a fire inside of you that no one's seen and no one knows;;

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May contain mature material, primarily descriptions of violence, vulgarity, and occasional mentions of sexuality.

M ??? | P ??? | E ???

I haven't forgotten you. I love you still. You are a ghost, but a piece of you lives here forever, suspended in time. You and the forest are part of my heart.

Happy 10th birthday, Ryff.


name; Ryff; The Knight. ¤ | age; 10 years ¤ Matures but scarcely ages. Immortal. | sex; hind ¤ Entirely child-bearing anatomy, but with a heavy, 'masculine' build. Gender is initially hard to distinguish until she speaks.
size; #2
sound; #2D6334, o | scent; dust, birch paper, raw earth
haunts; o o


Traits ¤ Depth ¤ Auxiliary


merciful | fair | good | patient | moral | steadfast | devoted | passionate | playful | loyal | gentle | intelligent | caring | intense | protector | wild
flawed | brutal | apathetic | self-destructive | habitual | obstinate | inner conflict | ruled by emotion | rough | melancholic | prey-minded | longing

summer sun - hay - tension - chiseled stone - tiger's eye - cicada song - clashing antlers - autumn leaves - sunsets - forest fires - distant thunder - cello - birch paper - warm sand - heat shimmers - wind in the leaves - creaking bones - petrified wood - warm breaths - bronze - suits of armor - coffee - dust - leather jackets - hemp rope - poppies in a field - waving grass - heavy boots - scars - bruises - bloody teeth

tumblr // playlist


Body ¤ Combat ¤ Possessions ¤ Art


fan pelt | whistling mask; maskless | default with poppies

reference, face, antlers

frame; chiseled muscle | battlescarred, not delicate or pretty | rugged appearance | compact build | sharp hooves | tailless | earthy brown hide | natural gradient, darker back with a light underside | bright gold stripes | flaxen blonde crest, drops into human-like hair round the face
tines; resemble elk or red deer antlers | long, sharp tines | dark brown, almost black in colour | many points compared to length | branching, dense, hardened | scarred as well, with broken points | ceased growth, never shed
guise; jade green eyes | fair but weathered skin, scarce freckles | strong jaw, high cheekbones, sallow | somewhere between a TEF face and a human face, unique | scarred | crooked nose | intense expression

Build is similar to a red deer stag, but more lean; simply a TEF deer. Thick, muscular neck holds the weight of her antlers. Powerfully built, frame rough and hard as that of a seasoned warrior. Long, straight back, squared hindquarters. Tail was ripped off in a fight and left as a scarred stump. Strong legs with wide, sharp hooves. Wild, yet refined. Compact and dense.

Coat is very much like that of an average deer in texture, smooth in the summer and fluffy in the winter. Mainly muted brown in colour with darker points and back, with a pale underside and rump. 12 golden stripes down her back from the middle of her neck to just before her hips, longest stripe is over the back of her withers and each stripe to its front and back decrease in length. These stripes are thin and somewhat jagged, sharp. A crest of blonde fur begins near the top of her neck and turns to a head of long, wild hair, which typically falls to the right of her head and out of her face.

Possesses a humanoid face, and despite her set she does not wear a mask. In general, very angular and without an easily discernible gender. Intense, with focused eyes. Nose is slightly bowed, thickened from being broken repeatedly. Long, light eyelashes and defined brows. Round and expressive ears. Thin lips which are often somewhat rough from exposure to the elements, set in a neutral downward curve. Many minor scars.

Major atrophic scar on left shoulder from where a large chunk of flesh was ripped apart, healed poorly. Limps in cold weather and after extended amounts of activity. A great weakness. Numerous bite scars, primarily concentrated on the back of the neck. Two tine pierces on the left side, a long tear scar on the right. Ugly gore scar on right haunch from boar tusks. Minor cuts on front of forelegs and on the hocks from attackers' hooves. Single throat scar.



Bonded ¤ Company ¤ Neutral ¤ Adversaries


Snowflake. Newborn son. Loved always, protected.
When wakeful, he seems to be a bit of a mischief-maker. Currently finds it more endearing than troublesome. Most of the time.

Glimmer. Newborn daughter. Loved always, protected.
The most robust and seemingly outgoing of her newborns, strong and 'talkative' within hours of her birth. Her pride and joy -- glad to have had a daughter among the boys even if she loves them all equally.

Little Sunshine. Newborn son. Loved always, protected.
Her small, mottled boy. Worries, probably too much, about his health and survivability in an often cruel forest, but her fears will likely be abated as he ages. jk he's also super accident prone and ryff is gonna turn into a helicopter mom if he keeps it up

Early guardian. Loved always. Kin.
Sort of a mother figure. Met at her birth. Longed for closeness, still does. Distant, but cared for immensely.

The Rook, Her Fortress. Stripeless. Longing. Gone.
Met the fallen god once, and that's all it took. Formed a mutual infatuation -- sun and moon, tumult and grace, knight and oath-holder. Even with their opposites, he matched her intensity and passion. Inseparable lovers for a time, binary stars. Then his visits dwindled into scarcity, which at first didn't bother her. He would always return. For a time, he did, until rarity turned into nothing at all, and he did not return. Still, her heart remains with him, even as heartache creeps into her memories of him.
She wonders if he ever loved her. Sometimes, she wonders if he was ever even real.

The Sun. Inferno, Warstag. Kin. Wounded.
Was once a mentor figure. Helped him to awaken when he was Lost. Though they may not always see eye to eye, considers him a wise and respectable individual. Heartbroken and conflicted by after the death of The Red's daughter, and though his actions revolt her, remains compassionate towards the damaged bull and seeks to help him heal. After continued rejection and a threat on her life from the damaged stag, wonders if he's a lost cause. Avoids, but not without regret.

The Red
The Earth. 'Virgil.' Anchor. Kin. Deceased.
At first, found the feral stag to be somewhat unreachable due to their differing mentality and tendencies. Over time, as he was frequently in Saosin's company, opened up to him and found him to be a fount of a unique sort of wisdom. Cherished the old stag immensely, as a friend and teacher. His presence was a comfort to her. As his life came down to an end, found herself somewhat lost. The wound of his death is deep and raw.

The Palisade. Big Red, Poppy. Kin.
An enemy during her first year, later her ally. Comforted by the bull's affection. Was once interested in him romantically, but lost this as he seemed incapable and later grew close to Dinah Moon. Now regards him as a brother, an ally in times of trouble.

Darkling. Estranged 'kin.'
Accendare's biological son. Feels the need to protect what she considers as a sort of half-brother, especially in the wake of constant failings from the adults in his life. After a confrontation in the pond, has found that the young bull would prefer that she stay away from him, and will oblige for the sake of his happiness. Ultimately knows that she failed him too, but is disappointed by his behaviour outside of the influence of others. A source of incredibly mixed feelings and pain.

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Y'all are so sweet

Y'all are so sweet abububu.

I HAVE BREACHED THE NEXT PAGE. /shoots off a party popper
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Track ♥ & sorry for

Track ♥ & sorry for having Alice hop into the poor fellow, that would be lag and me messing up emote buttons. :s
Was always interested in this guy.

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Ahaha, no worries! My hotkeys

Ahaha, no worries! My hotkeys are misbehaving too. I appreciate it, thanks. <3
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Gurl, u is fain

Gurl, u is fain

Cute sleepers

Cute sleepers
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Others; You're all so sweet,

Others; You're all so sweet, thanks for the tracks!

W0lf; They're adorable. I think I'll draw that screenshot here in a bit! Interesting how their relationship has changed. I loved today's shenanigans, haha.





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Haha, Nika, I haven't updated

Haha, Nika, I haven't updated that in a few days. She was there briefly and we thought she was part of the herd she won from Peppino and Mjolnir.

That could be totally cool. You can hit me up for some RP if you want?

OH, LOL. xD! Do you have a

OH, LOL. xD!

Do you have a Skype? Laughing out loud I should throw Peppino at her too LOL.
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I do! You can reach me at

I do! You can reach me at theonlymockingbird on skype. I'm usually on mobile tho, so I can be slow to respond.
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we thank you for the cuddles

we thank you for the cuddles ;u;
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Eeee Dina. I didn't even

Eeee Dina. I didn't even realise that was her! Her picto wasn't showing up on the map. ;n;
But thank you, too, for the cuddles. Peche is such a little cutie.
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thats okay! for some reason

thats okay! for some reason every time ive looked, both previously and today, its never on the map..
it was a nice change c: thank you as well!! you do know i love ryff


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little track here &hearts;

little track here ♥

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Hmm.. :'D Track!

Hmm.. :'D Track!
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I seem to never catch you on

I seem to never catch you on when the rare chances the Forest lets me into the game. Gus' says he misses the Ryff. ;3;
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Gus' and I are super glad to

Gus' and I are super glad to catch you and Ryff on at the same time as us for once, without my computer hating me. XD Especially after so long!
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I know! It's been forever;

I know! It's been forever; we're happy to see you guys too. How have you been lately? I'll have to get back to you on that tomorrow though, right now I should actually be in bed. I've got class in the morning. ;_;

But I really hope to catch you again soon! If I'm not too busy with school, I'll hopefully be a competitor in the rut this year, so we can hopefully meet up and goof around then, and maybe a time or two before then. <3
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Understandable! Sleep

Understandable! Sleep well!
And I've went back to college myself, because I am insane. Currently between quarters so I've had a little time to goof off. And amazingly enough The Forest has been letting me in. Still insanely laggy but at least pictos are spreading properly.
I'll try to be in the rut this year. As long as my computer and school allows it. So, yah. I look forward to seeing you again!
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Some fancy new javascript

Some fancy new javascript tabs have been added, thanks to the endless wisdom and patience of Aivilo.
Relationships also got a revamp. If you think your deer deserves to be on there, please let me know, because I cleared out quite a few!
e; bumping this again because I just added a few more and wanna be sure I'm getting everyone important!

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Sig: Aihnna

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Sigi by Wake

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she's super cool omg track

she's super cool omg track

We found her again! Still

We found her again! Still love her <3
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You did! Not sure if we've

You did! Not sure if we've ever seen his grey form in forest before. It's great to see you again, too. <3



Quote:one for her joy

one for her joy

bringer of happiness
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literally less than 3hrs old

literally less than 3hrs old and we're already dragging her

LOLJJGHKJ iloveittho

LOLJJGHKJ iloveittho

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