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Two boats docked beneath the moonlight.

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10 . 8 . 11

The red forest. The birch forest. I've never liked it much here, where my green plumes stick out like a sore thumb and the ground snaps and pops beneath my hooves, but I go where he goes.

Xetkal... I'm so happy to see you. I'll pretend I don't remember your disrespect the last time we spoke. But I haven't forgotten. And who is your friend? So lovely... So polite... How on earth did you manage to catch her?

The great mushroom circle beside us crackles and booms... I don't like it, but Mattie, sweet Mattie, says that it's for playing. It's fun! ...Hmph, fun like fermented fruit. It fooled me for a moment, I'll admit. It had me going. I even leaped across it's lines once or twice, and felt the forest shrink around me. For a moment, Mattie was so small! And then... the fountain. That's where you made your mistake, Drinkplatts. I see through you now. A sip from the fountain, a small sip, and..... a squirrel! To think, I fell for it! Foolish! But I'm wiser now. It looms close by, but I'm watching.

I dare not fall asleep.

4 . 23 . 11

So long since anything truly wonderful has happened. Mattie is a constant pleasure, but the rest of the world steams and bubbles with negativity.

Today, however... today was different. The forest gave me a day of respite. A day of happiness. Sweet Rire, who dances on his hooftips in circles around us so quickly that I can't help but join.

And then, the lovely little one... the tiny fawn Evangeline...

Awakens some dull want in me that I can't... I won't... describe.

Something I know I'll never have.

But I'll have her for today. Seek her out tomorrow.
Enjoy her as long as I can.

2 . 7 . 11 | Later

Warmth never lasts. Pretty soon the cold soaks through and places that should be warm give you frostbite. The stupid doe was usual. Stupid, casting on one of Mattie's bucks. We told her and she laughed.

Stupid, but normal.

Such guilt for making you leave, Mattie... So the second time, I assured myself I wouldn't give up. She would leave... running, limping, or dragged across the filthy ground.

Stubborn doe. So exciting when Ravus stepped into view, her antlers shovels to scoop out the filth. The doe lashed with sharp hooves, badly placed, but dangerous. And did Ravus help? Did Ravus rush in and save the day?

No, stupid Ravus sank deeper. Her mind rots. Her loyalty rots. I have no use for such a deer. No loyalty for those without.

You could've just left, Ravus. You could've left. You could've done nothing.

Why did you have to bow? Why nuzzle? Why greet her? Why love her?

You are less than nothing. Less than the filthy doe.

I'll cry for you today and be done with it.

2 . 7 . 11

Cold on one side, but I'm so warm. Warm and happy and covered by a thin layer of the heavens. It should melt, but doesn't, resting on the tips of my winter plumage and providing yet another layer against the cold.

But even if the ground were ice and the wind crawled through my bones...

...I'd be warm ♥

1 . 3 . 11

Ravus the tank. I'll forgive her awkward greeting if she lets me hide beneath her belly. Mattie's scent lingers in the air. Not strong, but soft, like a ghost of him hanging in the breeze. I know better than to chase it, as tempting as it feels. Ravus leads me to the source... a deer with kind eyes. I like him. The ghost of Mattie hangs on his pelt.

But before I can get any closer, the fiend appears, a splash of blue fire on the landscape. Ravus is strong and sweet, and nothing else. How can a fortress protect you if its walls keep shifting? The scent of Mattie is strong in the air, and I find that I've taken refuge beneath... achk! The stranger!

My hooves bite at the ground as I make my escape. This way, that way, to the gods, to the trees. Mattie, where are you?! Ravus makes me feel safer, but does little to calm my nerves. I want my gray knight! The fiend reappears, cloaked in a body even more vile than her normal appearance. Ravus' affiliation with the beasts makes me question her resolve to protect me against them... After all, she is a squirrel demon herself, when the moon is full and the air reeks of decay. (Or, sometimes, when the sun is high and the flowers are blooming... but still...)

Away again, to safer ground, leaving the fiend. Leaving Ravus. Leaving security for nothingness. The old oak is unapproachable... another beast caws at me from the entrance. Away again! To the trees!

The ghost of Mattie becomes thicker, stronger. So strong, it cannot be a ghost... can it? Is it... please, let it be... MATTIE! My hero! Always there when I need him most! Into the trees, into the flowers, which smell like sweetness and him.

A cocoon even stronger than the bark barrier of the old oak...

A whole world that smells of Mattie ♥

12 . 19 . 10

I awake today to find Mattie bloodied... My beautiful Mattie! His beautiful gray coat! I pick out the tangles and cleaned his wounds as best I can, but my blood still boils. Ravus' voice comes rolling across the hills. Strong, sturdy Ravus. If my gray knight is bloodied, I'll place us both in her care.

Too soon. Ravus is strong, but stupid. That is not Rire! You lay beside him like a friend, but he isn't! See? He doesn't bow. He doesn't greet! He shakes his antlers at me! I know Rire. That isn't him!

But you can't or won't understand. Fine! I'll drive you away, trusting Ravus. But my foot slips, and into the pond I go! Don't look! I'm ugly! My gray knight gives me the white glow, but a new foe lies in our path. A small, dark foe with beady eyes. Sniff... sniff...

A bright light! WHAT IS THIS?! The world is HUGE and Mattie is so far away! The earth topples on either side of black, beating wings that aren't mine! Mattie, Mattie! But my voice is high and stings my ears with flashes of the world around me. Away, away to a tree! My refuge! Mattie, the world is so cruel today!

But you pull me out and introduce me to a tiny white one with sad eyes. He soothes my nerves before he leaves, and you lead the way back to the hollow tree.

I follow with a heavy heart. I should not leave my friend with that impostor, but the pond is full of danger. Ravus is stupid, but strong. She can take care of herself, and I don't trust her with my Mattie right now.

12 . 11 . 10 || 11:00pm

Wench! Curl! Hag! Get away from my Mattie! Get away from me! Don't look so sad, you creaton! I can see the trick in your eyes. I'm not a fool. I don't know what your game is, stupid girl, and I don't care. You may be fast, but if you keep this up, you are bound to make a mistake.

And I promise, I won't let it slip by unnoticed.

12 . 6 . 10 || 5:00 am

I don't care that it was an accident. I don't care that you meant it for her. I don't care. I don't care.

Stop making that face. I'm the one who should be upset. At this rate, my heart will forgive you before my mind is ready.

11 . 19 . 10 || 9:00 pm

Such a lovely day. After my usual daily prayer to the Twin Gods, I stumble across a fawn kind enough to play with me. Mattie, did you come soon enough? Did you get to see? We played! A fawn played with me! It ran away, but before! We even almost danced! ...Almost. But I could feel it coming.

That's okay. I don't need fawns now. I feel foolish, but... you will play with me, yes? Today, the chill! The cool breeze! I can barely contain myself! Yes? Yes, we can play? Over there! No, here! Here!

...What's this? This rock... I like this rock. It's so beautiful and flat. Did you know this rock was here, Mattie? Did you? I wish it were in a darker spot. I feel so strange sitting atop it out in the open. Can you move it for me, Mattie?


Put your back into it!

Here, I'll help.

What's this? It still won't budge?! Fussy rock! A few scratches to your smooth surface. You're not the rock I thought you were.

Here, Mattie! I found another! This one's even better! A quick rest before we attempt to...



...Mattie, there's something in the grass...


...Mattie, there's something there!

The demon, the fiend!

It strikes, and I'm away. So fast, so fast. They follow: Mattie and the beast. The cold air is a dagger in my chest, and every breath drives it further in. Safety is a hollow tree trunk. Mattie, Mattie! I left him to the beast. I hear nothing outside the tree trunk. Not a rustle.

A dark shadow. I press further against the bark. It flakes off into my pelt. ...A sweet scent wafts through the opening. Mattie, you scared me half to death! Nuzzles abound, but they do not last. The fiend is nearby. A dramatic display, Mattie! You're so brave! Is it dead? ...No?! I ready myself to flee again, but the beast changes.

...Into Ravus.

The beast... is Ravus.

I cannot... Cannot comprehend.

Ravus, how could it be?

Mattie does not understand. When I turn my antlers, hooves, teeth against Ravus. He still does not understand. It breaks my heart to see him this way, but I cannot let the beast near! Drive it out!

After a long, harsh battle, she flees. Exhausted, I slump down. Mattie, I'm so sorry. It was for the best. Sometimes, you're far too trusting... But it's okay. I'll take care of you.

His weight spreads across my back. Safe again. Soft breathing. Relaxation. I doze off.

When I awake, the beast looms over us. Mattie! Mattie, get up! Get up! I claw at the ground, kicking wildly, but to no avail. The beast rests itself close by. Too close, too close! I can scratch and bite at her pelt! Nothing. An ear is just out of reach. So tired... Pull tufts of fur from her side... Nothing... She is a demon! Nothing phases her! I will not lose! My jaw it tired from biting. My legs are numb.

Mattie, you're killing us! Get up!



The beast rests. Mattie rests.

Their sides are soft and warm.


One last kick.

I hope it bruises.

Flop down between them. Ravus, this is not over. You haven't won, beast creature. You will see. Fate will decide who triumphs.

...As soon as Mattie gets off of me.

11 . 16 . 10 || 8:30 pm

Mattie, you weren't like that when I left.

Blood and bruises. You walk with a limp, although I see you try to hide it.

Hush, now.

I'll stand guard tonight.

11 . 14 . 10 || 12:00 pm

It began with a gentle mist. So gentle, it beaded against my pelt, pierced my fur, and nestled up against my skin. This mist did the lion's share of the damage, but this rain that comes in sheets and sheets and never ends? No, this doesn't help.

The rock I was under was cold, but sturdy. Rain rolled off the edges, and I could dodge the streams of water waving their way through the soil. I allowed two others to enter. I didn't even rise. I can boast that this was confidence, but really, I was cold. So cold...

My nose runs.

After they entered, one bellowed. Bellowed and bellowed and scraped the ground with its hooves. The deer beside it took off. A fawn didn't bother to stay. Bellow, bellow.

Aching, I took my leave.

The rain is unforgiving.

A tree by the pond blocks little, but I have no energy to move further. So cold, so cold. I am like the leaves of the tree, sagging under this torrent.

Where is my strong tree trunk?

I was so cruel to him.

Where is my Mateo?

11 . 13 . 10 || 11:59 pm

I don't understand.

I don't.

How can you do such a thing?
Both of you, but especially...


I find I cannot be angry for long, but my heart remains sad.
You don't try to explain, which is good.

I cannot bear to listen.

11 . 13 . 10 || 8 pm

I awake from my slumber to the feel of a warm heartbeat against mine. Momentary panic subsides into happiness when I recognize the scent. Mateo always finds me, no matter how well I hide. I'm thankful for this.

As we watch the wind caress the flowers, two deer rush up. Mateo is up in an instant, and I dive between his legs. Too slow. The magic hits like a train, rushing against my pelt. Changing it. My skin prickles.

Orange. ...Peculiar.

Mateo makes a great show, and the deer flee, obviously more set on pranks than fights. Still, the damage is done. Try as I might, the pelt will not fade. I rub against the stones nearby, but it remains.

Mateo makes it better. He finds a sleeping fawn nearby, and we sneak up to it, careful not to disturb its slumber. He steals magic from its dreams, passing them to me. I do the same. Peacocks. Secretary birds. Pelts as dark as night.

And finally, a match. Mateo casts his own pelt. An idea strikes. To the trees!

Antlers. Orca. Orca. ...What are these? Ah, finally! Keys! Now we are twins! Laughing happily, we jog to the great oak. He catches me there. Surprised, I give in. Mateo, what are you...?

He knows just where all my weak spots are! Mateo, stop! Stop! Hahaha~! You are so cruel! Aren't you too old for tickle fights?


Me neither.

11 . 13 . 10

There are so many. Everywhere I turn, more, more. My back presses against the twin gods. I have no faulty beliefs that they will protect me, but their gentle glow calms my pounding heart. Oh, to be on top of them, staring down at these rowdy deer! But my flight is crippled by inexperience. I fall short.

One approaches. A small one with a red pelt.

Stranger, begone! Knees weak, I cannot find the strength to chase him off. Closer, closer. I would sink into the ground, if it would have me, but again, my legs betray me. Frozen.

He sniffs. Once. Twice. Confused glances when I don't return the gesture. How can I? He bows. Shallow at first, then deep. A deep bow. Something to soothe the nerves that he can plainly see. Somewhere in my chattering heart, I appreciate it. I manage a small bow. So small. He must be offended, after his deep one. But no, he sniffs again. Laughs. I chuckle softly and sniff back.

He is pleased for a moment, and then, as though he no longer cares once the victory is his, bounds off into the distance. Wait! A chase. His pace is great. There are deer behind every nook and cranny. Sleeping. Resting. Skulls. Surprisingly sharp teeth. My feet fumble to avoid them. I fall behind. The chase ends.

Panting heavily, I look around. Some sort of lovely valley welcomes me. Tall flowers. I sink into them, and they tower above my head, filling the air with their sweetness. Ah, yes. This is where I was meant to go.

Rocked by this gentle part of the forest, sleep comes easily.

Sleep, and peace.

11 . 10 . 10

The woods are lovely, but I hear roaring in the distance. Roaring, roaring. The warm body next to me makes me feel secure, but I cannot get my ears to relax. Stiff and tight, they flicker. This way, that. Back. Forth.

Mateo, you would protect me, right? Ravus sits nearby. She, too? I believe she thinks me to be a girl... hehe. I'm happy to take advantage of this, as long as she lets me sit so close. A peacock buck sits on her other side.

He came with Ravus, so I suppose he's alright... But he didn't bow. I don't understand this.

Scoot in closer to Mateo.

Another buck, with a black and white pelt. It reminds me of death, although I cannot say why. Closer, closer to Mateo. I can feel his heart beat. It is not as slow as it should be. Mine increases in answer.

The peacock rises. Death rises. They face each other. They will bow, yes? Maybe for this one, the peacock will bow?

He does not, nor does Death. Mateo's muscles tense, contracting and shifting. He's on his feet, between them. I follow, intent to stay by his side. Death does not care. In an instant, a flash of hooves and antlers. The staring game is over. Death barrels through, clipping my haunch with one sharp hoof in his haste to reach the peacock. They fence. It is neither beautiful nor graceful.

Mateo will have none of this. He rises tall, towering over them, bellows, and attacks. The peacock turns torward him.

Turns toward my Mateo. How dare he.

I bellow, the sound emerging from my throat like a lost friend. The peacock is confused. He balks.

Mateo is before me, antlers down, and the space under his belly feels both dangerous and safe at once. I fit there easily. I see the peacock's legs showing underneath.

An opportunity.

An attack.

The peacock's legs run from blue to red, the grass flecking with its blood. Bellow, bellow! Now that I've found my voice, it comes easily. Above, Ravus' great antlers. Mateo's powerful chest. Below, stained grass. My ears thump thump with my heart's drum.

Faced with Mateo's antlers and a tiny demon it cannot understand, it flees.

Run, fiend!

Blood hot and pelt cool with sweat, we stare. The chills. The pain of a forming bruise. Wounds that bleed freely beneath caressing tongues.

But all is well. The sounds bother me less. I have a voice. I am a sound.

Hear me and shiver.

Pleased, I lie down and press comfortably against Mateo. Safe and secure once again.
Mateo ♥ Xetkal ♥ Crybaby ♥
✗ Ravus ✗ Sianna ✗ squirrels ✗

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This was a pleasure to read.

This was a pleasure to read. Smiling
Zeekii's picture

This was interesting to read,

This was interesting to read, I was disappointed to learn there wasn't more at the end ^^'

BTW, I don't know if you know, but you have deleted a picture at the top of the scrollbox behind the date. Just to let you know if you didn't ^^


but really, i'm so stoked to read more about Dub ♥
And that little journal entry was amazing, so spot on. I love the way you described it.
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Zeekii; I GOT CUT OFF. I had

Zeekii; I GOT CUT OFF. I had to leave the class, so I wasn't able to finish it XD I'm adding it now, haha~

animalbones; OMGTHANKYOU ♥ I feel like the main reason I created this was to illustrate more Mateo/Dub goodness XD

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^--- add more, plz.

^--- add more, plz. Laughing out loud
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... Your writing is awesome,

... Your writing is awesome, shush. I don't know how you can think otherwise. o_o

I love that momentary conclusion. I'm a sucker for endings; if done well, I fawn over them endlessly (bad, unfortunate pun).
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lol the title I should

lol the title
I should mention I was extremely terrified of leprechauns as a kid. Like, it wasn't that I was ever afraid of monsters or ghosts, but I was terrified a leprechaun would come in my room at night and mess my stuff up. It was a huge THING for me.
But, I'm completely over that now..
Completely over.
..*Shivers inwardly.*

Wow the journal.... I'm fairly certain Mimic started attacking because he saw Ravus fussing a bit at the skeledeer; Ravus of course didn't like that the deer snubbed Geisha a few times, although I don't think she would have started anything at that moment. xD That whole thing freaking SNOWBALLED... In an awesome way, of course.

Ravus would totally help protect the pretty birdy! Like others, I really wished there was more to read. xD Absolutely great job, and Dubby's voice is spot on from what I've seen of him in forest. I never would have guessed that he was your "OOC" deer--he has so much personality.
shaku's picture


OK ADDED THE REST. I can't tell you guys how difficult it was for me to leave it like that XD Honestly, I can't quite remember what happened to the Death deer. We chased him off too, right? With just a stare? I remember finding the last part humorous XD;;

Ravus; LMFAO. I mean... ohman. Childhood fears are NOT funny. At all. I totally understand that. But... the way you presented it was hilarious, especially that last part XD

Yeah, that was hella dramatic!! I love how I totally didn't even know a fight was going down until Mateo got between them. And even then, Dublin was like, "Lolwut? >u>" until the fighting actually started XDD

........Er, he isn't my OOC deer? XD Just my incognito deer, haha~ As in, I RP him, but wasn't going to make the public aware that he was mine |D;;

Ohm, another one?

Ohm, another one? o.o

*expected a rainbow xD

Interesting concept though.

shaku's picture

Serenai; LOL! Oh man, you're

Serenai; LOL! Oh man, you're too kind XDD
I can't agree more about endings~ Endings are THE most important part, as far as I'm concerned. The other part just has to keep your attention long enough to get you there XD

shaku's picture

Kitty; Indeed, another! XD;;

Kitty; Indeed, another! XD;; This is why I was going to keep him incognito, haha~ *guilt*

And noooo, he's more of the "looks harmless most of the time but THERE'S FIGHTING IRISH IN THERE [somewhere]" type of Leprechaun.

...Totally tempted to have him a "pot of gold" somewhere |D

LOL. In kindergarten, on St.

LOL. In kindergarten, on St. Patricks day, my teacher took the whole class around the school and we had fun counting how many green things we could find. When we came back, our room was TRASHED and the teacher said it was a bunch of leprechauns who did it. They ate our snacks, tipped over our supplies and desks and chairs, and our teacher made us clean it up. Something like this.
/unloads trauma onto you.

"Yeah, that was hella dramatic!! I love how I totally didn't even know a fight was going down until Mateo got between them. And even then, Dublin was like, "Lolwut? >u>" until the fighting actually started XDD"

Rofl, same here. Dubby was awesome, and Ravus was slightly horrified by this fact. xD

Oops, why'd I translate 'incognito' as 'ooc'? I think I read somewhere that you had a deer that acts pretty much as you would in a situation, and for some reason... oh, I don't know. xD

THE REST of this was great and left me with a much better feeling. xD Beautiful writing, I love your journals and am totally pleased that you now have three going. xD

Ahhh, but you can never have

Ahhh, but you can never have enough characters :3

seriously...you can't

~Does he share a pictogram with any of your boys?
I wonder how a Leprechaun would act |p

Your writing is beautiful. A

Your writing is beautiful. A pleasure to see Mimic a part of it- though I do owe you an apology for his behavior in the Forest. He was... rather confused. He meant no harm on Mateo or you deer. Pleasure to meet you, regardless of our misunderstanding!
shaku's picture

Mimic; I was wondering if

Mimic; I was wondering if that was you! It was most certainly okay XD You provided us with a nice bit of drama! I'm sorry for Dublin's behavior (especially the long moments after this when he kept fussing Mimic away from Ravus and Geisha). He can hold a grudge for a looooong time. I thought it was super-sweet that your deer didn't just attack him (although it was probably because Mimic thought he was a tiny female, right? XD Haha~)

Ravus; That's horrible!! I'd never heard of such a thing! There's this video I saw recently of kids getting attacked by fake zombies that just like... royally pisses me off. How any adult could knowingly traumatize a child is beyond me. I was never scared shitless myself as a kid, but I can remember just how intense emotions are at that age.

Lmfao~!! Ravus is so awesome XD Yeah, I was really surprised, too. I honestly expected Dublin to run away, but his mode of thinking turned out to be something along the lines of, "Help Mateo and Ravus so that they don't die and can protect me later."

The deer that acts much the same way I do.... is actually Phylux XDDD *dies* Calm until something fun is started, and then we're like WEE MAKE FOOLS OF OURSELVES! Very similar XDD Dublin is actually furthest from how I act, and playing him tends to make me almost nervous. He's SO alert all the time! I'm a naturally trusting person, so he's constantly screaming in my head about STRANGER DANGER, as if I'd forgotten from the last time a fawn or something approached D|

God... Three going. That sounds... ugh. XD Why did I do thisssss. /couldn'tnot.

Kitty; Nope! He has a separate pictogram. I have to leave for a while, but when I get back tonight, I'll be able to fully form his profile and actually put a BIO up, including a link to his picto XD

Edit: Basic bio up, including a picto (mouseover for mnemonic phrase~!)

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Hah, so THAT'S who

Hah, so THAT'S who dragonpeacock deer was.
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Aivilo; I'm still peeved that

Aivilo; I'm still peeved that I missed Rire XD How childish is that.
LOL! Dragonpeacock! Haha! He's based off of a parrotlet, which isn't Irish, but whatever XD

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Loving the new page

Loving the new page <3
shaku's picture

Thankyou so much, Sypris!

Thankyou so much, Sypris!

Aivilo's picture

"He's based off of a

"He's based off of a parrotlet, which isn't Irish, but whatever XD"
Cute o:
Not childish! I feel like I never see your deer, lol. I've been crashing after work, lately, so I haven't been on as much.
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/stalkstalk I LOVEEE peacock


I LOVEEE peacock feathers & kirin pelt. Best combo ever.

Oh yeeaaah... Mimic is a good

Oh yeeaaah... Mimic is a good source of drama, no?
Any how, pleased to meet Dublin. Hopefully they'll kick it off better next time. Seriously now, the "Death" deer was a butt. Wonder if he'll come around again... I enjoy a good antler budding here and there.

hopefully he and tikwid meet

hopefully he and tikwid meet sometime, i love the kirin pelt.
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Aivilo; I didn't even attempt

Aivilo; I didn't even attempt to get on tonight. I need a good night's sleep, for once... Although I think I already missed it, working on Dublin as long as I did D| Bah. Humbug.

Ysrael; OmgggIknowmetoo! So much delicious GREEN.

Mimic; Indeed! XD I hope you don't mind me leaving Dublin's entry as it is? It's his views, not mine, of course :3 And he didn't know there was a misunderstanding.

SO LET IT BE KNOWN TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS. The peacock is not evil! There was a misunderstanding! XD Haha~

The Death deer actually behaved quite nicely after you left, leaving our group without a fuss when we bellowed XD;; I dunno what that was about. I'd like that deer to come forth, as well~

Tikwid; Thankyou so much, darling!! I'm actually quite proud of this one, despite the simplicity of the design XD;; And I'm sure they'll meet sometime~ 8D

Aw.... don't feel bad for

Aw.... don't feel bad for me.. I was a badass kid... I totally stayed up on late night vigils with like a stick or something prepared to beat the crap out of any leprechauns that thought about breaking in. xD
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I'm now picturing leprechauns as cute little green parrotlets and it's helping. A lot. Thank you, Dublin!

"but his mode of thinking turned out to be something along the lines of, "Help Mateo and Ravus so that they don't die and can protect me later.""

Omg that cracked me up. xD "Don't get dead, you guys! ;_;"

"The deer that acts much the same way I do.... is actually Phylux XDDD *dies* Calm until something fun is started, and then we're like WEE MAKE FOOLS OF OURSELVES!"

Lmao, this makes sense too. xD I've basically just proved my inability to read & properly comprehend words, I guess. But you know how my English class is, so that's all right! *Victim of the system.* BD

"I'm a naturally trusting person, so he's constantly screaming in my head about STRANGER DANGER, as if I'd forgotten from the last time a fawn or something approached D|"

...omg. xD I can't tell you how well this comes through in forest. Just a little neurotic, hm, Dub? xD

PS, this bio is now perfect.

Oooh, no no no. Don't change

Oooh, no no no. Don't change Dublin's beautiful entry at all! That would be offensive! No, there's no need. Mimic already is a form of bad guy in his own way xD

Aww, I adore the css!

Aww, I adore the css! ♥

shaku's picture

Ravus; Omfg XD You were a

Ravus; Omfg XD You were a badass kid. That's awesome.
HAHA! Glad I could be of service!!

If I could've fit "neurotic" up in his little mini-bio area, I would've XD;; I'm tempted to remove something else to add it.

Mimic; LOL! Okay XD I would rather change something like that than have someone's feelings hurt, however... Especially since I took complete creative license with how your character was defeated. Before I knew you, this seemed perfectly reasonable. A faceless enemy = my creation. But since it's YOUR deer, I feel I should ask you how it actually went down XD Probably a lot less bloody...

Nopje; Thank you!! TuT

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Yeah, I feel like that too.

Yeah, I feel like that too. But then I also love the story... I dunno. xD ♥
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here you go, it's simple but

here you go, it's simple but i hope you like (:
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Serenai; Right? XD Tikwid;

Serenai; Right? XD

Tikwid; OMGTHANKYOU ♥ *flails all over this* *crai* You're so incredibly sweeeet! TuT

Ahh naw! The blood, the

Ahh naw! The blood, the gore... everything, I don't mind. Really, your writing is beautiful. Warp Mimic all you want. I'll be fine with whatever 8D
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"His head goes rolling across the ground. Dublin stands above it, bellowing victory. The forest trembles."
.........Lolyeah. No, but really, that's very kind of you XD

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"His head goes rolling across

"His head goes rolling across the ground. Dublin stands above it, bellowing victory. The forest trembles."

Dublin the Dainty Destroyer.
Has a nice ring to it.
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LMFAO. Ohman, Rire. Yes. So

LMFAO. Ohman, Rire. Yes. So much yes.

In one of his rarer dreams, perhaps.

haha! i loved reading his

haha! i loved reading his interaction with tikwid! Sticking out tongue
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I'm so glad they got to meet

I'm so glad they got to meet in-forest! XD Tikwid is supercute~ That was really nice of him to put in the effort to actually meet Dublin XD;; Who was the pretty white-pelted deer he took off after? >u>

i actually have no idea,

i actually have no idea, tikwid just likes to chase people Sticking out tongue

and yes, i hope they meet again soon!
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LOL! Ohh, ok XD Haha~ I'm

LOL! Ohh, ok XD Haha~
I'm sure they will! >u<

The deer I'm pelting is an

The deer I'm pelting is an old friend of Lust's. ^^ She's trying to get his set back since everyone pelted him/changed it up. Sorry for the confusion, but I don't have the newest version so I know I couldn't pelt Dublin. 8D
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MRSHALLOWEEN. IT WAS YOU. For shame!! XD Poor little Dublin was SO peeved! First, pelting that poor sleeping deer, and then pelting him! It went hard against his iron morals XD

Thanks for explaining~ I had trouble seeing the pictos under the tree, so I couldn't tell it was you :3

Edit: Wait... "pelted/changed it up"... Was Lust's pelt originally the green one? If so, Dublin earlier tried to chase that deer away. That's the one he was talking about "pelting the sleeping deer," not your little one.

LAWL no Lust is the Real deer

LAWL no Lust is the Real deer mask/Peacok feathers/butterfly pelt who went all 'Wot?' (enter scurry skull mask) when Dublin came over and she thought he was fraging at her -shot-. SEE THIS IS WHY I NEED TO ANGLE MY CAMERA BETTER THOUGHT YOU WERE AFTER ME. ;^; I was gonna be so sad. XDD
No Rev...the sleeping deer I keep sitting by used to have Real deer pelt/Real deer mask/Space beluga antlers. I log on and off and everytime someones messed up all my hard work ;^;
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OK. I'm getting steadily less

OK. I'm getting steadily less confused now XD *getting facts straight*
So Lust is monarch who is now wearing peacock and skull.
Clarification: YES, she's the one Dublin was trying to chase off at first. He thought she was needlessly pelting the sleeping deer. We had never heard of anyone helping a deer get their pelt back while the deer slept... I'd only heard of people taking advantage of a sleeping deer to pelt spam. Our bad XD

But I thought the one who pelted Dublin was a mini? That's why he got pissed. Because the mini should've known better :I Then he thought yours and that one were in cahoots (because yours started mooing) and it became a mess.

So yay, misunderstandings! XD

Edit: Woooo, I'm just glad Phylux wasn't on XD Both he and Dublin are like, "MISTREATMENT. CRUELTY."
But Phylux actually has the strength to back it up XD;; Hooo my.

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Most certainly correct.

Most certainly correct. -Adjusts monocle.-

I'm such a failstalker. I haven't even been on a computer for a while.

Silly life, getting in the way of my computer usage!

(Kidding, Universe. o_o)
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LAWLAWLAWLAWAL okay yes Lust was the monarch. FTTT okay so wasnt my angling. D8 -sobs- WEEEEL don't worry about it Lust just laughed. -shot- For some reason Rev always gets spell spammed like crazy when he's sleeping. And I always (as long as they dont have skull mask) tend to make sure if people spell spammed someones set that I know by heart of, I tend to try to get most of it back so they dont have 9000+1 pelts to sneeze off. I know weird but I rather sit next to something the REMOTELY looks like the deer I know -shot-.
No no, simple misunderstanding -throws love- IDK Aeis didn't pelt...the only few I saw pelting were the two larger deer and the red mini with you guys...coulda been a stray bullet. -shot- I mean...no tooting my own horn but 99.9% of the time I've got NICE aim B3 -shot for being lame- XDDD
Don'tchu love em? OH AND WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS? I know Mateo but the uhh...large zombie antler,secretary...I'd like to thank them omg they did not need to help but wow did Lust appreciate it ;^;
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Serenai; Lolll, when I can't

Serenai; Lolll, when I can't get on, I go through TEF withdrawals XD Start hearing bird chirping and stag mooing. It's pitiful.

MrsHalloween; The only ones I knew where Mateo, Ravus (the secretary pelt), and Tikwid, the little red guy~ Everyone else was a stranger >u<

Was Aeis the little mini secretary-pelted deer? Because I'm like... 95% positive that it was her XD;; She might have been aiming for the sleeping deer, but still.

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I haven't quite done that

I haven't quite done that yet. But my mind improvised an in-forest event for me to witness, since I haven't been in in a couple of weeks.

I considered drawing it, despite for depressing it'd be. > >'


I hallucinate frequently.
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That sounds really awesome~ I

That sounds really awesome~ I guess I just hallucinate with sounds? It's still called a hallucination, right? XD;;

Serenai's picture

They aren't actual

They aren't actual hallucinations (though I know at least one who has them c: ), though I certainly have a vivid imagination.

Sights, sounds, smells, feelings, tastes, movement.
Rather extensive things can occur.

And then, of course, there are the things that I sense that are there, but not.
And those are the funnest. -u-
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I always wished I could

I always wished I could have... like... controlled hallucinations XD;; My daydreams are real enough for me, but it would be nice to change my physical surroundings for myself >u>

By funnest, I hope you mean, "Utterly terrifying." I can't stand it when I feel something near me... especially in the dark. ;A;