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As a Note: I am using Version 3.31 so I cannot see any of the newer Pictos. Borrowing from Karooi
I could likely update on my computer, but I don't feel obligated in doing so.
I would like everyone to know that if Nightmare does not respond to you immediately it is because for some odd reason I CANNOT see Picto's at all. New or old, they are blank to me.

Toxic_Creed if you wish to add me, you can otherwise contact me through note on DeviantART as well.

Warning! Possible Mature Themes Ahead, while this blog might not lean too far into it the occasional curse word/swear word may be seen here.
Auto-Play music IS on, but you are capable of pausing it. Do not complain on this blog if you do not like Auto-Play Music you can turn it off.
If anyone desires to interact with Toxic at this time you may contact me on Skype or you may post your character interaction on this blog.

Updates 02/26/2013:
- .....!?

"Because everything will Change and it all will fade to Black..."

Nightmare's Bio

Bad Apple Lyrics

Young Toxic by the wonderful Greyhorn

The Biography of the White and Past

Voice - Pete Burns from Dead or Alive
Common Tule Elk Buggle

Physical: 100% || Mental: 100% || Emotional: Confused, Wary, Sick

{ name } ToxicCreed
{ aliases } Toxic (Nickname), Lutfi (Real Name)
{ Species } TEF DeerStandard Deer of The Endless Forest, Tule ElkThe Tule Elk (Cervus canadensis ssp. nannodes) is a subspecies of elk found only in California., HybridIn general usage, hybrid is synonymous with heterozygous: any offspring resulting from the mating of two genetically distinct individuals.
{ Gender } Male Man, Male, Buck, Stag, Etc.
{ Sexuality } BisexualSexually attracted to both men and women. Gender neutral but typically leans towards Males more often than the females but is willing to go for the ladies.
{ Mate/Love } NonePossibly seeking but it is unclear at this time on his intentions if he remains around.
{ Offspring } None
{ Scent } Musk, Urine and a mixture of grass/flowers and forest life.
{ PhysicalToxic is not a fast healer and will heal between 1-5% a day depending on the severity of his wounds. } 100% [Hover]While in the peak of Health Toxic suffers from a severe limp on his front right leg. Those who know Nightmare might not have seen this but there is a large gash and scar that runs up the length of his front right leg, this is also present on Toxic and it's the injury that Nightmare was born from. Little is known about it beyond that it's there. || { MentalToxic is the complete opposite of Nightmare, he is kind and caring always willing to make anyone laugh and become happy. He will go out of his way to help others and lend an ear should anyone desire to talk. Overly friendly he wishes to take up where many of his friends left off... watching over the forest and those that thrive in it. In a way, he is also extremely lonely... friends that he knew from when he first arrived in the forest are no longer with him and he thinks them dead or missing. This can lead to bouts of Depression from the stag. He's taken up a bit of a lesson from a former friend of the forest, Nathaniel, and is akin to a Fawn Sitter and slight 'doctor' of sorts who can tend to minor things like small scrapes and bruises that may occur. } 100%
{ activity} HoverTook his midday bath at the Crying Idol, soaked his fur and enjoyed the cooling water... got out and... oh god huge family is huge... walked around to lay behind the idol and dry off. Dozing in the sun.
{ Thoughts } Hover"At least I feel less sick now..." *Sighs* "I... that's a big family...? I think..."

{ Current Location } HoverRelaxing by the Crying Idol...

{ Artwork }
|| x || x || x || x || x || x

All Artwork Belongs to their Respective Artists

Has been in Existence since Phase Two of the Forest.
Arrived long before Fawns, De Drinkplaats and many new Features.
Wears the Peacock Feathers (has them) But yields a Rack of Tule Elk Antlers on his Head in place of the blue Spikes.
Toxic has 10 Tines on his Antlers, and they resemble that of a Mature Stags.
His Mask is Avian in appearance with a crown of red and black feathers that flow out above his peacock plumage. Thin strings with beads embroidered in them hang down both sides of his chin.

The Deer

Appearance in Forest
Main Set: Nightfall Pelt, Orca Mask, Peacock Antlers
Alt Set: Nightfall Pelt, Orca Mask, Real/Default Antlers (Fighting)

Species: Tule Elk mixed with TEF Human Faced Deer

Height: 6' at the Shoulder

Note: Size Chart Roughly the Size of 17 on the Chart

Weight: 370lbs.

Fighter's Chart
Attack: ||||||||||||
Defense: ||||||||||||
Dodge: ||||||||||||
Speed: ||||||||||||
Stamina: ||||||||||||
Toughness: ||||||||||||
Intelligence: ||||||||||||
Experience: ||||||||||||

Toxic is not a Fighter, despite what it may seem like he would never lift his 'antlers' or 'hooves' to fight against anyone. He is friendly and kind but that does not mean he will not defend himself. Relatively weak in comparison to what he had become he can pack a punch if driven too far.
Fights Like a Normal Elk
More Likely to Joust Rather than Fight

His Family

Family and Those Adopted By Him
Note: What is here is his perspective on the Deer/Characters listed, they may not feel the same towards him.
None Currently

Those Important

If I have forgotten anyone, or you have seen Toxic in the forest and have him listed on your relations list. Please comment and let me know.
Note: What is here is his perspective on the Deer/Characters listed, they may not feel the same towards him.


None Thus Far

Detailed Events of the Day

Awoke in the forest, bright and sunny. Managed to head on out to the pond in a nice little canter as he made his way to get his drink. Ahhh refreshing, dug up a few cattail roots to eat before slowly making his way on up the path crossing the bridge to get up to the Crying Idol where he would soak down and wash himself off. Primping and pampering himself, taking long periods of time to tend to his pelt and feathers before washing his mask clean and stepping out. Took note of the Gerla family, my goodness that was all one family? It was huge... ._. Felt a bit intimidated by the large group and slowly crept his way on back to rest behind the idol in the sun so that he could continue his preening and dry off.

! All actions are in-character. Toxic does not represent his player.
You may contact me privately for any reason via Skype Toxic_Creed or E-mail me at
I am always open for chat, roleplay, or discussion of issues.

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Tracking! This has the best

Tracking! This has the best music ever! It started playing and I had no idea which tab it was coming from but I'm loving this.
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Thank you Mauvable I am

Thank you Mauvable Smiling I am quite fond of the Bad Apple Song and while listening to it several times and looking over the lyrics it certainly fits Nightmare and Toxic to a T haha XD

Been awhile since I've been in the forest. I feel so rusty urg D|

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"

Tracking as well! I, too, am

Tracking as well!

I, too, am a Bad Apple fan <3
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@BlueOrchid -

@BlueOrchid - <3 <3 <3 <3 Bad Apple is such an awesome thing, and it's so fitting for both Nightmare and Toxic =A=

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Finally capable of getting

Finally capable of getting online after a couple days of rest. Expect to see our dear buck friend here in the forest a lot during the Rut Smiling Feel free to poke here for any RP or contact me at my e-mail if you want to talk and possibly get my skype Smiling

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"