the crooked kind [Rossamund]

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Ross is a character and doesn’t represent me! 100% IC
This bio may contain: cursing, mentions of violence and mature content

contact me at WoodSphinx#8339 on Discord if you have questions, or would like to rp (or comment here, that's cool too!).
As a character, Ross deals with mental illness and I try my best to portray this accurately and respectfully- please let me know if anything comes up regarding this!






Name: RossPronouns: he/him
Age: Immortal adultSize: #9
Species: Fae / Myling Set: beluga pelt, antelope horns, various masks
Scent: herbs, pine needles Orientation: Bi
Origin: AU sweden Alias: Rossy, Roo, Fluffy
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Well, it's time that I let all the dead be the dead
There's no honor in suffering
No reward 'cause you've bled
The rest can sort itself out

Placeholder Info

- friendly, protective, loyal, caring
- self-sacrificing, insecure, stubborn
- mercurial, secretive, distrustful, vengeful

- Usually has good intentions buuut things tend to go awry

- A magnet for trouble. Tends to get involved in things he perhaps shouldn't be sticking his nose into. Usually for the sake of protecting someone he knows- he dislikes sitting around and 'not doing anything' while someone's potentially in danger. On the other hand, sometimes he's just plain curious.

- Highly affectionate with those he knows, very touchy-feely. Loves hugs. Less enthusiastic when it's coming from someone he doesn't know.

- Easily becomes attached to people. Loves making friends, and has a hard time letting go of them, even if they turn out not to be especially good people

- Self-conscious and sensitive about his self-image or how others might perceive him. Criticism is easily taken to heart. Poor self-esteem.

- Tends to not share information about himself with others. Wary, perhaps needlessly, but considers his fears reasonable given prior experiences. Finds it difficult to open up to people about many different matters.

- Tries his best to be helpful, and to learn from his mistakes. Unfortunately stubborn about some things, which tends to hinder this.


In the Endless Forest:
Takes the usual form of an Endless Forest deer- a deer with a human-like face.

Youthful, almost androgynous appearance. Pale skin, seems to always have hints of frostbite-blue or purple undertones, especially noticeable around his eyes, nose and lips. Sunburns easily.
Usually looks at least a little tired, with dark circles under his eyes and a slightly-forlorn-looking resting expression.
Sharp canine teeth. Big, round and fluffy ears that are nicked in a few places.

Dense, double-coated fur. Similar in form to that of a reindeer, but tends to be longer and wavier. Fur covers the ‘pads’ of his hooves, and creates a feathering effect when long enough. Sheds excess fur in late spring, and regrows his winter coat by December. Prone to overheating in hot weather even with the thinner summer coat.
Deep blue fur, darkening to almost black at certain points; his tail, lower legs, the back of his neck. Underbelly fur is white. Fur darkens closer to his head until it mingles with his hair- something like human hair? Usually relatively untidy, waves and curls of hair may get tangled. Often badly cowlicked. Has several streaks of grey hair.
Shortish black horns with a slight curve. Thin and sharp.

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I was wondering who this

I was wondering who this 'Feychild' was...
My little fawn appreciates the company ^^
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Ross enjoyed playing with

Ross enjoyed playing with her! Hope to see you again. Smiling
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Helloo, that your fawn

Helloo, that your fawn sitting with us in the birch? The picto is glitched out to everyone I ask XD
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Hello! Yes, it is.

Hello! Yes, it is. Smiling
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Trackies! My Ayashe would


My Ayashe would love to meet you sometime! Her name means "little one." c:
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Smiling Thanks!
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Ayashe really enjoys your

Ayashe really enjoys your company. <3
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*proper track* &hearts;

*proper track*
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My Ayashe is sitting near you

My Ayashe is sitting near you at the moment. c: I hope she hasn't been much of a bother to you.. please do tell me if Ayashe gets annoying.
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Its fine if she keeps doing

Its fine if she keeps doing that. I don't mind. Smiling
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Prita enjoyed playing with

Prita enjoyed playing with Rossamund yesterday. Have a track! ^^
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I just wanted to let you know

I just wanted to let you know my Ayashe considers you her friend. c:
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Ok! Smiling
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I just wanted to let you know

I just wanted to let you know Ayashe will be an adult soon -- it will be a big change for her so if you see her in the forest do not be afraid, she will always be your friend and is willing to keep you company and most likely will be somewhat motherly towards Rossamund. c:
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Ok. Smiling
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*I finally have a beautiful

*I finally have a beautiful picture of what Ayashe looks like on my bio, you should check it out!*
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Some crazy fawn decided to

Some crazy fawn decided to scamper across my lecture notes today...
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Thank you!

Smiling Thank you!



Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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(No subject)


Hello, thanks for the

Hello, thanks for the company, was a nice surprise ^^


BRO <3

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!


BRO <3
Yup. Dat's you by Hadou.

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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yugdfaghsjzgfa Thank you!

Thank you! <3

>.< If it's a bit weird or

>.< If it's a bit weird or not what Rossy looks like, just tell. xD

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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Umm.. well, I was thinking

Umm.. well, I was thinking about Ross having a human-ish face, but I still really like it! Smiling

You just need to tell Hadou -

You just need to tell Hadou - she's very nice. o 3o

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!



Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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Well, I think I'll just keep

Well, I think I'll just keep it the way it is. I like it. Smiling
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Track Laughing out loud

"Hello, Little One."

"Hello, Little One."
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"...Hi.." Rossamund looked up

"...Hi.." Rossamund looked up at Jokerman, teary eyed. "She's gone..."

(omg you sneak post

(omg you sneak post edit-er)

Jokerman frowned down at the little boy, then leans down to tussle the fur on his head. "I'm so sorry. So sorry." For a moment she pauses, what is there ever to say to a child in these circumstances? "But Phaios... she loves you very much. And she always will. And you know what?"
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She waits another couple of

She waits another couple of seconds for dramatic effect before widening her eyes and shaking her head at the fawn. "She's not gone.. not really. She lived in another world before ours and... she's in another now. But that doesn't mean she isn't still with us, get it?'"
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I have to go have dinner in a

I have to go have dinner in a few minutes, so I may not be able to reply for a while.
"Really?" The astonished fawn's ears perked up. "Still... still with us?"

(No problem! Enjoy your

(No problem! Enjoy your dinner ♥)

The Kudu nodded her head vigorously. "Back where she came from, Phaios earned the name 'Remembrance.' Because her memory is so great, she never forgot a friend or loved one. Even when she came here... she never forgot anyone from her last home, and, Rossamund," she touches the muzzle of her mask against him softly, "she'll never forget us, wherever she is now. She'll tell those she meets how much she loves you."
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I'm back. ------ Rossamund

I'm back.
Rossamund leaned against the Kudu, burying his face in her fur. "I'll never forget her too." He sighed, gazing at the ground sadly. "Have you seen Pica at all? Is she alright?"

(WB!) Jokerman closed her


Jokerman closed her eyes and lowered her head down over the small boy's. "Me neither." The fur along her back bristling involuntarily. She opened her eyes again, frowning. "I haven't... you two are close, huh?"
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"Yeah... I haven't seen her

"Yeah... I haven't seen her for a while though." He frowned. "I wonder if she knows about-" His voice broke a bit. "-about Phai.", he continued.

Jo wondered this too. Dreaded

Jo wondered this too. Dreaded the answer, really, but if Pica didn't know she'd rather be the one to tell her than Rossamund. "I'll keep an eye out for her," she promised the fawn, nudging his shoulder very lightly to offer what little reassurance she could. "I'll try to find her, and if I do, I'll send her your way, all right?"
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Relieved, Rossamund nodded.

Relieved, Rossamund nodded. "All right. Thanks Jo." He paused, glancing at the Kudu. "Is it ok if I call you Jo?"

She made to look as if she

She made to look as if she really had to think about it. "You can..." she said finally, giving a tiny smile beneath her mask, "as long as you promise me that if you ever need to talk, or even just want someone to be sad with, you'll come find me."
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Thanks for sitting with

Thanks for sitting with Rossamund, by the way. c:
"I promise, Jo." He smiled up at her in return, then blinked sleepily. "Is it all right if I take a nap for a bit? I'm kind of tired."

(Thank YOU! I'm so glad you

(Thank YOU! I'm so glad you brought the little guy by. Time for bed for me, but thank you for letting me rp with you. Gonna keep JM in but of course Ross can amble off whenever he wants.)

"Sounds like a good idea," She nods and then lowers her own head to the ground next to Rossamund, should he choose to stay. This fawn deserved so much more than a peaceful slumber, but if that was the only thing she could give him, she would ensure it. "I'll be right here... get some rest, kid."
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Trackin'. Hope he doesn't

Hope he doesn't mine my boy sitting with him.
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Oh, hi! Don't worry, he

Oh, hi! Don't worry, he doesn't mind. c:
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Tracking for being a creature

Tracking for being a creature of interest for Harry Mostly because he looks like a fluffier mini twin of him and thats adorable omgggg

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Hi there!

Hi there!
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Nice to meet Rossamund today.

Nice to meet Rossamund today. Track!
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