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Holy shit *LOVE*

Holy shit

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Tracking. Tracking forever.

Tracking forever.

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Dear god. I love it!

Dear god.

I love it!
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ohmy amazing *-*

ohmy amazing *-*
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fuhfuhfuhfuhfuhfjksdhfks. I'


I'm a big fan of this guy so this is awesoooome.
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Wow. Now this is

Now this is interesting. (:
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thank you :]

thank you :]
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She's incredibly

She's incredibly beautiful.
We're the fawn sitting near her.
We'll try not to bother her.

/dies, revived by awesome,

/dies, revived by awesome, dies again because of awesome

Stalking both on TEFc and in-forest. Fo'sho.
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@cicadia- ah yo you are the

@cicadia- ah yo you are the sweety...
she rarely feels bothered by quiet company :]
sorry for my inactivity, i was drawing and eating and doing other stuff~

@ryff- thank you :]
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I love her eyes soso much.

I love her eyes soso much. They're the first thing that drew me to her. And her muzzle, too. Love her teeth!
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I absolutely adore this

I absolutely adore this character's design, that face... simply stunning and gorgeous! *tracks*

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Heh, It's perfectly fine, I

Heh, It's perfectly fine, I was doing the same. :3

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okay, good to hear. :D

okay, good to hear. :D

i love, love, loooove her

i love, love, loooove her design ♥
especially that snout thing she has.
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track of curious. i love her

track of curious.
i love her design.
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Very much tracking this

Very much tracking this >A>

Godyourstylelooksfamiliar ......hmmm = 3=

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thanks guys ^^ orly?

thanks guys ^^


neat profile, and i still

neat profile, and i still think this character looks so great.
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thank you~ :D

thank you~ :D
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That's my moppy little doe,

That's my moppy little doe, Nanetta, she's sitting beside now lol
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hehe yes, i know ;]

hehe yes, i know ;]
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Thought I would return the

Thought I would return the track ^^

Gorgeous character <3
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oh... thanks a lot... :] ...

oh... thanks a lot... :]
... much to develope, too
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would you mind RP here? If

would you mind RP here? If you don't want it here, just ignore this : )

Nanetta stared down the larger doe. Fumming from being attcked for going after a vulture.
"I won't just stand by and watch them eat the living.." she said in the fircest voice she could muster.
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Her piercing eyes didn't move

Her piercing eyes didn't move an inch under the smaller doe's look. She could withstand this staredown at ease.
She gave out a snort...

"I didn't see it attacking any living here." she replied in a calm and cold tune, her voice slightly dimmed by the jaws over her mouth. She chuckled. "If I had seen it eating the eyes out of a living fawn, though.... i wouldn't have stopped you, little maggot." her voice now sounded like she was smiling.... an ivisible smile behind the mask. "...rather I would have enjoyed this battle between life and death... and would have placed my bets."

Her bony tail swung up and down, makeing a rattling noise.
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The doe kept her glare, her

The doe kept her glare, her voice sounding something like controlled rage. More flustered at being called a maggot than anything else.
"There's so many fawns around here. If he flies around here who's to say he couldn't swoop down and steal one off before anything could be done. That same vultures attacked me, I was able to fight back but a fawn wouldn't stand a chance before it was carried off."

Oh how the little doe wished she could be more intimidating, both in her words and her attacks.
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Tremor tilted her head

Tremor tilted her head slightly, still staring down at the smaller doe, almost not blinking.

"So so... it attacked you?" she made a few steps forward, slightly bending down her head, to have a better look on the smaller doe. "I see you are injured." she chuckled "Then maybe your time has come, little maggot..."... she would keep calling her like that... after all... she never got to know the name of the smaller one.

"Those birds feed from the dead and the diying. If someone's not strong enough to go on, then it's their turn to end it." She rose her head again, still staring down at the smaller one "So, so... a fawn wouldn't have a chance... hmhm... If one of them would really swoof down as sudden as you said... then you wouldn't have a chance either, little maggot." she slowly turned her steps, leaving her gaze resting upon the smaller.

"Anyhow... even in case the birdie had manage to take away a fawn... killed it... eating its eyes and guts... even with you little dwarft around fighting against it.... then it was legitimate. For every life that grows another one has to be taken."
Again there was this smile hearable.

(sorry if she sounds and acts a bit... 'rough'... i am still developeing her personality... )

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Nanetta made a slight

Nanetta made a slight growling noise. Maybe she was only slightly taller than many of the fawns, but she was used to the game of life and death. She had been hunted -both in the forest and out- too many times to count. Although lacking in height she was by no means defenceless.
"I'm a tougher little maggot than I look." She spat at the doe opposite, not even carring to tell the doe her name.
"Maybe my time has come. Fine. But I won't watch needless death without putting up a fight."

She cocked her head at the doe, not turning from her gaze, "If it is their time to die then I doubt I would be able to stop that fate.. But I will try to stop it and If I do succeed I doubt it was their time to die in the first place."

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She smirked "Even a maggot

She smirked "Even a maggot with teeth... stays a maggot..." she mumbled, more to herself.

The creature chuckled. "Like I said. If it had attacked someone... I wouldn't have stopped you." she didn't bother to explain her motives again. She had the feeling the little doe wouldn't understand anyways. Small creatures... always driven by fear and and panic of beeing hunted, chased and eaten alive.

If she could.... she would pity them. But she didn't. Useless...
"No death is needless..." she mumbled again, then she threw her mane out of her face... demonstratevely turning away her gaze now, showing that this discussion had ended now for her. "... going on with this little argue is useless. You won't understand me..." she made a few steps away from the doe, her tail now slightly streaking alongside the smaller one, like a cat's tail.

"... though... nice to see that you seem to feel ... less depressive than yesterday." she mentioned, her head half turned back
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She knew the arguement was

She knew the arguement was probably over. There was no use arguing with anyone that refused to listen.
"It has attacked someone, I merely wish to stop it from happening again." One eyebrow cocked, "I suppose I'll just have to wait until I see a little one's gut's being before I do anything next time... At least with you and your big head around..." Her voice only sounded irratated now.
She couldn't afford to have this doe after her with how injuried she already was. Nane realized she had to choose her battles, and this was becoming a frustratingly pointless, sickening battle.

"There are may needless deaths." she said with disdain, as the doe looked away. The gazelle doe kept her eyes on her.
"I suppose you're right this is pointless... You don't seem able to keep up with me anyway."

"Thanks for noticing." She said with mockingly sweet sarcasm.

dmitri will be unresponsive

dmitri will be unresponsive for a while; i'm going to the store. (: i'll be back shortly, though.
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"No need to thank me. I just

"No need to thank me. I just wanted to be polite." she answered, with no noticable care in her voice. "Saw you with us at first and was a bit curious why you left so suddenly... anyhow-" She suddenly turned her head, looking down at the smaller one again.

Her slim tail curled up now, just to be placed gently on the smaller ones neck right afterwards... like a snake, ready to strangle its victim.... "Jus one further remark to this little incident... I have no bad feelings about you... in fact... I still have no particular feeling about you..." she smiled again, her yes carriying this smile over her mask... something seemed to lurk behind, though... "Just to avoid any unnecessary bad blood..."

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Nanetta sighed when her

Nanetta sighed when her sarcasm was lost on the doe.
"You have odd ways of being polite." Nanetta murmured. She paused taking a slow breath. "It was family issues, nothing more." She added simply, not even sure if the doe opposite wanted to know or not.

She shook her head irratably as the doe's bony tail came to rest on her neck. "That's good, I might not have been able to sleep tonight if I thought I had really angered you." she scoffed out sarcastically. She didn't really care what the doe thought of her, Nanetta veiwed the doe opposite with only slight irratation now. Yet there was still some curiousity she held towards her.
She now turned her gaze away, a bit unnerved by that smile.
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The creature turned away her

The creature turned away her gaze again. Slowly the steady sarcasm in the smaller does voice started to tear out her inner beast...
... she didn't show it though. Stayed calm.

She still wanted to stay neutral to this little doe. For now.

... though...

With a fast movement she let slip down her tail from the smaller one's back, intentionally giving a little more preasure on the skin of the other one...

"Good." She simply stated, without looking back again

Slowly she started to walk off. "See you around."

(haha, sorry for the blunt end... have to go now... thanks a lot for the rp <3 hope we can do some other soon)

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(it's all good, thank you too

(it's all good, thank you too ^^)

Nanetta bit her tounge to prevent anymore sarcasm from coming out. Usually she tended to be calmer, nicer; but, sometimes everytimes she found herself at her wits end, sarcasm came out. She had no way of knowing if her sarcasm struck the doe; but, she wondered if she had pushed her luck.

Her muscles tensed as the doe's tail pressed harder onto her neck before slidding from it.. She said nothing as the doe walked away, not quite sure what she thought of her yet.
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Poor Mori, he doesn't know

Poor Mori, he doesn't know how to dance XD
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b'aww xD poor him. guess he

b'aww xD

poor him.
guess he needs lessons then...
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There was no precious stone

There was no precious stone equivalent to this doe. She was polished bone. The kind of death that has been resting for so long, one forgets it was ever alive. Beautiful death that glints in the sunlight. Even after Tzipporah's sometimes friend, the tiny crystal buck, ran off, Tzipporah herself remained. Once, twice, she rose to her feet, intent on finding a new spot. Someplace near the pond. Near the playground. Each time, she sank back to her belly in the coarse grass, attention captured by the polished bone doe, unable to sacrifice her curiosity for the promise of softer grass.

(We were pleasantly surprised to see Tremor so close by~ Don't feel you need to respond to this. Just some musings~)

aldebaran's picture

It had been merely

It had been merely coincidence that the creature stumbled over the two small resting here in the higher grass.

Actually she litterally nearly stepped on them, on her enraged 'escape' from the noisy mop close to her former resting place...
... she hadn't much problems with fights... but sometimes, she just couldn't stand them.
Especially when they where that noisy.

However she had learned that this part of the forest, with the high grass and the slim, silvery trees, where usually the more peacefull... and empty one.
The perfect way to await the end of this noisy nonsense.

She didn't expect any comapny here...

To be honest, at first she was about to move on... her mood too bad to stand any other around her...
... but for some reasons she decided to stay.

Not much in the mood to talk, though.
She didn't know what to talk about either...
... and if the smaller one would have something to say... then they surely would.

(haha I don't mind at all... this really helps me to develope her personality more, so I wellcome any interaction.... was really just coincidence that we stumbled over you xD
oh, and sorry the delay... played around with that music maker thing he he)
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Low bull roars, frantic fawn

Low bull roars, frantic fawn brays, the rattling caw of the forest's darker residents... It all drifted through the birch trees to echo against the cool boulders nearby. The easy breeze and bird chatter masked little, and the very nature of the forest demanded close proximity.

So it was nice that, at least for this moment, her company didn't demand a sound, and didn't offer any of her own. The bone doe's steady breathing, mixed with the low rustle of windblown grass, were a peaceful counterpart to the forest's usual cacophony.

Still, as the moments wore on, Tzipporah felt the need to connect with something other than her physical presence. She looked out at the forest, gathering her thoughts, attempting to draw them into something understandable.

"Is... relax, yes?" she finally managed, flushing beneath her mask at the effort and likely embarrassment of her clumsy words.

(Glad to hear it~! This is nice for me, as well. Tzipporah isn't much of a talker, so I haven't really done much of anything text-based with her.
I loooove her music~ Been listening to it on repeat XD)

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She sat opposite to the

She sat opposite to the smaller one, simply staring at a point somewhere on the horizon.
The battlecries seem to die after a while, either because their owners died as well or because they lost interest in each other... or the most unlike possibility... they settled it.

This, and the general atmosphere here in this part of the forest helped her to calm down.

Her ears twitched slightly as the smaller one finally begun to speak.
Eyes and head of the creature shifted, turned around to look down towards the smaller one next to her.

Her lips curled up into a tiny smile, invisibel behind the teeth and jaws of her unusual mask.

"Yes... very relaxing. Much better than with those noisy morons around..."
...fighting for dominance or whatever they did there...

She snorted.
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Tzipporah heard the shift in

Tzipporah heard the shift in weight, and almost regretted having broken the silence. It was so easy to turn a pleasant encounter into a negative one with a few simple, ill-placed words, and considering her lack of power over her own vocabulary, it was a very possible risk. She glanced over her shoulder, resisting the urge to sink into herself, to appear smaller than she was. To recede back into the silence.

The emotion in the bone doe's voice gave her pause, but it didn't seem aimed at her. Noisy morons...

"Knows loud deer?"

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She let out a chuckle, her

She let out a chuckle, her tail, neatly curled around her twitched slightly.

Before she answered she had another closer look at the smaller one next to her. Like all small cratures... this one here also had this... special 'lack of something'...
Lack of power, weakness... beeing damned to play the role of 'prey' most of the time.

She didn't exactly despised those, in her eyes, 'weaker' creatures. No... she merely pitied them. A special kind of patronizing pity. Not feeling with them, feeling the need to protect them, guarding them... but beeing sorry for them that they never would feel what a, in her eyes, more powerfull and superior creature will feel, how they are able to see the world.

This was the kind of view Tremor had on the 'smaller' 'weaker' ones around her.

Of course she was still polite towards them, actually... she was a lot more polite to those weaker ones than to those who where equal to her.

After all... she was generous.
She didn't want to make life much more uncomfortable than it already was for them.

"No... I don't know them. I saw one of them before ,though. But to be honest... I don't know many around here, yet."

(hahr sorry... got a little carried away with that little quirk)
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"Nnn... Meets noisy deer

"Nnn... Meets noisy deer first. Is... un... unforgiv...? Unfla... Unfortunate."

She didn't bother to mention that almost all of the strangers she'd met had a flare for noise and movement, although some were more excitable than others.

...She also failed to mention her growing affinity for such things. It was pleasant to escape to the lazy lull of the birch forest, but the activity of the main areas were a constant fascination, as long as she was able to keep a reasonable distance. When the activity was brought to her doorstep, she began to feel a little less at ease with the dramatics.

It was, after all, more difficult to sit out when dancers were directly asking you to join. She hated hurting feelings, but... Tzipporah's fur ruffled out, then lay flat again as she put the ridiculous movements of other deer into the back of her mind.

"Is much better others. Is beautiful deer. Is quiet sometimes, or exciting. Find everything here. Is pool of..." she paused, unable to think of a good word. Happiness? Not necessarily. It wasn't always happy. Always pleasant. But even the fear was exciting. The danger was thrilling, in its own way. "Is pool of... want. Everything could want."

(*u* I love ittt~ In a place with little danger, stronger and weaker has little meaning except in the way the deer regard each other. I love seeing the different perspectives~)

(FORGIVE ME I NEVER DO THIS. But I can't resist spamming your page. You can just like... leave that other RP there forever. Whatever floats your boat~)

Tzipporah finally worked her way half-gracefully onto the ledge, working out her frustration in the efforts to keep herself from falling.

"Is not... interest? Is not... curious?" she huffed between breaths, fur standing on end. "Bone doe is bore! Not even see. Left me for boring!"

The birth itself was less than expected, but having never seen one, she didn't know what to expect. For the doe to simply walk off was incomprehensible.

aldebaran's picture

(haha okay I will... though

(haha okay I will... though now you gave ma a tricky task, since... i not only left the scene for IC reaosn but also for OC... but ahh i will take this chance... to turn this into something thanks for that :D )

She not even turned her head as the little creature climbed up to her on the piece of wall she made herself comfortable on. Beneath her, the graves... death ... something that felt at least a little familiar.

"No... I am not interested." she simply stated calm...
Birth... giving the gift of life... huh?
No this was certainly not what she was interested in watching.

Not only she felt not the tiniest bit of relation to any of the involved there... it was also that she wasn't able to pas on this 'gift of life'... and she didn't need to be reminded on that. Of course she would never admit this slight envy she felt when seeing scenes like that... watching mothers with their children...
... she had burried those feelings, replaced it with others.

For example she somehow saw fawns in a similar light as 'small and weak' creatures.

She chuchled at the second remark of the smaller one. "Boring?... Well if that is your opinion on me." after all she just encountered this little one... what she thought about her... she couldn't care less about that.

"For you this little happening over there might be the most exciting thing in your entire life. For me it is not... no need to explain this to you... you wouldn't understand anyways." she smirked, now turning her head and looking down at the smaller one.
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(Oh ho ho >3 Well, nice

(Oh ho ho >3 Well, nice save.)

"Is not exciting! Is boring! Left, too. But is not issue." She shook her head, waving off what she felt was a minor part of the argument. "Left after. Issue is didn't know was boring. Is not curious? Where is curious? Child could have born legless! Does not wonder? Not interest in legless child?"

She stopped, brain tripping over words she hadn't quite meant to voice in that particular manner. She meant anything could've happened. Instead of correcting herself, however, she set her jaw, puffing out her fur again with displeasure, and started again, this time slower.

"Made me choose. Curious that, or curious this. Not should have to choose. Should have both curious."

Mauvable's picture

Does she accept bones as

Does she accept bones as gifts?
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She stared down towards the

She stared down towards the smaller. Concentrated, a little, vertical wrincle appeared between her eyes...
"Your way of talking is aweful." she snorted, then she tried to sort out and interpret what the smaller one tried to say.

"So... seems you are... disappointed. Of course there could have happened something... but still... I would have no interest in that. I don't know either the mother, that was giving birth... nor the father... I have not the tiniest bit of relation to the little creature that was just born over there... so I also don't feel the need to know if it has four legs, no legs or three heads..." she chuckled at that last point... having her own reasons for that...
... three heads...
Of course this was merely a poor excuse for her true intentions not to wittness this happening... but it was also not entirely lied.

Tremor lifted one of her eyebrows, letting her tail twitching slightly.
"What do you mean by that... 'choose'... 'both curious'... I have no idea what you want to tell me, dwarft."


hmm... depends on the situation I guess.
shaku's picture

"Have no relation, either. Is

"Have no relation, either. Is not know. Is not care to know. Is only care of interesting, and boring deer cares not!"

Tzipporah's ears flattened against her skull at the insults, fur standing up straight, making her appear much less sleek than she normally did, her black undercoat marring the blue. As what usually happened in moments of pride, her frustration got the better of her, whipping across her tongue before she could tame it. Before she remembered that the bone doe was a stranger.

Was a potentially dangerous stranger.

"Was curious you, was curious fawn. Both curious. Both stupid mistake. Bone doe is boring. If bone cow has child, has legless! Maybe make interesting again!"

She rose to her feet, shaking with anger as she attempted to get back down the wall.

...The very high wall...


Stupid doe!