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If you happen to see Nightmare in the forest feel free to Approach and Greet him~

Warning! Mature Themes Ahead: Gore and Disturbing Wording can be found on this page
Nightmare does not reflect my feelings, nor do my feelings affect him.

Until I can get Nightmare's full set back He will likely have a different Mask on for the time being.
Temporary Set: Nightfall Pelt | Peacock Antlers | Secretary Bird Mask

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Awoke within the forest after what seemed to be years of being gone. Had found himself near the lake when he woke he was bombarded by new scents that he did not recognize. For the most part the beast of legend was... calm. Unlike how he had once been in his 'youth' so to speak... he was less of a monster now and more of... well it was hard to say. As he got his bearings Nightmare moved off to explore the forest and to simply... enjoy the calmness that was there in the late evening. He would travel to his old haunts heading first to the Graveyard where he would rest upon the large slab that overlooked the small graves that had been placed over the years that the forest dwellers had brought. It was surreal to finally be 'home' again after such a long time.

He would spend hours laying on the slab before finally taking his leave and making his way to the Playground rocks. To his 'throne'... to a place where many memories were. He knew well that this was a place of pain and suffering, of hurt and betrayal... of death. But it was where he found himself time and time again. At the top of the largest rock in the moss bed that was where some said that the beast was born from. Where he was born from the suffering of his former self...

Finally found himself sleeping peacefully on top of his 'throne' where he rested for the remainder of his time in the forest. Slept to the sound of the birds singing and the sun rising over the distant hills.
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The Monstrous Legend

Name: Nightmare AKA A Beautiful Nightmare
Lineage: Family Tree
Mate: None
Pictogram: "The Twin Serpents"
Title(s): Hell's Beast, Hell's Nightmare, The Devil's Nightmare
Gender: Male, Bull, Stag. Bisexual, Panromantic
Species: Monster, Beast more commonly called a Nightmare Stag
Size: Roughly 13ft (3.9m) in height, 15ft at the top of his horns. Roughly 21ft in length from tip of nose to tail. Weighs close to 1.5 tons (3127 Pounds).
Voice: Azmodan Diablo 3
Vocalizations: Cassowary and Turok Dinosaurs
Scent: Fresh Hyacinth Flowers, Mud and Dirt. Slight tinge of bad odor but generally covered up by daily bathing.
Set: Skull Mask. Nightfall Pelt. Peacock Antlers.
Home: The Ruins or The Playground.
Reference: Color Palette
The Skull: Nightmare's skull looks like a combination of several things, it's bulky and large containing several features of a Dragon's Skull in appearance with large horns that crown the head while the bottom jaw itself is pronged out into 3 separate segments like that of a Shrieker's from the movie Tremor's 2. As time goes by it has sustained many injuries, the entire being of the skulls upper head is completely cracked and shattered and there are many more cracks along it allowing for the surface to be a very great canvas for paint as the paint seeps into the cracks and sticks better.

CSS Disclaimers CSS Credits and Information Below

Coding put together by Aivilo, with code snippets from or inspired by the lovely Hraeth, Shamiya, Unplugged, and AlisonRobin - and probably others from Google.
If you feel like credit is missing somewhere, please feel free to shoot Ivi an EmailAiviloTEF@outlook.com about it.

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Oh hi tracking ^^
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twacky! Gotta read it later.

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Big Updates are getting big Shocked

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The cool rain fell down

The cool rain fell down heavily upon the white stag's back. Without his vest - which he had given to Shika earlier in the evening - he had nothing but his thin shirt and fur protected his skin. A shiver shot down his spin as the damp materiel clung tightly around his skinny, bony frame. A few droplets trickled off the rim of his fedora as his searched the Forest's landscape for an interesting group to study.

In the distance, he caught sight of the beast. Towering, enchanting, and frightening at once. Typically it was the type of creature that the AoM would have sent Cypher to capture for study or destroy out of pure terror, but that was not the case today. There was a more important matter that the white stag needed to attend to regarding the monstrous stag's presence.

Slowly and quietly, the soaked buck approached the distressed beast as he tended to his wounds. Cypher kept his distance for their first meeting was a horrible first impression. The first time they had met was during a confusion, furious battle as Cypher had tried to pull a silver doe away from him, but perhaps, now he could make amends. For while he did not care for his own reputation, he feared the consequences that could follow after Shika for her actions; and he was not about to let her innocence be spoiled by stupidity like his own had been.

Once within range for eye contact, the Cypher tipped his fedora in the direction of the opposing stag, "Evening, my good man, I see that you are rather occupied with your wounds. Allow me to properly introduce myself. The name is Cypher; I was the stag who got caught in the ruckus last night. I wanted to apologize on behalf of the silver doe. She... She was not well."
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Tracka-lackin' all up in

Tracka-lackin' all up in hurr~ ♥
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The giant blue was walking,

The giant blue was walking, pacing... he had caught wind of them nearby and that put the beast on alert, especially since Sonan, his adopted daughter... had been close by. Walking around in circles, pacing... pawing the ground with good leg and holding his balance there were signs that the brute was distressed and this all made it very clear. Pacing around more he stopped and at one point dipped that massive skull down licking at the bleeding and mud covered lacerations on his leg as his fur continued to soak up the pouring rain like a sponge.

The events of the previous evening still were ringing in his mind, and those feathers were quick to raise up and a deep hiss came out of the beast as he turned that impressive skull towards the white stag that approached. While he was in no, outright condition to do anything he would still use that impressive monstrous looks to intimidate and instill fear into others that came near. His response was one that would come from any cautious creature, especially injured and weak. Those feathers flared more before those black voids settled on Cypher as he tipped his fedora in a bow.

Snorting, Nightmare stood there and listened to what was said... hissing deeply at the mention of the little doe who had caused him such grief... and pain for that matter. Bottom jaws clacking together as they shook with a slight bit of anger, bone against bone before the beast calmed once again. Feathers lowering as he knew this stag was no threat, and Nightmare shifted wearily holding up the injured and bleeding leg to nurse it from touching the muddied forest floor.

"Not well? Is that your excuse for why she suddenly came out of no where at me? I scared a fawn... so what, a lot of things in this forest are scared of things like me, so many are afraid of me and with good reason." The giant blue sneered some "I refused her, I didn't want to do anything but she continued on. With my injuries I didn't want to make them worse but when she continued and my daughter got in the way I wasn't going to stand for it. She should have understood that I wasn't well, and took my refusal. But instead she pushed her luck and paid the price for it. She should be thankful she got away with just the minor wound she did." Another snarl and this time Nightmare opened that mouth of his, showing the three lower jaws and the deadly array of fangs that lined them, along with the long, rather intimidating ones on the top jaw that had been folded against the top section of it. After a moment he allowed his mouth to close and snorted again "I accepted her apology but you can do well to keep her out of my way..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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The giant remained restless

The giant remained restless as he paced and snorted, but he made no advantages towards the cowering white stag. As the beast snarled his warnings, Cypher could not help but step slightly back. His hind legs bracing his shivering body in an instinctive, defense stance. Preparing to either sprint or lunge depending on what the best course of action would be if the circumstances changed. His ears curled tightly around his damped, dark hair beneath his fedora as his eyes narrowed. The tone that hung heavily in Nightmare's voice was a tone that Cypher had been accustom to. It was the endangering tone of a foreseen threat.

To him, a threat was nothing more than a challenge. Like poking a sleeping lion with a stick. Personally, he enjoyed the thrilled but the threat was clearly not aimed at himeself... It was towards Shika. A nervous lump latched onto the muscle of his throat as a gut wrenching nausea swirled within the conflicting emotions that had conspired within him.

The casual way Nightmare tossed aside a weaken sanity struck a nerve within him. Perhaps it was sympathy towards the doe that had caused the attached between the mad pair.

"Surely you, a beast of your magnitude, can house some sense of understanding towards the influence madness can bring to a weakened mind." Cypher then caught glance of the multicolored doe resting not far behind Nightmare. He tipped his head in her direction, as if pointing to her, "And surely you... as a father... can understand the ignorance that innocence breeds. She is young... That may not be a justifiable excuse for her actions, but she still has much to learn regarding the way life works."
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"Even a fool lost to madness

"Even a fool lost to madness would take one look at something like me and soon as back away than actually attack." He snorted, attention carefully turning to Sonan before that head lowered down close to the smaller stags "I am a creature that drives others to that madness by wrecking their dreams... but I rarely do such things now. You can take one look at me, you seem smart... you can tell I could have ripped her apart, tore into her... but there's the thing. I didn't...

Drawing that head back he lifted it up before snarling and laying himself back down and tucking his good leg close to his body while the injured one was splayed and slightly turned "Innocence is one thing, a blind attack is another. Fawns get scared and they are just as innocent, she herself should be old enough to understand that seeing something like me is likely to bring fear into the hearts of the innocent. In the end, what happened has happened... it's done and over with. And I don't want to see her around me again. I am tolerant, but I've my reasons..." The giant blue hefted out a heavy sigh

"Surely you as a right minded fellow could understand that... and if you were injured and you had someone further injure you would you want them near?"

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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The giant lowered his heard

The giant lowered his heard within eye level of Cypher's. His musclar body bent downward to match the smaller stag's size, nearly doubling or tripling him in size. An inch or two separated the males as Nightmare snarled his words. His lips curling above his sharped fangs, foaming slightly at the gum from aggravation. Stale breath seeped into his nostrils before the beast snorted and turned away. Despite the intimating appearance, Cypher continued to stand his ground. While he had never seen such a creature before in his life, he was quite use to the surreal beasts that reality like to hide. Nightmare's confrontation was frightening; his heart pounded madly in against his rib cage, but to showing fear was a habit the Agency had broken him of long ago. Showing fear showed weakness, and that would make a man vulnerable. As a result, he remained in his defense stance until the beast said something that made him chuckle in amusement... I am a creature that drives others to that madness...

"Perhaps you can," Cypher agreed midway though his insane chuckle. "But is it possible to drive a madman farther into madness? If a mind is already shattered, can it be broken more?" The stag began to lower his guard as he slowly began to feel a faint connection between the slumping stag before him. The two may have been very different in many ways, but one factor seemed to tie them together - their insanity. As he continued to speak, he tilted his head downward with his chin resting near the nape of his neck and looked up at the beast from beneath the rim of his fedora while remembering the many speeches he had heard back in his days at the asylum. His thoughts scrambled from flash backs of his own repressed nightmares and images of the torture he had endured in his early youth.

"Even tainted innocence is still innocence. Insanity can blind all forms of perception, fooling the mind into thinking that even the harmless of creature a monster and a monster a harmless creature. It can deceive you, and it will deceive you when given an opportunity as it blurs your judgment. I do not know what it is she saw...or what she believed at the time, but she had made a mistake. A mistake caused by your own disorientation and false reality. A mistake that I know I have made previously in my life, and perhaps even you have yourself." The stag slowly began to pace side to side out of anxiety. All of their talk regarding insanity made him nervous, but he continued to respond.

"...And if you were injured and you had someone further injure you would you want them near?...

Yet another wary chuckle escaped from him chapped lips, "I was never blessed with that option." Faint memories flooded his mind again. Vivid flash backs showed before his eyes. He could always feel the restrains upon his flesh once again, but he shook them away with a violent shake of his head. His eyes met with the beast once again, examining his wounds. Slowly, he stepped closer as he pulled is tie out of its knot and clenching it within his teeth, muffling his voice, "You are hurt. Let me see your leg and correct her wrong doing."
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Listening to this stranger

Listening to this stranger speaking was only providing so much for the giant blue... and slowly but surely that presence was growing to have a shortened welcome. Soaking wet feathers would shift and fidget in that clear irritation... frustration... most knew Nightmare warranted a lot of space. At least a lot of space around those he didn't know or had bad connections with... and really if it wasn't for the beasts current condition he'd likely have run Cypher off after the things were said and done and words exchanged. But, Nightmare wasn't in that condition to do so... and a deep huff came out of him before the blue stag lifted that head up the small red flecks in those black eyes giving of a bit of a glow... another sign of growing irritation "Do not lecture me... I don't need to be treated as though I am some damned fawn barely able to walk." His tone showed how this giant felt and Nightmare shoved himself up to his footing again, gaining a second wind of sorts as he shifted and cracked those jaws along each other in agitation.

A heavy swing of that tail came and those jaws gritted together more as Nightmare took a hobbled step backwards, growling out in a rumble from deep in this throat. The offer of help and the bringing up of the wound on his leg furthered the irritation and that neck jutted that skull down as those jaws opened... that shrieking, deafening roar coming from the blue giant as he let it be known that he was through and wanted to be left alone at this point. It was stubbornness to some degree, his actions and manners of trying to get the other to leave... but it was also because Nightmare never accepted help from anyone. Even while he was fucked up and injured.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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The earth beneath his feet

The earth beneath his feet seemed to shake from the vibrations of the shriek. Once again, he found himself stretching his legs out wide, digging his hooves into the moist mud as he braced himself. Wincing, Cypher's ears pulled closely to his head in attempts to soften the yell, but his effort was fruitless. The loud bloodcurdling scream echoed through the stag's hallowed head. Causing his ear drums to throb in pain, but he did not retreat. His narrow eyes peered at the monster backing away.

"In your condition you are no different than a stumbling youngster," he sarcastically remarked. His chest heaving slightly with the sharp huff of his chuckle. The left corner of his lip pulled upward as he smirked.

He then jerked his head towards the beast. Allowing the tie to float in the air before settling on the ground between the two. Without it and with missing a button - having given it to Migisi as a gift- his shirt was left hanging freely around his neck, looking tattered and worn despite the little harm he had endured. "Do whatever the bloody hell it is with it as you wish," he quietly spoke. "Make a sling. Use it as a bandage... Or sit there and bleed to death. I don't give a damn. I have paid my debt, and a gentleman always pays his dues."

He then began to turn to trot away, cautiously looking over his shoulder to watch what the beast would do.
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Watching him carefully

Watching him carefully Nightmare snorted, such was the case of the anti-social creature. He sighed deeply and watched the stag... snorting again at the comment on him being a stumbling youngster. Well that was true, but any animal with a limp was like a stumbling youngster. The giant blue stag watched as the tie had been discarded at his feet and he stared at it before that skull lowered down just as Cypher was trotting away.

A low growl came but the beast gripped the fabric and turned... limping his way back to the young doe that was considered his daughter. Lowering his head down he nuzzled into her, it was an exchange that took back anything that made Nightmare look like an outright monster and showed that he held a true sense of care for Sonan. Nuzzling her sleeping form he gently worked the tie some with those jaws and nudged it under her head... almost like a small... makeshift pillow. Shifting he raised his head up glancing back towards the buck before moving and circling and then laying down... wrapping himself around Sonan and curling his tail around the two as he nestled in just to rest.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Update Bumps for Epic Music and new Playlist :>

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Update Bumps :U

Update Bumps :U

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Woo. Do like. <3
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Mmmmmmmmm sexy new layout, minor Updates. Worked on tweaking a few things haha

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Update bumps

Update bumps

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Finally sat down and read

Finally sat down and read this. He's such an interesting character. Would love to interact with him with either of my deer [again]. Realllly curious on how my dragon deer, Deiyoru, who is soooo socially awkward that he freaks about ANYTHING coming close to him, reacts to Nightmare.

Oh, and tracking~
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Track, it's good to see

Track, it's good to see someone as big as Cadaver ^^

I read your

I read your updates.

Tracking this also.
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"Shhh shhh , boy. So many

"Shhh shhh , boy. So many noise around you."
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-falls over laughing her ass off at his updates- Omgyes XDD
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XD I thought you'd find that

XD I thought you'd find that entertaining 8B hur X3

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Darcy found him stretched out

Darcy found him stretched out on the banks of the river, where the Idol's tears fed the current. He didn't stir as the stag approached, making no efforts to conceal his presence...not that he could with the lovely limp he had going. Of course if anyone could perfect a limp by now, it would be him, right? The slow rise and fall of his chest was encouraging at least, though his breath still came in rasps, whistling through the crevices in his battered skull. Lowering his head, Darcy tilted it to the side to let the satchel he carried slowly slide from his antler tine onto the ground beside his friend. The soft 'thud' didn't rouse him either.'Perfect'.

Maneuvering himself around the beast, he carefully settled at his side and went about opening the satchel and removing its contents. Packets of herbs, folded leaves containing gooey mixtures... The monarch laughed dryly as he stared at them, not really believing he'd go through with it again. Memories of how he'd come upon the medicines threatened to tear at his heart, so he quickly got to work, prodding at Nightmare's side to make sure he was out before gently beginning to apply the poultices to his nastier wounds. Well it wouldn't be a professional job, but it was something at least...
"Doubt you could look much worse, really," he chuckled quietly to the sleeping giant.
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With the other nights

With the other nights activities the sleep was a much needed one... he had acted aggressively towards them... but it was because of her, it was because of that little doe getting to close for his own comfort. Had he not been so injured he likely would have charged... attacked... but no. Laying there in front of the Idol, watching the water pouring from those sockets that were much like his own had brought a calm to the beast that most rarely saw. And with the conversation that happened prior to the hell... he was even more calm than normal.

Darcy's approached hadn't gone truly unnoticed, the giant wasn't in too heavy of a sleep really and the monarch's scent had gotten into that thick hole at the front of his skull. Though he remained quiet and continued to rest as the other stag had gone to rummaging through the satchel and it's contents. When it stopped, it wasn't long before the giant felt those things being treated on the worst of his wounds... those that were showing slight signs of infection. A hiss came out of him... he heard the words from the monarch and snorted deeply in response "I've looked far worse in some cases..." He muttered, that thick and gruff voice breaking the small silence that had came after Darcy's words and chuckles "You went and saw her? Or was it the other away around?"

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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The hiss of air startled him,

The hiss of air startled him, and the snort that followed made him finch and tense despite himself. He wasn't sure what to expect anymore with Nightmare. Who would he be when he woke? What state of mind would he be possessed by this time? The monarch scolded himself for his fear and took a breath to calm his jumpiness as a relaxed voice rumbled forth from the beast's toothy mouth. Darcy grunted in response, though a wry grin pulled at the corner of his mouth. “You're getting too good at this 'playing dead' thing,” the stag remarked dryly, picking up another leaf wrapped skillfully around a poultice mixture and unfurling it. His friend's next question prompted his ears to draw back in slight hesitation.


Without his consent, his mind began to conjure images of earlier that day, standing with her upon the God's hill. Bits and pieces of their conversation floated through his mind, running together and yet perfectly coherent. His lungs filled with air for the soul purpose of expelling it in a slow, gratifying release. Briefly closing his eyes, he banished the memories. “Does it matter?” Darcy questioned coolly before leaning forward to scrape the mashed herbs into another deep wound. The goo slid far too easily down the grooves of the hot, swollen flesh, causing his brow to furrow in concern.
“I've been advised... that you don't plan to allow her near me. You're not to harm her, Night.” The confidence in his voice surprised him. It was not a suggestion meant for compromise, but an absolute; a deal breaker. “We've settled our business... She is free to come and go from my presence as she pleases.”
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There was a low rumbled out

There was a low rumbled out chuckle from those words, playing dead... well he certainly had enough experience with death in his past to know well enough how to 'play the part' of sorts. Slowly he shifted before craning his head up to watch as the monarch would apply that rather odd looking mashed up herbs... he snorted and shook his head some at the question. It didn't quite matter, so long as he, himself, wasn't around at the time to see the doe when she was nearby like she was earlier in that day.

Though at his words he hissed out in a deep rumble, growling softly before carefully pushing himself to his feet and looking down at the stag there "Not to harm her? After what she's done to me... done to you... how can you say that?" Snorting again, Nightmare just shook his head before slowly turning away staring out towards the hills that would lead to the playground... where he would have to go soon "She can come and go where she wants but I will never accept her near me... if you want to go to the witch so be it."

Shaking his head again the blue giant stretched out those jaws and a huffed breath came out "I will hold myself though... and refrain from such violence if you want her around when I am there..." Nightmare shifted before glancing back to the monarch, rolling one of those shoulders as he grunted "You'd think as many times as I've been hurt, wounded and beaten I'd be used to these things..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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“Wait, I'm not-!” Darcy

“Wait, I'm not-!” Darcy protested, but the beast had already gained enough momentum to lurch onto his feet. “...Finished.” he muttered irritably as his eyes followed the hulking torso upward until it hovered just above his head. Another nervous shiver took him by surprise at the shadow the monster cast over him. His instincts threatened to rebel against him, a tenseness winding its way through his muscles and down his legs, readying him to bolt to his feet. 'Stop it,' he snarled inwardly, refusing to give in as Nightmare swung his head around to speak. He struggled to hide the grimace that overcame his expression, sighing deeply despite the sharp pain it caused.
“I'm not asking you to accept her,” the monarch answered quietly, exasperated, “Ward her off as you'd like. Hopefully you'll both have the better sense to just keep away from each other... But she has done nothing to me I have not done to myself.”

Darcy gathered the leftover supplies and shoved them back into the satchel, save for a small, bite-sized packet of herbs he took into his mouth and swallowed. He carefully got to his feet and stepped away from his friend to the bank of the river. Staring down at the water a moment as it tricked over the smooth rocks, he chuckled.
“Neither of us have apparently learned much of anything. You, the immortal...me, the cat with nine lives?” The idea amused him. The stag slowly shook his head before lowering it, skimming his lips across the water to suck in the crystal liquid. He rinsed out his mouth then consuming a couple gulps for himself before stepping back and turning again. His scarred brows flexed in curiosity behind his mask as he paused, appearing hesitant about the words that soon slipped from his mouth.
“Why did you stay?”
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The beast would watch and

The beast would watch and listen carefully... taking in everything that was said before snorting deeply and just letting it pass. Yes, he would do well enough to keep her away from Darcy and to keep away from her but he could not control it if she decided to meander over blindly like she has done previously. When she so carelessly darted over to see Reed when he was not even some odd feet away from the red stag. Those teeth gritted and grinded against one another as he snorted and dug those long claws into the ground, fur bristling slightly before a deep breath came and that calm resurfaced.

There was a deep chuckle to come out of him at the next words, yes... him the immortal... the immortal who never learned anything over the past five years in this place. Fall in Love... feel the misery from the love... die from that love. Rinse, lather and repeat... snorting some he shook his head clean of those thoughts and watched the monarch from where he was. Red orbs watching keenly before he turned away and listened to the question.

"Why did you Stay?"

There wasn't any means to answer it, and the brute shrugged those bulky and sore shoulders "Perhaps you could say I was worried about what you would do should I have left entirely. And I had a bit of... guidance... to keep me from giving into the overwhelming desire to just let my life go..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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His eyes widened at the

His eyes widened at the response, his expression... falling flat. Nightmare was...worried about him? What he would do? Despite knowing what it sounded like, Darcy found himself denying this could be what his friend meant. The monarch knew what he was capable of, but when had he ever shown that side of himself to anyone else? Why would the other think that?

His thoughts drug him back. Back to being curled up at the monster's side, drenched in blood mostly not his own. Back to his quiet pleading. 'You can't leave me here...not like this... ' He could barely remember those couple of days after...in fact, he couldn't remember the night after the incident at all. The last thing he recalled was sending Obake and Kumiko away with Herla, promising he'd follow. He never did...or so he was told. He'd gone to Nightmare. Went so far as to lash out at Obake when the demon returned to drag him back. What had he been thinking? What state of mind had he been in?

'That' state of mind...?

Darcy swallowed. His ears lay flat as he stared up at the monster before him, defeated.
“I was...selfish,” he murmured, glancing over the cracks in the beast's skull, “ I just...couldn't...not do anything. I was just trying to protect her. I couldn't bear being the cause of another death. My mother, my brother... My fucking daughter. Tell me, why would it have been okay for you to have slipped away and not me? What mark have I ever left that's been worthy of any more mercy than you?”
The monarch limped forward, boldly approaching the beast, his hollow eyes fixated on the dark sockets in search of the red glow hiding within.
“Would you have killed me, if she hadn't shown up? You told me once...you would never lose yourself to the point of harming her. You said you had that control. So...would you have?”
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Those glowing orbs would

Those glowing orbs would follow every movement that came from the monarch stag... taking in every motion, every breath... his worry for the other seemed to catch Darcy a bit... off guard. Or that's how it seemed. Turning slowly to watch him more carefully the giants ears flicked out, visible from under what was left of those feathers. He listened... took in every word that had come up from Darcy's lips. And the giant was silent... why was he more worthy than Darcy? He didn't know... why couldn't he have just passed on instead to be reborn anew without the fear of these memories plaguing him? Again... he didn't know.

A heavy sigh escaped Nightmare before he picked up movement and watched as Darcy approached, and he listened... the questions. Yes... yes he had told them that he'd never lose himself like he had... he promised, made it his word and then look what happened. He failed to uphold such a promise and for that he likely should have been killed by Herla's wrath and fury "The extent in which I was gone that day... I don't know what would have happened. I could have... I might have... or I would have, I do not know for sure... perhaps even I wouldn't have. I made those words as a vow, a promise... and I broke them." Nightmare's attention turned to a side as he snorted out, red orbs disappearing "And you know as well as I that had she not gotten in the way my wrath would have never fallen onto her form... she was a fool, blind and reckless stepping in harms way. Like she always does... and her injuries... her wounds, her pain... that descent into the darkness. It was all her doing, she chose to do what she did for nothing." A low hiss came out of the giant and he shook his head, tail swaying slightly for a moment "You deserve to live far more than me... all I ever do is cause pain, misery and distress whenever I get to know others. I've sinned worse sins than what you could imagine, I killed one of my own 'sons' just for the sick pleasure of mending my broken body. Killed my brother for the sick pleasure of just doing so..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Darcy slowly nodded, his lips

Darcy slowly nodded, his lips pinching together in regret that he couldn't deny Nightmare's claims. Herla should have stayed out of it... Of course, at the same time, he understood the doe's reaction. The stress she'd been under, the desire to protect him... Heh. It was funny how readily he accepted the mistakes of others. But he had been fighting her her, telling her to leave. Foolish... yet he could not blame her for it.

He kept these thoughts to himself however, letting Nightmare hold to his anger for now, and all the irony that went with it. Should Darcy not feel the same bitterness towards Nightmare for nearly killing him? For that betrayal? For even now not denying the fact that Herla could very well have saved his life? The stag's eyes shifted in and out of focus at the irony of everything being said.
“We build our foundations on hypocrisy, you and I. Standing here trying to outdo eachother in our wickedness, heh... Could spend the rest of our miserable lives trying to figure out what's 'worse', who 'deserves' what more, and whether any of it really matters at all, in the end. Seems like such a waste...”
The corner of his mouth lifted in a wary smile as his eyes finally tear away from the battered skull to roll up towards the sky. The sun was making its slow descent into the west.
“Well then...what do you plan to do now?”
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"Finish what needs to be

"Finish what needs to be finished and be done with it..."

A low growl came out of Nightmare as that attention returned... casting that gaze into the distance to where one could barely make out those rocks... those all too familiar rocks. A sound of clicking came from those jaws as they clacked together for a moment, the monster seeming to be pondering and weighing in those options of what to do and what can or cannot be done. Whatever the choice he made, there was going to be pain and misery to come afterwards. Another series of clacking and clicks and the giant lowered his head down, snorting softly... heavy breaths coming out of him for a moment as he stood there.

"I just don't know what will come from it..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"

If you like, you can re add

If you like, you can re add Luis back into wherever he fits on the relations lists.
As he is officially back I'll be playing him more often in the future Smiling

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Minor bump for some important

Minor bump for some important updates that might come at a later date.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Update Bumps, not like

Update Bumps, not like anyone's going to read them anyway so I don't know why I'm bothering to bump this.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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I always read them...-shrug-

I always read them...-shrug- guess you probably don't care though
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I knew you read them XD It

I knew you read them XD It cheers me up some to know that you do, but I'm just losing any love for this community again I guess.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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I always read your updates...

I always read your updates...
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Can you See it?

Can you See it?

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Oh... oh dear...

Oh... oh dear...
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Relationships Voided, RP

Relationships Voided, RP posts Voided. I doubt anyone will care or read this *shrugs* but I'm through with Nightmare's relations. He's better off alone and that's how I am going to play him from now on.

I am not going to have him become something he's not. He's not social, and never will be. I'm sorry for those who were on the friends list and those on the enemies list as well, but I'm sick of trying to play Nightmare as something he's not.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"

That music at the top. Holy

That music at the top. Holy shit. I love it. <3