Ravenflight; The Queen of Changes

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Awoke on dandelion hill, and saw Leto in the distance. Leto sure had grown a lot. He had obviously journeyed and explored as she knew he would. Was joined by Rossamund, the small fey later. Was quite low in energy, the distance in time between where she was and where she is now drains her, so Ravenflight fell in and out of slumber. They passed few words between them, but Ravenflight had gotten more accustomed to feeling moreso than speaking - she had been silent for so long in this place, at times it felt unnatural to speak.

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The blackbuck's white cheeks

The blackbuck's white cheeks puffed out as he smiled, "Oh, I've been better...but I'm extremely happy to see a friendly face."

He didn't want to tell her how he really felt - his antlers grew too late for the Rut, so he missed out on all the action, and lately he has felt pretty lonely, missing his mate. But seeing Ravenflight there really brightened his day.

She reminded him so much of his daughter.

Well of course...I've been

Well of course...I've been feeling more of an urge to play him now and there may be times I actually have both him and Juniper in forest as they're both friends. Of course only when my laptop can handle two TEF windows since Firefox has a nasty tendency to take more memory than it should. Also was one reason why I turned off MSN so I can give more room until my hard drive started overworking. Plus I was going to go to bed around then so yeah...

Aye yes...I really enjoyed that too and I'm happy to have cheered up Ravey. I hope that we'll have both deer hang out again soon Smiling Yes I believe that he does have that feather-I planned that before he left the forest the first time, he buried it under the cave at the Playground for safe keeping. I'm actually redesigning him so I am planning on perhaps tying the feather on one of his antlers.Oh really? Wow...I'm honored, I am actually very curious of what will occur. I'll be happy to have little Luis a part of the story.

And aww you really think so...personally I feel that my writing was sorta derpy as I was like half-asleep and worn out from the day but glad it worked out. Still I would not mind a little RPing here, maybe later on we can start on one based on their little meeting. <3

Sektry chuckled once again.

Sektry chuckled once again. "That's no maybe. They'd clamber all over each other to impress us. And yes, this is my first. Seemed like a good way to get to know who's who in the forest." She responded. Though upon having asked how she was, Sektry noticed....something change in Ravenflight's demeanor. Something seeming to darken in the doe's mind as she delivered her answer, staring out at the pond longingly. It was then that Ravenflight told the Arian doe about her missing mate, Rajan.

Rajan? Who is he? I thought...oh my. I thought wrong. Sektry was surprised. And quite embarrassed. Here she was always under the impression that Gehirn was Ravenflight's mate, seeing how the two of them interacted, and having felt that perhaps they needed space. Oh, what a dreadfully inaccurate assumption. Nevertheless, Sektry swallowed her embarrassment. At least she never revealed her misguided thought, which partially relieved her.

Giving a slight cough to clear her mind of her blunder, Sektry once again answered Ravenflight's question. "Ah, well, I've been keeping an eye on Gehirn and Virgil. They're quite the impressive fighters, and it's always thrilling to see them in combat. I could learn a thing or two from them, I believe." Learn. Sektry mind drifted to the dream she had of Aries. But there was no reason to ponder that now. She could sense something was not quite right with poor Ravenflight. One simply did not just brush off the fact of a missing mate like that.

"If there is something you wish to talk about," Sektry said, sitting herself down on the forest floor and beckoning Ravenflight to join her, "feel free to do so. I won't go spreading any rumors. And I can tell that you need to get some things out. Bottling it up can't be doing you any good."

((Longest RP post I have made yet ROFL))
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Or tonight. Whenever I am home.
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((Ive left these all too long

((Ive left these all too long so Im going to wrap these RP’s up really quickly and crappily gdfgdfsgdfg ;_;. Ive felt so uninspired as of late. Apologies. Hopefully the next lot of RPs wont fail as much. All my fault :c))


Ravenflight could sense the tension that began to swirl between the pair. It no doubt made Ravenflight feel a stronger sense of unease than before. Ravenflight was never adaptable at first, at the first sign of loss or chaos the most grave solution was often the only in her eyes. Over time, she adopted a more stoic nature. Ravenflight looking back to Herla as she confessed the obvious.

Ravenflight could see it, that glint in their eyes. How they curled around eachother. She had held such glints once, but they had either been lost, missing or replaced. The doe smiled gently and nodded at Herlas words then looked back out to the forest view before her.

In her minds eye she could see Rajan emerge from behind a tree, Gehirn would be happy and Feathercrest would be back to normal. She would much rather live in such a place.


“Me too” the doe smiled and nuzzled him gently. The doe could sense the blackbucks disdain. She would not force him to speak of it. Things would move on like they always had done, and the feathered doe would always be there for him.

The doe nodded cheerily at her friends remarks. Although the storm in her mind muted out all judgements, as she spaced and continued to nod and chuckle at Sektry. The doe would reveal her worries to her in time. For now, she would much rather forget them. Ravenflight gave Sektry a nuzzle Of course friend.”

((I'll help you along with

((I'll help you along with that Kate c: I'm really in a mood for a good RP so allow me to throw a couple of my characters in.))

The kirin left the pair as boredom grew and she figured to leave the little stag to his friend. It has been ages since the striped stag was within the presence of the feathered doe, three years to be exact and since before her death at the Pond over the assumed death of her mate, Rajan. He was there when she died....watched her jump into the blue in horror before he was too late to stop her. A single feather, one of Ravenflight's old ones, was dangled by a cord over one of his antlers tines. A real treasure to him-had it since he found one of the doe's feathers floating on the surface of the Pond after she shed them as she died. That feather he had since in remembrance to Ravenflight-always worn it except for his flight from the forest when searching for his former mate, Myu. Buried in the red soil under the cave for safe keeping, it was recovered recently after his recent second return to the forest.

The first return, he was a completely different deer-was hit by a truck and survived the collision but had forgotten his memories and who he was. Taken care of local veterinarians, he was rehabilitated until they released him into the wild. His vivid stitched scar on the forehead plus two long deep scars on his left shoulder, whisper the accident that molded him for the last three years. He came back to the forest under the alias of Boston and out of the loneliness and isolation, he left again. However, the second flight was better fated-he met Juniper and the two had became a traveling pair. While around the ageless kirin, he was healed from what would have been permanent amnesia. Juniper's unicorn magic was slow to work but gradually his memories were restored. He remembered who we was and the stag invited the kirin to come to the forest with him. The first thing Luis did when he has set foot into his former home was to recover the feather. Still safe after three years of being buried...it was as if the feather was enchanted. There were no signs of decay or aging and the colors were still very vibrant. A lovely trinket for a decent antler spread of 6 pointed antlers.

The feather doe stirred in her rest and within a minute or two the doe's eyes fluttered and she realized she wasn't alone. She had company-and it was one of her dear old friends from her younger days. A melnestic striped red stag-her old friend Luis. As the doe got onto her feet, the little stag was overcome with a mix of joy and bewilderment but with some effort, he s gave eye contact with his warm azure eyes into her odd green and turquoise eyes.

"Ravey?" He said with a smile....

((And feel free to RP this back c:))



A friendly nuzzle ensured Sektry that all was going to be fine. For now, at least. A friendly nuzzle from the feathered doe assured that.

"Well, if you ever need someone to talk to, you know where to find me."
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Ravenflight had been curled

Ravenflight had been curled gently under Rajans tree for some time now, letting the soothing noises of the pond lul her to sleep. The occasional willows tendril drifted across her pelt and stirring her feathers. The weather had gotten exceptionally colder and the earthy crunch of leaves could be heard; Autumn. The doe mused many things in her sleep. She had often wondered about those she knew long ago. Quamar, Scape, Luis, Seed and many others whose names were treasured in the recesses of the does mind. She wondered and worried about Gehirn, Virgil, Ephire, Dag. She worried about Rajan and mused Poltergeists children. It seemed an entire turn of the season had passed and familiar faces were seemingly scarce. For the first time in a long time, the doe felt old. But in her age she had mellowed, taking things with stoicism. She slept peacefully beside the pond, her cage. Uninterrupted and placid.

"Ravey?" a small voice toyed with her ears as it lulled her from her slumber. As the does weary eyes fluttered open, they affixed to a chocolate brown blur. It took her a moment to register, but she could recognise those stripes anywhere. "Luis..." the doe smiled gently. She remembered the kindly buck who had comforted her many times. Dangling gently from his antler was a feather of old. To her it was ancient history. It was that very history that was their middleground.

The doe smiled and invited Luis to sit beside her. The doe would not guard Rajans tree with Malice. She enjoyed the company, especially be it from a dear friend. "It has been awhile friend.."
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I'm glad you've come by. I

I'm glad you've come by. I enjoy your company.. and I hope all is well with you."
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Track~ Sorrel still wants to

Track~ Sorrel still wants to find her, haha
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I don't know why I haven't yet. ;; I always come back to nose around.
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Kaoori: It was nice to see

Kaoori: It was nice to see Kaoori that day <3 Ravey misses her
Freyja: Yessss. Hopefully I can get that plot moving again, so we can involve dear Sorrel Cool

"Well now! I never knew you

"Well now! I never knew you had a human face, too."
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"Of course I do! Its been

"Of course I do! Its been awhile since I've shown it."
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A small black doe, despite

A small black doe, despite her belly large with growing fawns, still moves with seeming effortless grace from her glade in the old forest , her dainty hooves travelling over the harder packed earth of the birch forest now, carrying her into the wide open, brightly lit meadows of tall grass. Drawn by the scent of a friend…and blood, she nears the spot where the other feathered doe lies. She cast a glance about, in case whatever has hurt her friend still lingers about. Herla knows nothing of Akuji. She knows not of the slain fawns. She has been happy and protected in her bubble by a doting mate, family and friends. But she knows bad things are out there and she will always remember to watch out for them. She senses nothing here now though, only her injured friend, and she quickly moves to the fallen does’ side. As she nears, she sees to her horror that Ravenflight is maimed. Her feathers torn from her head. Horrified, she pulls her gaze away from the spot where once beautiful feathers grew to take in the other grievous injuries. Tears threaten to spill from her ruby eyes but she stifles them. Time enough for that later. The small doe settles next to the other, gently. Carefully, “I’m here, Ravenflight,” she says softly into the other’s ear, not knowing if her words could be heard, but she would always speak, even to the unconscious, as words in themselves always held power. They could reach into the darkest of places. “I’m here to help you.”
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Ravenflight drifted in and

Ravenflight drifted in and out of conscious mind; dancing on a delicate plane of fracturing glass that would threaten to break beneath her at any given moment. Whilst she was badly injured, the does mind and heart was very much active and thriving. Ravenflight could feel the gentle sun dappled on her torn and sore hide and could feel the small pricks of dirt and twigs on her bare neck; for once, she could feel the breeze on it - burning. She gritted her teeth and inhaled deeply trying to correct her posture, but her strength would not allow it and she flopped back into the ground. Her mind panicked for a moment, wondering if she would ever be able to get back up. Would her feathers ever grow back? Ravenflight tried to lift her neck to get a better line of sight but could not, her vision straining to a small black frame walking towards her. Akuji? No. It moved far too gracefully for that. "I’m here, Ravenflight,” the sweet musical voice delicately swirled its way towards her, and at once she knew who it was. "Herla.." the does voice creaked wearily. Ravenflight tried to move again but couldnt, flopping back to the ground breathing heavily. Her eyes affixed to the canopy, the doe gritted her teeth and spoke between coughs and chuffs "I got him....I got him good.....He.. wont bother us now.." Ravenflight tried her best to smile, relieved that the forests finest healer and good friend was beside her. The doe tried her best to move closer to where Herlas voice was coming from, closer to where she was, but could only manage to shift her legs. "If only we could have met....at a more fitting moment...seeing me in this mess..." Her sentences began to meld together and did not make the most wondrous sense, and she continued to move, almost determined to continue on, to fight on. To protect.

But her body would not allow it for once. Not yet.
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It distresses Herla to see

It distresses Herla to see Ravenflight this way, the proud, strong doe now struggling to even lift her head to look at her, failing and falling back to the hard earth of the birch. The tiny doe seeks to comfort her friend by wrapping around her so the others head can rest on her side and she can clean the blood from her face and wounds.

"I got him....I got him good.....He.. wont bother us now.." , she says, causing Herla’s brow to furrow in concern and cast another glance around but they seem safe for now. “Shhh, shhh, you did well,” she soothes as she dabs at the wounds with herbal antiseptic balms imbued with numb root, packing the deeper wounds with poultices, broad leaves sealing them, supplies the medicine’s does has pulled from her feathers, for they are here apothecary as well as her ornament.

"If only we could have met....at a more fitting moment...seeing me in this mess..." says the doe as she shifts and moves as if she still must fight, Herla continues to try and a comfort her, “There is no more suiting moment for a friend to see you then at a time of need, don’t fret, there is nothing to fight here now,” she reassured though she continued to glance about to assure this was fact.

“What happened? Who did this to you?” she asks as she tends the spot on the back of Ravenflight’s head where once her beautiful feathers had grown, Herla feeling a twinge of pain in sympathy where her own feather crown sprouted.

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Ravenflight's breathing

Ravenflight's breathing became more gentle as Herla moves, allowing her head to rest on her side. She smiled, her ears ever so close to her belly. “Shhh, shhh, you did well,” Her muscles and skin twitch gently as the doe begins to tend to her wounds and Ravenflight grits her teeth on occasion, although she knew that this was good for her. Slowly but surely, some of her wounds begin to soothe whilst others feel numb, allowing Ravenflight's mind to clear as she thought back to what had occurred.“There is no more suiting moment for a friend to see you then at a time of need, don’t fret, there is nothing to fight here now,” Ravenflight managed to smile again as the doe relaxed more, although she could begin to feel something gathering in the depths of her lungs, making her breathing seem unclear. "What happened? Who did this to you?”

Ravenflight's breathing picked up again and her ears flattened; "I found him first...I used....the old language...." As she recollected blue plumes of smoke glowed brighter as they trailed from her eye and mouth. "And tore him apart." Through her gritted teeth she grinned and coughed slightly as her expression turned more serious. "He...he is..." Ravenflight begins to cough more now as if her body is rejecting something, and she can feel the lifeless, separated tar work its way out of her throat. "Murderer.....killer of unborn....infection" She coughed out a black sticky tar and her breathing calmed down again "Not infinity....Akuji. He wont come back here."

Ravenflights posture eased again, allowing her breath to catch back up with her. Her mind cleared, allowing her to ponder on other things. Her expression turned doubtful, her eyes glazed over as her voice turned sorrowful "Do you think they will....grow back?

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Herla felt relieved as the

Herla felt relieved as the injured doe stilled her delirious movements under her ministrations and seemed to become more comfortable, though her breathing had hitch in it that kept her worried. The doe spoke, answering her question, speaking of old languages, a blue smoke rising from her eye and mouth. Herla’s magic was not strong by many standards but she could sense where powered laid and even in this doe’s injured state, it emanated in waves from her, it touched Herla gently, warmly, but she had no doubt of its great power. Ravenflight spoke on, many of her words not making sense but some stood out starkly. Murderer.....killer of unborn....infection Herla’s eyes widened and her stomach rolled in that sickening way of a mother fearing for her children, a deep primal fear, that reached into the depths of her soul and threatened to make it break. “Children? But how? Why?” , she asked appalled. Again her glance went about her and she hunkered over Ravenflight and about her own belly, swollen with child. When Ravenflight’s breathing became more labored, Herla struggled to lift her head as she tried to cough something up. The black substance that oozed onto the forest floor made Herla recoil, the foulness hitting her senses, it’s evilness and taint triggering her revulsion. Akuji… Herla knew the name. Ephire had warned her of this creature. She had seen the oily thing in the forest that one day… she kicked dirt over the tarry substance in disgust, to block it’s taint.

Ravenflight was breathing easier now though and Herla turned her attention back to her suffering friend, setting aside her own worries for the moment. "Do you think they will....grow back? came her pathetic query now, for was she not, at the heart of it only a woman, just as Herla was only a woman, and not so easily separated from the marks of beauty? “Of course they will,” she answered gently, inspecting the ragged tissues at her crown, perhaps she was not even lying and they would. Even if they didn’t though, Ravenflight had a beautiful, long elegantly curved neck, “You will always be lovely.”

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"Children? But how? Why?

"Children? But how? Why? Ravenflights ears flattened and she spoke through gritted teeth as the wind teased at her neck wound "Why....why are there wolves in this forest? Her answer was more of a rhetorical question. Ravenflight watched as Herla kicked dust over the remnants of Akuji and she relaxed again. She chose not to answer as to how Akuji killed the fawns to not distress Herla; his sick tarred words still rang through her brain. "Justice in this forest runs on swift legs...He doesn't have long left now. Ravenflights struggles were finally catching up to her again as she began to drift into sleep, lulled by Herlas soft voice. She could only fathom a smile and a gentle "Thankyou" Before managing to curl her legs closer to her body and her head rest close to Herla.

Sleep, ancient warrior. Sleep now.
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The giant stirred in his

The giant stirred in his sleep, feeling a presence curl next to him. For a moment he didn’t dare to open his eyes, perhaps confused or, embarrassed he did not notice them approach in the first place. He should’ve gotten up, awoken from his slumber. He had not; Gehirn could be very lazy and slow.
But the scent. The scent would soon drive his eyes open to turn to look at his new company.
The first thing he knew was that it was a she, in fact, and that she was warm when she curled next to him. The second thing was that she smelled of the birch; warm, dried grass, dust. But soon it was mixed with metal and his head lifted in response; his friend, his angel was hurt. ”Ravenflight?”
The giant’s voice was still raspy with sleep when he addressed the doe. She was torn from her feathers, scabs and dried up wounds all over her body. He was about to stir again, address her, ask her what had happened when his mouth seemed to dry up and his throat got blocked. His stomach turned with an overwhelming guilt. Where was he?
Where had he been when she got hurt like this?

Hadn’t he always been there? Why not this time, who’s throat did he have to slit for doing this to her? The stag’s teeth clenched together at the thought. No, he cannot always be there. This forest was too unpredictable, and would again and again prove to be no safe haven for him and his family.
Gehirn lowered his head, resting his cheek against the wound on the back of Ravenflight’s head. The crusts were hard, pinching even and he tried not to bring any pressure to her wounds. His ears laid flat against his skull as a deep breath followed, sending the earth in front of him flying with the mist.

It was then he realized, staring at the dust particles dancing in the light, that she was still very alive. The raven doe’s heartbeat heavy against his chest. He had not lost her, not again. She was still here and he could now do his best to keep her there. Not have her hurt any further; that could be his goal now. For a moment, he snuggled a little closer to Ravenflight. Whispering apologies and hopes into her ear.

Sorry I couldn’t be there, sorry you had to face this alone, but I will be there from now on.

Ending with a gentle kiss on her scalp, where her feathers had been. She wouldn’t awake alone in this mist, her pillar, boulder and best friend would be there.
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I never did reply Mis, but I

I never did reply Mis, but I always love reading this.

I don't know if I've tracked

I don't know if I've tracked this or not, so have a heart.

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Oooh, look at the pretty new

Oooh, look at the pretty new art, Ravenflight is looking very lovely. <3
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That new art makes her look

That new art makes her look absolutely gorgeous! She looks so soft and gentle.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo

Oh my god, that new art of

Oh my god, that new art of her is gorgeous.
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Thank you guys! Her new art

Thank you guys! Her new art is definatley a favourite. Well overdue too seeing as she had minor design changes.

Updated her voice to a more current state, as well as adding a singing voice.
Ill need to do some more work on her bio as I get new commissions as well as updating some info. For now, Sterre is my main focus.

This. Is. Stunning. Laying

This. Is. Stunning.
Laying down some tracks!
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(No subject)

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Wow Dag, that's stunning.

Wow Dag, that's stunning.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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I tried adding you but I'm

I tried adding you but I'm not sure it went through....or that I have the right address XD Maybe Add me? Of you want anyway...
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@ Shi: Im fairly sure I have

@ Shi: Im fairly sure I have that email already....I have you on my list too, you were offline....
How strange. You aren't blocked my end either.
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What's your address? Maybe I

What's your address? Maybe I used the wrong one
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Edited everything finally. All up to date. Retyped her personality, her HISTORY (aaaahhh) and updated all the art and references.

Just waiting on a commission to finish it all off.
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All of this is so very

All of this is so very pretty. It's like my eyes are having an orgasm from colour. *_*
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Ugh, she's so beautiful.

Ugh, she's so beautiful. <3
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@ Verdy: Goodness, thats

@ Verdy: Goodness, thats always a good reaction ^^ Thankyou!
@ RikkaChan: Oh my, thankyou -blush- Im honestly proud of my old girl. She has been here a long time.


Went foraging through the harddrives today. MORE ART IVE MISSED. And I know Im still missing more....HAHAA
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You have every right to be

You have every right to be proud! Ravenflight is such a neat character. ^^ And looks very soft- wanna pet her.. >3>

"If I may ask, why are you

"If I may ask, why are you all alone, miss? It is quite a lovely evening, you know."
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The doe was caught unawares

The doe was caught unawares as the unsuspecting was happened upon by another, "H...hello.." Ravenflight turned her neck to spy the small doe that had approached her. She flicked her ears for a minute "Hello there, long tailed-one" she smiled "I must say you took me by surprise. I don't get many visitors anymore..." Ravenflight turned to face the small one properly "It is indeed. It's my favourite time of day. Who might you be?"

"It must be so lonely, I hope

"It must be so lonely, I hope you don't mind my joining you. Company is always good for the heart and soul. My name is Mai. What do you call yourself, miss?" The doe returned the smile, amused by her impromptu nickname. Decided to use "miss" again to refer to her, even though she already had before. It seemed fitting for the feathered doe.
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The doe remained quiet for a

The doe remained quiet for a bit, nodding indirectly before letting out a sigh and smiling "Indeed it is, small one. I do not mind at all." Mai. A beautiful name indeed "Mai, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ravenflight."
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"Hello Ravenflight! It's good

"Hello Ravenflight! It's good to see you. How are you?" Ourania nuzzled the doe's cheek.

Thank you for sitting with Oura ;u; ♥
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The doe smiled gently at the

The doe smiled gently at the does touch and nuzzled her in return, burrying her in feathers for a moment "Its good to see you too, Oura. It has been far too long." Ravenflights gaze looked out over the forest floor which was now coated with fine snow, "I have been well. I often keep to myself these days, the forest changes so much more when you stand still; I hardly know anyone here anymore. In my own home too?" She chuckled slightly "And you, Ourania? How have you been keeping?"
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Ourania nodded

Ourania nodded understandingly. "I know what you mean. It's sad to see familiar faces and friends go but you always hope to see them again. You're always welcome to visit me any time. " the doe smiled and shivered, shaking more snow out of her coat. "I've been well. Trying to keep my crazy brothers in line and stay warm." The doe laughed. "Neither of which are easy!"
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I think I forgot to end small

I think I forgot to end small font

"And you are always welcome to do the same." Ravenflight nodded. "It is the way of this place is it not? she spoke openly. Ourania spoke of family, she was not aware the doe had other family here. "Brothers? I did not know you had family here with you, I know so many who live here with no siblings. It sounds like a riot." she chuckled. In the back of her mind she thought of her older brother, Feathercrest. It was funny, the pain of his loss did not seem to hurt so much anymore. Perhaps one day she would tell others of his story. "Do you have other family here, Oura?"
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Yay I can see now |D The

Yay I can see now |D

The piebald doe smiled, relieved Ravenflight felt the same. She enjoyed the feathered ones' company. " It's not always the way of this place. It's sad others feel threatened by visitors. I don't understand it." she replied, looking forlornly across the forest. Blinking, she looked back at Raven when she mentioned her brothers and laughed. " Adopted brothers, yes. Marik, Ryou, Ryuu, and Toukan. Along with their family, Riza, Sakina, Hiroshi, and so on." she paused. " I have no biological family here, though. Do you? I feel like I know nothing about you." Ourania realized.
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Ravenflight nodded in

Ravenflight nodded in agreement at the does statement, and smiled when she mentioned her brothers. She knew of Toukan in a past life and had heard of a deer...Ryou...or was it Ryuu? She had heard of one of them through chatterings with Sterre. "Hmm hmm, sounds like quite a large family, must keep you busy!" Ah. Oura was also another drift-walker; one without family.

"Ah.. the doe paused. How on earth could the doe summise her grand an epic, more importantly unbelievable history. "I never really got to know my Mother or Father, but my older Brother helped raise me. In fact, he was the only family I knew. We..." she flattened her ears for a moment. "When I was older he became jealous over something I owned. We got into a big fight...haven't seen him since. But that was a long long time ago now." She smiled. Not Bad Ravenflight thought; It made the doe almost sound normal! "It isn't such a bad thing. I guess it was a chance to re-invent myself. If you look back far enough, I do an awful lot of it" the doe chuckled.

She probably sounded like a lunatic.
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" Indeed they do!" the

" Indeed they do!" the piebald laughed. Ourania's ears drooped as Raven talked about her family. " I'm sorry to hear that... It must have been somethin' really special." the doe said the last part somewhat to herself. " I was part of a normal herd back home. Mom, dad and a brother. Hunters didn't seem to care about them but they wanted my pelt... I was the only spotted one in my family." Ourania shook her coat again, to free the snow and bad memories. " Anywho, I'm glad to be here now. I feel safe." The doe laughed at Raven's last sentence. " I admit I don't know you very well, but I do sort of ...um... watch you now and then." Ourania looked away with a laugh. If she could have blushed, she would have. " I've always... repsected you I guess." The doe looked back up with a smile.

Oura you're so awkward *kicks*
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Nyuuu &hearts;

Nyuuu ♥