LOL thank you!!!
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From one anxiety person to

From one anxiety person to another, I know exactly what you mean ;n; I've been here for a little over three years now and still find myself sitting alone most of the time unless a friend is online (and my characters know their characters). It seems like it could be easily fixed, but that inner fear just gets the best of you and it's hard to fight it. I only ever meet someone new if I'm with a friend or if a stranger approaches me themselves. It's very frustrating.

BUT, anyway, it's good to see you and your characters around again! ;v; ♥

also I love this layout..so much greeeeen
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aaah i'm glad someone knows

aaah i'm glad someone knows how i feel! or maybe i'm not glad. it's not something to be glad about lol ;O;

but yeah... gosh, i think i made my first account here about... 5 years ago or so? i had a lot of friends when i first joined! but i had gotten pulled into a big group of people, and over the years most of them dispersed from the site or started moving to new deer and stuff. it's really hard to get yourself back in when you don't have anyone to help you, haha ;W; especially when you're a big chicken like me

and thank you very much!!!
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Oh lawl I know what you mean;

Oh lawl I know what you mean; would rather not have someone else feel like this but it's always good to relate to someone ;u;

Oh yes, I was also in a group of friends for at least the first year, but only a couple remain now from that same group. It's hard when you only have a couple close friends on here, because you get to thinking, 'what if they leave at some point? Then what?' Of course it's not good to base your time here, or anywhere, around your friends, but when you have severe anxiety, there's really not much you can do about it ;;

You're welcome! <33

Also, I know about how you feel approaching others in-game, but just letting you know that you'd be more than welcome to approach any of my characters any time! <3
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Ahh anxiety. I know these

Ahh anxiety. I know these feels and I know them well. I also tab away a lot and find myself standing at distances and staring at groups of deer wondering what would happen if I went over and tried to make friends. But, I've been wrong every single time and every time I have sat with deer, they've cuddled me back.

I hope that you can fight the anxiety though... And if you ever go up to someone and they are mean to you, they are a turd. Period. Just a big old turd. And you aren't, so you win forever and there's that.

Eee, we haven't really

Eee, we haven't really interacted our characters together in a loooong time but I'd definitely be interested ;; though I totally understand what you mean in your updates buaha.
S'really great seeing you around though, glad you're back. Hope you've been doing well and stuff over the last few months too.
ok since im here i might as well just say - i rrrllyyy lovelovelove your feline's design up there, have done since 4eva ffff.
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you all are way too nice ;w;

you all are way too nice ;w; thank you all for being so kind! anxiety really is a big problem, and it can mess up a lot of things for anyone and everyone. such an awful thing >w<

and hey sapph!! omg it has been forever. i definitely wouldn't mind hanging out with any of your characters either!! and thank you for the compliment on sable, teehee. i think she's stuck with me so long because she's so easy to draw, and also i have the biggest dorky love for smushface cats.
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OH I just checked out the

OH I just checked out the Dire Straits link you put up. I think I remember seeing you on the BBA forum! It was four or five years ago, but your old username, sablekat, sounded really familiar 83
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yes! i've been on the BBA/IDS

yes! i've been on the BBA/IDS forum for aaaages. were you honeyfur on there, or did you have a different name? Shocked
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Yes! I was still Honeyfur

Yes! I was still Honeyfur then! My old n00b self in all her glory 8'D For some reason it actually never crossed my mind that I would meet someone from the BBA forum here..glad it turned out that way though! ;v;
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OKAY.... I'LL JUST..... HERE. *tosses track and flees*

; _ ;

; _ ;

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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good to see you 'round again.

good to see you 'round again. (:
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You can always come and say

You can always come and say "Hello" to my Fly .
He is gentle and loves to keep company to lonely ones Eye
What a sweet Drawing you have up there Smiling
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13

omg hi sry i'm back

omg hi sry i'm back again
what's the music up there? really love it, heard a version of it somewhere before but I was never sure of its title/singer. :c
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hey guys!!! it's nice to see

hey guys!!! it's nice to see you all around too <3 i missed a lot of you guys!

AAAAND Sapph its Sleepyhead by Passion Pit!!! my favorite song of all time ;w;

ooaa, thank you! &hearts;

ooaa, thank you! ♥
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Chocolate's ur sexuality bro.

Chocolate's ur sexuality bro.
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You have cat named Billy

You have cat named Billy Mays? That is kind of.. AMAZING

Stalk <3
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i do indeed boop booooooop

i do indeed Cool

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AWWW OH GOD WHAT A CUTIE ;__; wrinkly little beastie ♥ your cat is lovely.
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hehehe thank you!

hehehe thank you! <3 he's a hyper butt, also very whiny.

this is my real baby though, fletcher:
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FAT CAT ALERT, AWWW ohmygod I wanna snuggle her ;__; she looks so rolly <3 I've got a couple cats and degus at home, but from the sounds of it, you've got a small zoo going - I'malittlejealous ghfj

edit; just saw your update for this afternoon and, I'm sorry to hear what's happening ;_; hopefully it all gets sorted out ♥ I know it's easier said than done - believe me, I have some nasty issues with anxiety myself, but I think the best thing to do right now might be to try and get your mind off of it as best you can. Until you're able to talk to her, anyway. Do something you enjoy, maybe something that makes you laugh. I know that helps me immensely. Dunno if it'll do any good but I hope you feel better ;; <3
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It's always good to see an

It's always good to see an oldie back. Smiling
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Hello there, friend.

Hello there, friend. o3o

You love hyenas; I love hyenas (I am a hyena). You like sphinxes; they are my favourite cat breed (so damn beautiful <3). You identify as grey-ace; I am also, but only on le Interwebs and with my significant other because I'm afraid of people in the real world. Your pictogram does, indeed, look like an adorable li'l kitty.

Let's be buddies. o3o
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Also, I apologize I'm such a

Also, I apologize I'm such a derp. "Socially Awkward" is my middle name. x///x