Ravenflight; The Queen of Changes

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Awoke on dandelion hill, and saw Leto in the distance. Leto sure had grown a lot. He had obviously journeyed and explored as she knew he would. Was joined by Rossamund, the small fey later. Was quite low in energy, the distance in time between where she was and where she is now drains her, so Ravenflight fell in and out of slumber. They passed few words between them, but Ravenflight had gotten more accustomed to feeling moreso than speaking - she had been silent for so long in this place, at times it felt unnatural to speak.

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Beautiful new bio,

Beautiful new bio, Shadowwolf's art is stunning here. Really like the floating picto too, like how it bobs and 'breathes' in forest. Great touch.
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@ hoactzin: Thankyou! It took

@ hoactzin: Thankyou! It took a bit of work designing and just as much to code it I assume c:
@ Firefli: Nuuuu mine >8c Hahahaha it looks good doesn't it? Apel and Mis worked together on that one!
@ Apeldille: Ahhh but it still looks awesome, you did magic. MAGIC. Thanks <3
@ Tornpaw: Heyheyhey B) ThankYOUUU
@ RikkaChan: Yesss, her new art is very awesome. Shadowwolf on dA made it! And thankyou c:
@ Dampir: Agreed. It was a nice little reminder of times gone for sure, they don't ever have to be gone! And yes, the pictogram is separate to the image!
@ Sight: It does look very awesome yes, thankyou!
@ Echosong: Cheers!
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WOW. what an amazing update

WOW. what an amazing update to the bio and art. really loving the artwork, such vibrate colors and the glittering/floating picto is a wonderful touch!
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>8] &hearts;

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She was such a sweetheart to

She was such a sweetheart to Cry yesterday (and the description about him in her relationships is adorable *mygodyesI'mastalker*) ♥ really enjoyed that short time with her and Dag.

this is absolutely b e a u t

this is absolutely b e a u t i f u l.
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@ Munkel: LATE REPLY YOU MAY NEVER SEE UNTIL LATER but thankyou. Ravey always loves spending time with Cry, he is such a sweety.
@ Leotie: Thankyou very much ;A;
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Nice to have ya back

Nice to have ya back Laughing out loud
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Code and art Both absolutely

Code and art
Both absolutely GORGEOUS.
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@TreeDancer: Nice to be back

@TreeDancer: Nice to be back Smiling
@Chromai: Thankyou so much!
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Tracking ^^

Tracking ^^
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Welcome back ^^

Welcome back ^^
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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WB <3
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Bump BC CODING whyyy

Bump BC CODING whyyy

Ahh, I've admired this

Ahh, I've admired this character from afar forever, it's nice to see she's back! Hope to run into her in the forest sometime <3


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I am having that issue since

I am having that issue since months ago (I use Chrome), where of the pictogram shows up like this, and also see Ravenflight's picto in her bio like that as well. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but apparently Chrome is blocking flash stuff.
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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There is a way to enable the

There is a way to enable the flash animations, music and such on chrome through the settings. There was a thread on this quite a while ago, but unfortunately I can't find it ;; BUT you can definitely allow chrome to view flash things without the annoying 'blocker' in the way.

EDIT: So i think its under - settings - content settings - then scroll down and enable plug-in content

Also tracking this beaut ♥
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Thais and Echo: hmmm see

Thais and Echo: hmmm see thats not the issue im having at all bc Im using firefox.
In fact, I was super stoked by that feature because when I pressed play on the flash elements of my page they actually loaded properly.

The issue im having is that her picto loads fine but its on a black square background, as if transperency is no longer supported or the elements are forced to load incorrectly. Im hoping its just me.

Microsoft edge also uses the press play to load feature and once you enable the elements it works perfectly!

Thanks for the help though! Maybe ill have to switch to Chrome Eye
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Whoa, blast from the past; I

Whoa, blast from the past; I remember reading 'prophecy' and being intimidated by your poetic skillz. Dang. ♥

oh man sounds like I just

oh man sounds like I just missed Velocity being awake! If I had known about that, I would have tried to get back on right after dinner.

Oh well, it was really nice seeing Iaurdagnire and Ravenflight in-forest again, even if it was just for a short time!
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@Dag: There was a whole

@Dag: There was a whole branch of plot that was to follow prophecy. I just ran out of time with the whole thing. But its nice to read back to it sometimes hehehehe. <3

@Amary: It was very nice to see an old familiar face. Raveys been feeling very overwhelmed by the forest and all the newcomers....
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Bump bc Rut 2019

Bump bc Rut 2019