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"Even with these cracks, it resembles how it once was. Maybe someday, it'll be like we never broke it."

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7/22: new beginnings


Physical: 100%
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Physical: 100%
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Physical: 100%
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Forest Updates:


Physical: 100%
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Forest Updates:

Feel free to interact with any of them here!

TRACK, mrah hah hah. ...

TRACK, mrah hah hah.

... your CSS is always so beautiful, seriously. I love your pages so much.
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Omgg, thankyou, Rabus!

Omgg, thankyou, Rabus! ;u;
You're such a lovely person ♥

Tracks because I love this.

Tracks because I love this.


Oh you know I am all over

Oh you know I am all over this. ♥
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Thank you so much, gaissss!

Thank you so much, gaissss! TuT

Update 11/6: Officially added STUFF!
Man, I'm learning so much css from this.
I want it on the record that I used Iaurdagnire's bio as a model. I did, however, try to make the concepts I saw my own. I hope I succeeded XD;;


Shocked.... <~twack~>

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*chews on* >u< &hearts;

*chews on* >u< ♥

Perhaps Ryff could interact

Perhaps Ryff could interact with Phylux? *issoboredrightnao*
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Go for it~! >u<

Go for it~! >u<

Ryff waded into the pond up

Ryff waded into the pond up to her chest, dampening her grey pelt from a silvery colour to a shining quicksilver. Her Whistling Mask's fronds blew in the wind while she eased into the warm water.


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Ryff; You don't need to bump it~ I check all of my own topics daily, so it doesn't need to be on the front page for me to see it~ X3


Phylux absent-mindedly peeled leaves from the willow he rested against, working them around in his beak. It had been a slow, cool day. A group of fawns (Phy always wondered where their parents were, during times like this) pretended to fight nearby, using antlers that would quickly fade into flowers on their heads.

The wind whistled over the water, kicking up small waves onto the grassy bank. And then, something larger disturbed the pond. The waters rocked gently back and forth. His ears perked as he searched for the cause. There were few predators here, but one could never be too careful.

Ah, just a doe. He relaxed, dropping the leaves he'd collected into the water below.

Shaku~ would you mind if I

Shaku~ would you mind if I roleplayed with Phylux? *pokes his fluff*

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I wouldn't mind a bit~! XD I

I wouldn't mind a bit~! XD I love it when people ask me to roleplay, since I'm usually too shy TOO BUSY(? haha) to ask myself, haha~~

Pffft, I do the same thing >(

Pffft, I do the same thing >( I feel like I intrude on their time somehow

Sunlight filtered through the trees, a warm breeze teased at the frost-bitten stag as he walked. He threw his head up into the sky and the two golden horns he had for antlers unfurled toward the light like flowers. Paix closed his eyes, enjoyed the breeze, and hoped that it would not snow. He had had enough evenings dashing to and fro in search of a bare place free of snow, and he didn't want to think of the tree...how crowded might it be then? Happy, for once, he trotted past the golden glow of the birch trees in search of entertainment.

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Kitty; Lol, exactly

Kitty; Lol, exactly XD;;


Phylux didn't particularly feel like moving. He vaguely remembered winter, the word dancing across his memories like a shy fawn. His fur fluffed up around him, making him seem larger than he normally would, as he made his way across the forest floor. Dead leaves and twigs cracked underfoot.

Walking didn't help much. Tossing his head, he worked himself into a lazy trot, trying to get his blood pumping, eyes squinting as the breeze whipped against his face. The ground began to glow as the trees turned from pine to birch, letting more sunlight through their thin leaves. He stopped in a patch of light, panting slightly from his small bit of exercise.

For a second Paix thought he

For a second Paix thought he saw a snowflake floating across the earth...but dismissed the thought quickly. Unless it was an unusually large and furry snowflake. Curious, he stood against a tree and watched the large figure come closer though it didn't seem to see him. The horns on his head closed themselves quickly, and he stretched his neck over the grass to see better.

Beak, he noted as he lowered out of sight in the grass; there would be no taunting this deer. Paix raised his head again and noticed that the great deer had stopped, and wasn't on guard.

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Phylux pawed the ground,

Phylux pawed the ground, scooting pebbles and twigs out of the way, and picking at the few pieces of grass that were still alive amidst their fallen brethren. When the space was sufficiently cleared, he lowered himself into it, sniffing at the air with pleasure. Yes, this was the perfect spot. Absolutely perfect.

The breeze changed direction, bringing with it a new scent. His ears perked, and his eyes shot around the clearing. It was a deer. A buck, perhaps, although the scent was oddly vague. The fur on the back of his neck stood up. This place was definitely perfect, but it wasn't worth a spat.

After a few minutes, he caught a small movement, his keen eyesight honing in immediately. A spot of purple amidst the grass. Had it seen him yet? He remained still, watching closely.

Paix crouched low in the

Paix crouched low in the grass as he approached. The deer made himself comfortable, lying in the sunlight, without thought of the threats that could be coming his way. Too easy He started moving quicker, pausing at the edge of grass with as poor a sense of stealth as a deer could have. He let out a small clicking noise of surprise when he realized that the stag had seen him. The horns on his head bloomed out as an automatic sense of camouflage hiding his head in two brilliant large flashes of gold. He crouched low, held his breath, and squinted ahead. If he was lucky, perhaps the stag would get up and charge.

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Two large flashes of gold

Two large flashes of gold blossomed into the grass, and Phylux squinted against the reflected light. What was that? It was a deer, right? Wasn't it? He began to question his initial observation, sniffing the air nervously and puffing up his fur--which had settled when he lay down a moment earlier--to make himself seem larger.

As it was, he had two choices: If this was a deer, he didn't want to spend the next hour of otherwise enjoyable time staring it down. If this was a predator, he could stand up and fight or flee. He was fast, but not the fastest, and strong, but not the strongest. Either option had its cons.

He would have to see the threat, and then judge it.

He rose to his feet, resisting the urge to toss his head. Stay calm, Phy. No violent gestures unless they're explicitly called for. He let out a low, crackling call, attempting to flush the creature from its spot.

Shaku~Do you know the song

Shaku~Do you know the song Angelicus by Delerium?

Startled by the call, Paix looked up from his hiding place, fighting the urge to run. Closer, come closer. He shook his head and felt his horns close up. The stag seemed calmer than most, who would come charging at his little display. He backed away a bit, weight on his hind legs, preparing to spring up when this large fellow came close enough.

Edit: ohh, brown

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Ooooh, no, I didn't *u*

Ooooh, no, I didn't *u* Purdyy~ Qvestion: is your deer still neither male nor female (as it says on his profile), or is he decidedly male now?


Phy let out a sigh of relief. It was definitely a deer, although some of the "deer" around this place were still something to be cautious of.

He was, however, growing less and less cautious. This beast didn't even stand when called. Obviously, he wasn't protecting territory, or he would've faced the threat head-on. He wasn't planning a sneak attack, or he would've retreated when discovered. No, this deer was probably just shy. Phylux felt his protective instincts kick in. He dropped his head slightly, shaking off his excess nerves, and let his fur fall back down.

:3 Your background made me

:3 Your background made me think of it. ~He is still genderless, I just can't bring myself to call it it...maybe I'll make him male and he'll be bi xD

Paix waited and then flattened his ears to his head. Whatever the puffing up of fur meant, he had no idea. In fact, it only made the deer look more like something soft and easy to take down. He backed away when the fur flattened and its head dropped. It was hard to wait until this deer got closer...and so Paix took the chance to jump.

(late reply is late) Ryff

(late reply is late)

Ryff felt a pair of eyes on her and turned her head to find the source. An odd looking-buck, with a beak instead of a human face or even a snout. She tilted her head curiously and waded out of the water onshore where she sat in front of the strange stag.
"'Ello," she spoke gently, her Russian accent clear in her words. "'Aven't zeen you 'round de forezt, are you new 'ere?"
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Yeah, that makes sense XD I

Yeah, that makes sense XD I did the same thing to my genderless char a long time ago~
Also, I love how the bird part of Phylux' body language isn't understandable to Paix, haha.


Phylux had settled into a nice, non-threatening pose, hoping to draw the deer out of its hiding spot. If he was lucky, he might be able to draw it over to the sunny spot and gain some body warmth, as well.

He certainly wasn't prepared for what came next. Suddenly, a deer was hurtling toward him through the air. Phylux lowered his antlers, shocked, and steeled himself for the blow he knew he couldn't dodge.

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Ryff; Late replies are fine

Ryff; Late replies are fine XD That's what message boards are for~

Phylux looked up at the doe as she took a seat in front of him. She was pleasantly outgoing. He smiled at her, eyes narrowing under the force of it, as her thick accent broke across her words.

"New enough, I suppose. I feel at home, but there are many faces that are still new to me. You have been here a while, then?"

She was quite fascinated with

She was quite fascinated with him, his bird-like smile pleasing and curious.
"Oh yess, been 'ere my whole life." Ryff swiveled her ears forward. "Iye nevar truely knew my moother..." She smiled under the mask.
"Ennywey, Iy'm Ryff."

I think I'll just do that

I think I'll just do that then.
He was supposed to be made up of butterfly wings and the spirits of a few not-so-bright forest creatures(overactive imagination is overactive), but that plan was botched after I tried to sketch it out

Paix twisted away from the sharp tines in frustration and landed instead on the stag's back, balanced himself a moment, and then scrambled onto the ground. He reared and just barely reached the Phy's beak with his hooves. Then, feeling accomplished, he backed away, only to spring again for the antlers hoping to get a grip.

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_____________ |

| ----------------- |||"""\__
| ___________ l||_____|<

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Ryff; "That seems to be the


"That seems to be the case of most fawns," Phylux said sadly, again turning his attention to the group nearby. "I wonder why..."
He drew his gaze back to her, smiling again, "Ryff? I'm Phylux. Or Phy. Or Lux. You have been here your whole life? I've never heard an accent like that, although I suppose there are many residents who cannot explain themselves." A crow-like laugh burst from him, as if this were funny, instead of simply disturbing.

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gurgelin; LOLOL TRUCK. What's

gurgelin; LOLOL TRUCK.
What's the bit at the bottom? >u> A squished person?

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Kitty; Woah, yeah XD That

Kitty; Woah, yeah XD That would be a huge pain to draw, haha~


Phylux felt the weight land squarly on his back, but it wasn't as dramatic as he'd expected. The weight rolled off to the ground, hooves pattering against the hard dirt, and Phylux turned to face it, more surprised and alarmed than frightened. He was too shocked to be frightened. It was like being attacked by a bird, fast and fierce, but not incredibly painful.

When the deer came back for a second "attack," Phylux decided he'd had enough. Since his antlers hadn't worked before, he'd lash out with something that had much better aim. He snapped forward, clamping his beak shut with an audible click, avoiding making physical contact that could easily lop off an ear or chunk of flesh. He wanted an explination before he bloodied his foe.

That idea wasn't going to last long, however. His patience for the buck was wearing thin.

//oh guess what more

//oh guess what more lateness! xD

Ryff couldn't help but chuckle along as she heard him laughing, for it was an odd sound indeed. She stole a glance at the fawns as well.
"Nize to meet'chu, Phy." She nodded, then looked at him again.
"Jeeze, Iye cennot believe 'dat Iye 'aven't zeen you before. You aren't like enny other deer Iy've met!"

I caught the late bug

I caught the late bug Shocked

Paix closed his eyes and sank as low to the ground as he could, wondering what might become of his head and beloved antlers after such a beak had snapped them away. The horns on his head had bloomed large enough to droop over head and ears in an effort to keep out of the way of damage. He stayed this way for a few seconds, and upon decision that he was safe, opened his eyes and looked up nervously.

He gauged his chances of running with those of fighting and decided that he might never be truly safe until this deer was happy and fluffed up again. Paix leaned toward Phy curiously, forgetting for a moment why he was there, and sniffed at the stag's white feathery fur. He must be warm this winter, The buck thought and then looked up to ask--but then remembered what he'd been doing. It was a wonder that he hadn't been kicked yet.

"You don't try kill me?" He asked, backing away cautiously.

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Ryff // "The pleasure's

Ryff //

"The pleasure's mine," he cooed happily. At the next bit, Phylux cocked his head, unsure of what she meant. He had no mirror to see himself, and the pond was feisty with his reflection. "Oh?"

Kitty //

The creature had... odd appendages on its head. This was the first thing Phylux truly grasped. They seemed to be antlers of some sort, but they looked utterly useless for fighting. He wondered absent-mindedly what their purpose was.

All of these thoughts were, of course, in between the greater surprise at the deer's odd actions. Now it was... cowering? Crouching? Readying itself to spring again? Phylux clicked his beak once more for good measure, the sound springing into the trees and echoing once back again.

It was rising. Phy's muscles tensed. It... sniffed him? Phylux pawed twice at the ground, legs straightening, making himself tall. Such a comfortable action from a would-be foe? What was going on here? It made him nervous. Once again, he was taken by surprise. The first words.

You don't... try kill me? Phylux ruffled the fur-length feathers coating the back of his neck, causing his neck to look somewhat thicker than normal.

"The only one trying killing is yourself, friend," he snapped harshly.

Paix stared for a long

Paix stared for a long moment, tilted his head to the side. He didn't hear the stag very well, but his tone sounded somewhat angry. How was this when it hadn't put very much effort to hurt him? Its fur was thick again, from ear to shoulder. A new greeting? Paix pawed the ground thoughtfully. No... The stag must've been confused, not annoyed. Perhaps it hadn't understood.

He shook his own fur ceaselessly until he could feel air touching his skin in warm little bursts of wind. Then Paix stretched his neck, tried to meet the stag at eye-level, and snapped his teeth together to mimic the noise of the snapping beak. Whatever it all meant, he wanted to show that he understood.

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huhu -tracks- &hearts;

huhu -tracks- ♥
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Munkel, you're so delightful.

Munkel, you're so delightful. One of my absolute favorite people on the interwebs. ♥

Kitty; I'm totally gonna reply in a bit, haha~

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Nah lol >///< you make me

Nah lol >///< you make me blush here.
I have to say that you became one of my most favourite peeps here as well x'3
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Lolll, noo X//D My turn to

Lolll, noo X//D My turn to blush, haha. Silly Munkel~
And now it's just going to add to the creepy, but I really like your new(?) sig. The legs are particularly graceful.

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Fff &hearts; Ah thank you,

Fff ♥

Ah thank you, well it's from a pic I drew some time ago x'3 not really new but not old either : )
And it's just... lines >_>

BUT I LIKE YOUR SIGS SO MUCH, seriously x'D well the original pictures of them as well homg ;;
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I think lines can be really

I think lines can be really powerful >u> One of my favorite t-shirts has just these really sketchy wings on the back. Nothing "finished," but still really special.

Omgthankyou XD;; I'm so glad to have found a style I can actually resize and have look decent, haha!

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-sneaks in- Er... Do you mind

-sneaks in-
Do you mind me looking at the source code of this page for certain things (mostly how to put pictures into a background/comment borders)? I promise my coding won't look a thing like yours. ♥

The coding on this page is beautiful, by the way. o_o -licks it-
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Munkel; &hearts; X3 ocean;

Munkel; ♥ X3

ocean; That's fine XD I think it's nearly impossible here to create css from scratch, especially since you're having to change already-designed css instead of simply creating your own. Much more complicated >>;; So yeah, take whatever you need~

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Ffff, thank you! The comment

Ffff, thank you!
The comment border thing was especially helpful.
-licks page again on the way out-
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No prob! XD I think it was

No prob! XD I think it was very polite of you to ask~

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Kitty; Phylux blinked as the


Phylux blinked as the deer snapped back at him, shocked. For a moment, he'd thought his warning was having an effect. Apparently he was wrong.

Still, the deer didn't seem to be doing it in cold blood. It just seemed... ignorant. Well, Phylux had more than enough patience for ignorance. It was maliciousness that frustrated him most, and the deer's eyes seemed devoid of that.

"You are a rude little fellow, aren't you," he fussed, but if his words were cruel, his tone certainly didn't match. It was practically a chuckle.

first: this CSS is amazing!

first: this CSS is amazing! <3

im not sure if you have read cadaver's biography but he is indeed a dragon stag and stands roughly 10ft tall when his neck is stretched out all the way. he has all the powers of a dragon and is very very intimidating. im sorry that cadaver ran through the antlers, and im terrible about updating his health status, today i have been playing him today as though he is injured though. i'll go ahead and change his health status right now. again im sorry.