Ravenflight; The Queen of Changes

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Awoke on dandelion hill, and saw Leto in the distance. Leto sure had grown a lot. He had obviously journeyed and explored as she knew he would. Was joined by Rossamund, the small fey later. Was quite low in energy, the distance in time between where she was and where she is now drains her, so Ravenflight fell in and out of slumber. They passed few words between them, but Ravenflight had gotten more accustomed to feeling moreso than speaking - she had been silent for so long in this place, at times it felt unnatural to speak.

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^ holy shit sdflkgldjlsdjlgks

-pass out-





Sorry I had to...nice to see Ravey back in forest c: I think I had Juniper walk by her and Gehrin.
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Hello there Raven ^^ haha,

Hello there Raven ^^ haha, sorry if Nightmare appears to be quite strange tonight. He's wearing his 'enraged' set as I tend to call it (Usually he has the Peacock Antlers instead), him and Darcy got into a bit of a tiff which ended with him being exhausted and well down for the time being XD He'd be more prone to move away like this (Since he tends to seek Isolation) but he can't move that much haha

When he gets up and does the Gasp + Antler it's basically him coughing, shaking his head afterwards is him clearing his mouth of blood.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the help whit Corell's set, It lagged alot when I played in a window haha :'-] ♥
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Loljks HI THERE. Sorry if Ravey didn't respond. She was too busy cuddling her Gehirn, and a stranger deer was an unexpected presence.

@ Grave: I was wondering what was up with him XD. Thanks for letting me know!

@ Corell: I was glad to help. As soon as I saw her grown up I was ON A MISSION to help you m'dear. Hope to see you in Forest more often Cool
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I figured I would pop it up

I figured I would pop it up to let you know haha xD Since he's likely going to be wearing that set for the next couple of days at any rate until he calms down :> I saw Raven move off so I thought she got scared of what he was doing haha xD

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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You did? Haha. It was

You did? Haha.
It was probably me being bored. lol.

@Ravenflight-It's ok c:

@Ravenflight-It's ok c: Juniper was just passing through and just thought to say hi. Understandble that Gehirn, being protective of Ravey, chased her off. Misako told me he though she was a male LMAO. Perhaps their paths may cross again sometime Eye
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It was good to get a chance

It was good to get a chance to see Ravenflight in forest again. <3
Not sure if you recognised her or not, but the orca doe that joined you and Rowan yesterday for a little while was my Zerg. (Haven't used her in what... over a year and a half? XD)
Anyway... was a treat to see Ravenflight in forest. <3
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@ Zerg: I THOUGHT THE PICTO LOOKED FAMILIAR. Im sorry if Ravey did not respond. Either way, it was nice to see her again. I don't believe they met before, but I had heard a lot about her C:

If the unknown deer she's

If the unknown deer she's referring too was the one with the Crying Idol Pelt, Magpie Mask, and Butterfly Antlers, that was Jettem. <3
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Thankyou <3
I have a hard time remembering names, Ive just remembered your picto and character and whatnot. I will get there C:
It was nice to meet you guys!

I have a hard time

I have a hard time remembering some names and pictos too, haha. It was nice to meet you as well. <3

The sun cut a sharp light

The sun cut a sharp light over the horizon as it bled fiery red-orange light over the darkening landscape. Sleek insects skipped over the earth as they hummed and buzzed a melody only forest dwellers knew. Evening was setting in.

A stag ambled his way through the tall grasses as he watched the small bugs excitedly scatter at every step. Grass strands whipped and snatched his fur as he hastily walked. He slowed to a halt and surveyed the land.

Rajan lavished this time of day. The rich colors of the sky provided the forest with an atmosphere like no other. Fireflies lazily drifted past as they scattered themselves across the forest. A patch of magnificently red poppies danced in the breeze as it combed its way through the grass. He watched them sway. They were beautiful. They reminded him of something… Someone.

They had not seen each other in days. He wished to touch her luxurious coat of exotic blue, to groom through her extraordinary mane of feathers, and to gaze into her deep colorful eyes. She was the most beautiful doe he’d ever seen, and his love; Ravenflight.

He lifted his head high in the air and caught scent of many deer as a current of air waded by, but one was familiar like no other. He knew it was her.
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Dusk. It was the one time


It was the one time of day where Ravenflight revelled. Where the dusky crimson lights bathed the forest, shadows slowly grew to hide, conceal and cover the forest inhabitants. Many deer would slowly disappear from the open and linger deep into the forest signalling the end of the day. Crickets and frogs united in a great chorus, whilst Ravenflight curled up at her place in Idol View; lit by a faltering patch of sun and encircled by blueberries.

Shifting her legs slightly, her vibrant eyes scanned the weaving gully that led to the pond. She had been here before, many times in the past. Her mind raced back to a time with Rajan, where the pair danced in the thick fog down by the riverside. Exhaling, she looked at the empty space beside her. It had been too long since they last saw each other. Staring deep at the Idols poppies, her mind raced back to him. How the doe longed to see her love.

She longed to curl up beside him, to feel his warm embrace and protection. To look into his golden eyes, and see them staring back at her. He was beautiful. They had been torn apart from each other time and time again, but every time they defied all odds and found their way again. She was madly in love with him.

The wind churned the canopy gently, coaxing at her feathers, swaying the poppies with elegance. They always reminded her of Rajan. Raising her head wistfully, she caught a familir scent.
A scent of river, poppies and lands far distant. But it was more than that. It was a scent of Embrace, protection. Lingering through the forest like a tiger.

The doe flicked her ears and her eyes scanned the tree-line, Her elegant neck stretched upwards to look for him. Her heart fluttered at the thought...


He sat inside of a frozen

He sat inside of a frozen body for a moment longer, and then stirred his legs into motion. Faster and faster he was motivated to move, his heart drumming against his chest like a stampede of deer escaping from predatory eyes. The sound of his hooves scared all things in his path; doves, crows and frogs excitedly dodged and fluttered him as he moved closer.

Her scent was becoming stronger. He was getting closer.

Breezes of cool air escorted dozens of smells in Rajan’s direction, but one stayed constant; the one he knew like no other. His gate slowed to a walk as his eyes flickered around the landscape until they met an ocean of shining blue. Her fur was amazingly glossy, and it swung ever so gently in the breeze.

He ambled closer to where she lay.

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This time she could hear and

This time she could hear and feel him. The gentle chatter of frogs slowly faded off as a rapid drumming and shuffling echoed through the forest towards her. It was a welcoming beat, her eyes suddenly wide and alert, looking around for him, her heart fluttering again at the thought. Ravenflight’s eyes lit up, her blue eye suddenly glowing bright and alert, a trail of blue dust lingering off behind her. As she slowly stood to her feet to see where the dust had lingered, her eyes caught on to two glowing amber orbs in the distance. Shifting her focus, the doe now square on her legs stepped back. Please be you….


The stag stepped from the shadowy undergrowth, as the glowing hues hit has face and body; giving him form and figure. His sharp amber eyes stared deep at her, his usual brown fur seemed to glow with the afternoon sun. He was beautiful. Ravenflight did not dare unlock her gaze from him, as her elegant legs pulled her forward, Rajan too seemed to step forward.

The intense moment found themselves at each other side, as Ravenflight arched her neck around his, her feathery mane brushing over his face. They breathed deep, inhaling each others scents. He was everything.
She could feel Rajans warmth against her pelt. The blue does heart beat fast.

”I missed you…” the does words trailed off. She needn’t needed to speak. She did not want the moment to end. ”I thought I had lost you again…like all those times be-“ She stopped. She licked the back of Rajans neck caringly. They had a lot to catch up on.

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Sorry for interrupting X3

Sorry for interrupting X3
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^ MOODKILLER. Ahahaha but


Ahahaha but really.


-sprays Quad with a water

-sprays Quad with a water bottle-


Some of the best css I've

Some of the best css I've seen! Track ♥.

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Thankyou <3
Misako actually helped me construct the entire thing. Shes a goddess C:

Ooh, amazing work on the css

Ooh, amazing work on the css here!
Also an amazing character (:
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Even though you have

Even though you have gone,
thankyou Est <3


LOL, her Rut song. /chair

LOL, her Rut song. /chair dances
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Oh, I just listened to the

Oh, I just listened to the rut song *dies*

You rock! Sticking out tongue
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-strips to the rut

-strips to the rut song-

Thanks guys <3
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RUT SONG. /dances Oh my god

RUT SONG. /dances
Oh my god lol. ;o;

Everything alright? ;.;

Everything alright? ;.;
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alkjdoiwlaksdjf Why have I

Why have I not tracked this o_o
Gorgeous bio ^^
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I saw Ravenflight on the map

I saw Ravenflight on the map last night and tried to get in forest to visit her, but my connection was fail! ;_;

Urge to force Sektry to make

Urge to force Sektry to make a quip about getting drunk and making hungarians. RISING.


It was wonderful playing

It was wonderful playing around with you today, and the CSS here is fantastic. Hope to see more of her (:
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@ Ocean: YEAH BOY -dance- @

@ Ocean: YEAH BOY -dance-

@ Lex: Yeah...Im fiiine. Connection issues are a pain. And Ravenflight is not doing too good.

@ Bayleen: Thankyou <3

@ Sight: That makes two of us. Fail connection for me too ;A;

@ Hetrin: HOT LESBIAN SEX back and forth.
Oh opencanvas.

@ Kestrel: So it was Fikos who I met today <3333
I had fun!
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Awwwwww. ;_; *huggles

Awwwwww. ;_; *huggles Ravenflight*
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The little black doe lounged

The little black doe lounged on Red Hill, her gaze looking over the horizon without really seeing what she was looking at, doing a remarkable job at feeling calm despite a few unpleasant run ins just a bit before. There was a pool of inner calm that dwelled within her now, its glassy surface spreading out in all directions if only she turned her mind’s eye inward. It was there waiting for her. That’s the vision that played before her eyes now. And unending sea of glass, that nothing could disturb. A new found gift born from love. It brought peace. With a smile though, she saw Ravenflight approaching, she emerged from that inner pool and stood, greeting the fellow feathered doe warmly. “Twice in one day, I feel blessed!” she said sincerely. The other doe had departed suddenly while Herla wasn’t looking earlier that day and she had been left perplexed as to the reason why. “I hope you can stay a while,” she said inviting her to sit.
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Her wobbly pillars dragged

Her wobbly pillars dragged her close to red hill; the does mind still spinning from the previous events. It had been an emotional fuelled day, starting with a heated, heartfelt and sorrowful conversation with Gehirn. Ravenflight had learnt a lot about not only Gehirn, but her own feelings. She had revealed much to him, and in turn Ravenflight learnt of his growing affections for Herla. Then again, it was not hard. The feathered doe watched it happen right before her. Right on cue, the very doe stood atop the hill. Best forget everything...she isn't to know, Ravenflight thought. She enjoyed Herlas company. Herla was a sweet, kind doe. Loved by many. There were times when Gehirn would stay close to Herla, protect her, whilst Ravenflight stood in the distance, times when Ravenflight would feel jealous. In the past, Ravenflight would have made a fuss, instead she chose to ignore it. She would get over it. Ravenflight plonked down very quickly, near where Herla sat and smiled."You must forgive me...I have an awful headache" Ravenflight gritted her teeth and turned her head to face Herla "Haven't really been myself as of late...forgive me" The feathered doe thought back again, to her previous conversation and outbursts. There was a cloud that plagued the does mind. There were many. "I can stay awhile. I enjoy the company.... How are you?"

There were many things she wanted to learn. About Herla. About herself. Ravenflight would clear some clouds.

[blahrhahaha. Itll get better. So much I wanted to say, so much BABBLE]

Hi there Ravenflight :3

Hi there Ravenflight :3

It's little Athelia you led to the herd~

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The little black doe observed

The little black doe observed that something was off with the other. Ravenflight’s step was unsteady as she climbed the hill, her shoulders strained, a tightness visible around her eyes. She admitted that she had a headache and the black doe frowned, her fine brow arching in concern. “You look unwell. I can give you something to help with it,” she offered. “Stay and rest, it’s always the best remedy.” she smiled readily. To her question she responded, “Well. I’ve been well.” she paused as if contemplating that further before coming to a determination, “Yes, overall, I would say I’ve been…happy.” and here she frowned at Ravenflight again, people who were unhappy did not often care to hear of the joy of others so she quickly returned to an expression of concern. Besides, she did not like to speak of happiness, less the light of day sent it dissolving into a cloud that never was, “What is wrong Raven?



Grass and dirt crunched beneath glossy black hooves as Sektry made her way through the forest, walking at her own pace, moving as if to a beat that only she could hear. She stopped quite suddenly, focusing her gaze on something in the distance. A blue form streaked with white, a brown head crowned with feathers. Ah, she knew that form anywhere - Ravenflight, an acquaintance Sektry has been spending a lot of time with recently. Happy to see her friend, Sektry trotted up to the feathered doe.

"Fancy seeing you here!" Sektry called from but a few feet away. She hoped the sudden call would not startle the poor doe.
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@Sight: (LONG RP TRA


Akin to Herlas healing advice, Ravenflight rested and tried to calm her mind. The doe thought back to a time when she felt the most calm; curled against Rajan's warm body under a willow by the pond. Where the dappled sunlight filtered through leafy tendrils that teased their backs.
Calm. The little black doe spoke of her wellbeing, to which Ravenflight smiled. It was comforting to know that amongst all her own inner chaos, others had managed to achieve peace. Especially considering Herlas turmoils. "Good to hear" she spoke sincerely and calmly, a gentle voice that washed over a rocky shoreline. Despite Ravenflights attempts to compose herself, Herla could sense Ravenflights anguish, as the little doe asked what was wrong.
Crash. The waves broke and her mind was flooded with things she wished to say. There was so much. Movement. Chaos. Jealousy. Ravenflight shook her head quickly before breathing hard. She would explain everything. Perhaps this time, she would not leave upset. "There has been a few things...and no matter how hard I try to stand strong, it slowly rots away..." Ravenflight sighed "It feels like Ill never find stability. I can never keep what I want. Rajan is missing, and I cant love so-" Pausing to catch her breath. "I try, try to tell myself he'll be back. But he never is. He is always out of the forest. I miss him." Ravenflight realised that there was nothing Herla could do to fix the problem, no one could fix it. The doe exhaled. "Sometimes I feel like I made the wrong choice. What if I fell for someone else. What if he fell for me in return. Maybe that 'what if' could stay with me forever....But I guess I cannot change that."
Just tell her. Just tell her. Let it out.

"I spoke to Gehirn yesterday. He told me he has fallen for another."

@ Hetrin:
Ravenflight had been flighty as of late, as if some deep animalistic nature had creeped forward akin to the rut. The doe was alert, wired, yet still maintaing the graceful nature unique to Ravenflight. She trotted about occasionally, listening. Smelling. Sensing. Ravenflights ears flicked suddenly, as an earthy crunching of leaves and the soft padding of grass came closer. She whipped her hair back and forth her head to where the sound originated.

Ah. Why she could recognise the ram-like doe from anywhere. That stellar soul. "And here I was thinking you were about to claim me!" she chuckled and turned to nuzzle her kindly. "Fancy yourself." Ravenflight enjoyed Sektrys company, and had found a calm friend in her. "How have you been?"
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((Dang time zones, why does

((Dang time zones, why does this planet have to be so dang huge anyways? I’m always missing you in forest or on MSN! Sad At least with the bios we can still RP ^_^ ))

Herla watched as the other’s expression fell briefly into calm before seeming to crumple in inner turmoil right before her eyes at her concerned question. She listened attentively to her anguished friend as she related her woes. The black does’ eyes saddened at hearing Ravenflight’s grief over not finding Rajan, the thought of how painful that must be shooting through her own heart in sympathy, making the faint glimmer of tears appear at the corner of her eyes, “Ravenflight, I’m so sorry…I didn’t know.” she said in a whisper. When the other doe continued though, she found herself growing slightly confused, not understanding entirely what the other was saying. She wished she’d fallen for another? The other doe seemed to pause for a moment, fighting some inner struggle, wanting to tell her something but not able too? Herla kept her eyes trained on the other does’ face. Open. Inviting her to continue. She would listen as best she could, let her friend say what she needed to say.

When she spoke again, Herla could not help but feel surprised, it flooded her face despite herself. “He told you that?” she said, hesitantly. She still was not exactly sure what Ravenflight was trying to say either. But what she had with Gehirn was not something she had outright said to anybody as it was a confused matter with nothing set or for sure. And Herla found she could not bear the judgment of others on the relationship, though she knew it was no mystery to many. She’d been content to hold this gem of happiness concealed away in her own heart, hidden from the world and any that might harm it. It was too precious for that.



Sektry chuckled warmly, nuzzling the other doe back. "If I'd been a stag, I'd have claimed you long ago. She stepped back, allowing the doe her personal space again. "I've been doing well. Been keeping an eye on recent events and all. Getting acquainted with others. You know, the usual forest business." Sektry turned her head for a brief moment to see a pair of bucks prancing in the distance, no doubt up to mischief. Turning back to face the feathered doe once more, though, she realized something was a little bit different about Ravenflight. It wasn't something physical, but Sektry could not fathom exactly what it was. She decided that it was probably nothing to fret about for now, though.And yourself? How have you been doing?" She asked.
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Hey sorry for the late

Hey sorry for the late response from Quad, I was in a few IM chats so I wasn't looking at the screen. He was pretty happy to see Ravey sitting with him XD

"Ravenflight! Hey! I...I didn't see you there!", the fat blackbuck says while jumping up, startled.
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@ Quad: Hahaha it is alright.

@ Quad: Hahaha it is alright. When I saw Lex's deer standing still and later falling asleep I knew it was an IM C:

I WILL RESPOND TO ALL THESE RP POSTS tonight when Im curled up in bed C:
Sorry for the wait guys!

The warm glow of the forest

The warm glow of the forest washed in a pink glow seemed to make the forest sleepy. At the edge of the Birch Forest, in the grassland within it, two creatures walked side by side with eachother, almost in synch. A little melanistic red stag and a lunar kirin, usually silvery in color, now a warm pumpkin hue for the fall season. This is their haunt, their home, their territory. A little family-an unbiological mother and son. While most times they lead separate lives, this is one of the few occasions they crossed paths and now in union as a family.

As the kirin lead the way with her large raven-like feet making a little trail for the tiny stag, she spotted a shape out in the red grass-a blue shape. It was a doe...one that both had seen around at times, though she was more than a stranger to the little stag.

"It's Ravenflight..." Luis stated walking to the side of the dragon, wary of how close she is coming towards the doe, only to fully stop when the little stag said a peep.
"You know her, Luis?" Being a general newcomer by meeting Luis out in the world and being brought to the forest by him as a travel buddy, she knows that Luis, once his amnesia from being hit by a pickup truck faded and he gradually got his memories back, had met a number of deer and had been friends with those who he remember the names.

"Yes, Juniper...she was an friend of mine long ago. Poor girl been through alot...glad to see she's still around and things here."
The little stag walked toward the feathered doe, and sat next to her warm body. With the chill of fall in the air, he thought he can be a gentleman and share some of his heat to make her slumber more comfortable. Like a mother watching her son play in the distance, the kirin laid down at where she stopped on her path, her coat blending to the reddish hues of the earth and grasses around as she watched her friend keep the doe company

((OOC-and yes they were actually both online at the same time, I had to kick one of them off because having two windows was overworking my laptop and I didn't want it to bluescreen. But yes...she was there watching Luis keep Ravey warm. And yeah...and soon I gotta go to bed-early day tomorrow and I'll need my coffee if I were to stay up to 2 am))
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This is such a beautiful bio

This is such a beautiful bio ♥
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I've always loved this

I've always loved this character...
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@ Sighthoundlady:

Ravenflight simply smiled. There was not a lot anyone could do to rectify the situation, all she could do was remain calm “Its alright Herla, I’ll manage” she spoke softly and arched her neck over to nudge her gently. “Thankyou though” Ravenflight’s world was always seemingly crumbling apart, small cracks sometimes appearing on the edges, but every time a familiar face would manage to pull her through. Ravenflight observed her friends face clearly, and could see her change in expression despite her desires to hide it. The doe nodded calmly “He did. In turn I told him many things too, things which ultimately upset the pair of us. I’ve known Gehirn a long time…” The doe paused as a lump began to form in her throat as the doe thought back to her argument with the pillar. “…I was a lot younger then. We both were. And in the past, I held feelings for him…and for awhile, I thought still did.” The doe lowered her head and sighed ”But I realise that…It’s too late for that. He doesn’t want to be that. And I don’t think I want to be either.” Ravenflight realised how absurd this would have sounded to Herla. She turned to face the little black doe, the wind teasing at her feathers slightly “Gehirn is many things to me….a friend, a brother, a father” she paused and spoke in a doubting, curious tone “lover?”. Ravenflights blue eye became more vibrant and intense the longer she spoke. “He is many things to me, and he has been there throughout many of my hardships. As I have for him” Her voice turned softer, “So you will understand why I want you to never take him for granted.

Don’t hurt him like I have.”

@ Hetrin:
Ravenflight eyed the two bucks crashing through the forest growth, chuckling slightly. Ravenflight thought back to her carefree younger days when personal space was a myth and peace and quiet was a sin. Where did those days go? the doe thought. ”Ah yes, this is your first rut isn’t it?” The doe did not know a great deal about her new friend, nor why she reminded her of the stars. It made her heart pang. ”Truth be told, its my first rut too..” the doe whispered humorously. ”All this silly fighting nonsense. Although, I don’t mind watching it to be quite honest. And they all love us” Ravenflight puffed up her feathers and smiled. The ram-doe asked Ravenflight how she was going. Oh how Ravenflight could have responded. There were many things plaguing the doe, as storm clouds slowly gathered in her mind. ”Ive had a few…scares. A few arguments. A few bumps in the road” The doe looked out to the pond, to the willows. There is a space in the grass where you used to sit the doe thought to herself. ”My mate Rajan has been missing see, I don’t really know when he is coming back” Her words trailed off. ”But ah, there is no need to dwell on that, Ill be fine!” Ravenflight spoke in a joking tone, egging on Sektry in the way a sister would ”So. Any deer taken your fancy this rut?” Ravenflight chuckled.

@ Quad: ”Quad! Hahaha its quite alright. I haven’t seen you in awhile! How have you been?" The doe slowly standing up, staring and smiling at her dear friend.

@ Lex: I wont reply to this one because I think this is a beautiful story and it doesn’t even need my silly words. I really enjoyed seeing Luis today, made me think of all the times back in the day <3
Are you planning on playing him more in the forest? AND DOES HE STILL RAVE RAVENFLIGHTS feather necklace? I ask because I…may need his help with something in the not too distant future Smiling

@ Munkel: Thankyou so much <3

@ Sao: It means a lot coming from you. I have always admired Sao and your newer character from afar
Calling you Saosin is too mainstream. Ill keep calling you Sao, like those nice crackers.

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((There’s some time paradox

((There’s some time paradox beginning to happen here due to some conversations Herla had with Gehirn but I’ll just back Herla up time wise and make it work for this conversation XD Alternate reality GO! ))

Herla knew that Ravenflight had known Gehirn far longer than she had and that they were close, something that had always made her a bit jealous, a feeling she tried hard to suppress, considering the fellow feathered doe a good friend. When Ravenflight delved a bit deeper into what that relationship had entailed and what it meant to her, she found it very hard to take, even though it was something she had suspected all along. To hear it spoken…galled. The doe struggled to conceal the tenseness around her eyes and mouth and the tumult of emotions that swirled in her now. Ravenflight was her friend, she was suffering, and clearly there where things she needed to tell Herla, the doe tried to rein in her own varied feelings to listen. She saw the fire in the other’s eyes as she spoke of the great Irish stag, a fire she only too well recognized herself. He was a powerful figure who had touched many lives with his strength of spirit and a personality that seemed able to evoke adoration in the hearts of others, things that she loved about him but at the same time made her aware that she was not the only one who was drawn to that flame. And perhaps not even the last. Herla was a strong willed doe that had a good sense of who she was and a rock solid security in herself. Well almost rock solid. There were those that could shake that. And had.

When Ravenflight delivered her final words, Herla paused for a long moment, before closing her eyes and giving a solemn nod. Opening them again, her ruby eyes met those of the other doe, “I love him…” she found herself saying, “Something I hope will bring him strength. I hope…I pray…that it will never harm him.” she said the last part in a whisper, even then worried that the very thing she hoped to avoid…harm…was just what she was doing. That she was hurting him in a way she should have been strong enough to avoid, never admitting her feelings for him, knowing what voicing those feelings could mean for him. For the decision she was forcing him to face. Would the Gods ever forgive her?