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Starling - references - she/they
discord: pixeldeer


• Russet-coloured coat, deer-faced
• Can sometimes be seen with antlers
• Pictogram is marked onto her left thigh
• Entered The Endless Forest in July 2010
• Wears anything in-game & likes creature spells
• Welcomes any company! friends, strangers - all are invited


-- Who?
Starling sometimes feels like a bit of a lost soul; drifting through each hour like a ghost. Her mood fluctuates, and on the good days she loves to roam the forest with friends (both new and old). When her social-energy is drained, she'll be especially quiet and probably spend most of her time sleeping. Though despite her introverted nature, she is happy for anyone to join her at any time.

-- Where?
You'll either find her snoozing in the long birch grass, or making lots of noise and exploring with other deer. She does not currently have a particular spot, so you'll have to track her down!

credit: animated pictogram by In

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yes! <33
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starling - the sleeping

starling - the sleeping princess (your "fans" were around you but you don´t wake up) this reminds me on "Dornröschen" dont know why (sometimes I get a bit crazy and themes are flying around in my head like bees). anyway - I saw you, run to you and give you a little hug!
it was nice to see that you are still there!
P.S. I like your drawings, especially the second one (got lost at her eyes).
siggi by Sybilline
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Pink!! I was literally

Pink!! I was literally looking at Cu's bio page earlier today, feeling all nostalgic and that. I can't believe I missed you, I hope to catch you again soon <3
Thankyou for the kind words!
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you got a special place in my

you got a special place in my heart - forever Smiling
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*brings blankets and tea,

*brings blankets and tea, making it cozy* ~ <3
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Snow -

Snow - <3<3
Pink - aaaaaaa, you too my dear old friend! <3<3
Hauta - yes! ultimate cozy vibes are what I want in here, and the tea is very much appreciated. ty hehe. make yourself at home <3
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I've always loved her.

I've always loved her.
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Thrilled to see them around

Thrilled to see them around recently. (:
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Kimi - thankyou so much,

Kimi - thankyou so much, mutual feelings to you with Kaoori <3
Hum - ahh that means a lot to hear, ty <3 'Stone' certainly peaked Starl's curiosity the other night, will be keeping an eye out!
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<3 !
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the sweetest soul in the

the sweetest soul in the forest is a small, red bird with four hooves and a heartbeat. <3
returning after a while and seeing this first made my day, hope you’re doing well (:
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Skye!! it's so good to see

Skye!! it's so good to see your name! Hope you're doing well too, it's good to see you here<3


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Hey Ravyn!!

Hey Ravyn!!<3

!!! I'm happy

!!! I'm happy <3
by paperflesh
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hi!! <3
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I'll leave a track here as

I'll leave a track here as well. <3 i love the pieces you shared here, looking forward to see more of your art diary :J
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eyyyy hello

eyyyy hello<3<3 thankyou so much!

(edit: 15.06.23)
There's something so relaxing about TEF. Even to just have it running in the background, hearing the forest ambience.
I love zooming the camera all the way out and hearing the wind in the tree-tops. I love that it's this whole other world I can escape to whenever I want <3
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That screenshot is so lovely.

That screenshot is so lovely. And I agree: I love that feature too, it's a magical choice in game design to be able to hear the spaces your camera moves into.

It also makes me feel even more like an observer, and less attached to my deer persona. Just a spirit hanging around and watching things from the air.
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I love that! I'd never

I love that! I'd never thought of it that way before. Like a bird sitting in the trees. Sometimes it's cool to have the "Observe other players in rest mode" option ticked as well, just to see what's going on around the forest haha
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So wonderful to see you

So wonderful to see you today! Thanks to Starling for keeping P safe during his naps! Your company has been especially helpful today <3
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Starling was very happy to

Starling was very happy to spend some time with P! Thanks for the spell-spam too Laughing out loud Also tried to cast an animal spell on you a few times, but it never seemed to register. See you next time <3
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Yes! The same thing was

Yes! The same thing was happening to us whenever we tried to turn you into a little magic creature : )
It just wouldn't go through for whatever reason. . .

I had a really upsetting phone call with my doctor today while we were in the forest with your deer today, sitting in the mushroom ring. - I just wanted to say that it was really grounding and comforting for me to have Starling's company during that time, even if we weren't able to convey it. Thank you. See you soon!
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If the "Keep running in

If the "Keep running in background" box is unticked (esc > Control) then sometimes this makes it go funky. Otherwise, I'm not sure why it was happening. Probably just the forest being mysterious as ever >8(

Ah, I'm so sorry about the phone call. Sad It's nice to hear that Starling could offer some form of comfort for you, always happy to be that in the forest if ever you need it! <3
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Hey sweet Starling, what a

Hey sweet Starling,
what a wonderful surprise to see you at the last day of the year! that must be a good "omen" for the next/new year Eye
Cu and me wish you a happy new year too; stay healthy, cool, cheeky and like you are!!!

siggi by Sybilline
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Pink! We couldn't stay long

Pink! We couldn't stay long at the time, but I saw Cu's picto on the map and had to pay a visit Laughing out loud
Always great to see you and Cu, you're both always keeping the forest full of smiles. happy new year! <3<3
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<3 <3 <3

Avatar by Awentia, signature by Wildflowerdeer
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Coming back for leaving my

Coming back for leaving my hoof prints here.
It always feel so nostalgic to see Starling around the forest and even the bio is so simple, pretty and calm <3
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Thankyou friend!! That is

Thankyou friend!! That is such a lovely comment to receive. I love knowing I can help be a part of reviving that nostalgic-TEF feeling Laughing out loud I need to throw her in the forest more, and try catch the times when other deer are around/playing together. <3

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Also saw your update today, but a little late.
I was doing my css and also being partly afking a lot so I totally missed that you were in forest, but hopefully will catch you another time!
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That's okay!! Totally yes,

That's okay!! Totally yes, always nice to spend time with you in the forest <33
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I've decided (for now) to

I've decided (for now) to begin posting any updates/"diary entries" in the comments.
My memory is rubbish, so this way I can look back on all the nice memories with friends in the forest Laughing out loud <3


April 29th 2024

Good company and fun with friends (old and new). Was also paid a surprise visit by Ruun and Starling was so excited that she got zoomies. Redface ... Also a random wild squirrel joined in with the fun.

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April 30th 2024 Ran around

April 30th 2024

Ran around the forest for a while with Atlas and a nameless deer!

A quick stop to say hello to a sleepy Sanga.

Cuuuuuuuuu!! (Followed by Cu burying himself and sticking his butt out of the ground Shocked)

Starling will probably spend most of the evening laying around whilst I play other games (but I'll be around/loosely keeping an eye on the forest).

I loooove to see screenshots

I loooove to see screenshots and diaries in comments!

The screenshots are awesome!

The screenshots are awesome! I love how Cu is goofy in every single one Laughing out loud

forever sleepy

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Hehe thankyou both!! I love

Hehe thankyou both!! I love seeing other peoples screenshots and silly forest-antics like this, so I sort of hope it might even encourage others to do the same or something similar, if they enjoy the idea too. ( really miss silly screenshot-dumps).
I think it could be particularly nice to see for those who aren't regulars on the discord server. Might even bring back some life to the community site Laughing out loud

And haha, Cu is always so silly!!
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May 2nd 2024 Played some

May 2nd 2024

Played some silly games with Rindea, Helena, Atlas! Ran around the forest and spell-spammed each other for a while until eventually Helena had to go.
(There is always something so sad about saying bye to friends in TEF and watching them slowly fade away)

Atlas watched over us and made sure we fell asleep before he did Smiling

Whilst romping around, I had this idea that it would be kinda cool to make a blog which demonstrates fun little "games" to play in the forest. There's a few that I remember playing with in my early TEF years! Going to throw the little list of ideas here for now (seeing as these comments have also turned into my ramblings, whoopsie!).

- Flower sparring (if you want to be competitive: first one to get flowers on their antlers loses)
- Simon Says (used to play this at the Ruins. One person would stand on the "stage" and everyone else would have to copy what they do. It would gradually increase in difficulty by doing combined emotes, etc...)
- Air Sitting (finding challenging places to sit. or sitting on top of eachother and making dance towers)
- Spell-spamming/dress-up ??
- PEACOCKING lol (give random sleeping deer the peacock set)
- Deer herd RP (deer outfit optional) - run around, spar with eachother, eat pinecones or mushrooms, freshen up at the pond/crying idol, etc
- Hide & Seek (this is an idea I had years ago, but never tried out with anyone... There would have to be some way to initiate the game. But one player (the Seeker) would turn off their pictos (esc > Display > untick 'Show player identification'), sit down and count to X whilst the other player(s) hide. After X time has passed, the Hiders have to wait in their hiding spot until they are found. They can call out to give the Seeker hints of their whereabouts. Game ends once everyone has been found!)

Sadly I had to leave so

Sadly I had to leave so early, but it was late for me (around 2am) and I felt so tired so had to close TEF for a night. Thank you for the fun tho! It was very refreshing to just run around and do spell-spamming like old days XD

I looove these ideas! Specially can remember something like hide & seek, I think I have done that once or twice, but it was fun. Peacocking is probably one of my favorite ones, but sadly nowadays I'm not so "brave" to do that for others haha, maybe if we would do that in groups, it would be more fun to dress the whole forest in peacock sets! Also air sitting is fun! totally would join there if there is any air sitting party going on!

Very nice screenshots and keep doing it!
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Completely understandable!

Completely understandable! And no worries, thankyou as well Laughing out loud <3

Fair point hahaha, in my head I do it with fun-intentions, but maybe not everyone would enjoy it too much... Buuut I have also noticed that a lot of players (even when sleeping) do not have the game running in the background, so that probably narrows down the possibilities at least lolll Cool

Yesss @ the blog which

Yesss @ the blog which demonstrates the little games! All of those sound awesome, especially peacocking people LOL Evil

Thank you for the screenshot dumps, it's really nice to see people sharing things on the community site. (Will definitely be doing something similar in the near future Smiling )

forever sleepy

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Yay!! I look forward to

Yay!! I look forward to seeing Laughing out loud Also was nice to see Fjara earlier. And now I look forward to some peacocking antics Evil lolol
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May 4th 2024 Chased/followed

May 4th 2024

Chased/followed GekkeMens around for a while, and cast some spells on them too!

And then a bunch of us went crazy and had a spell-spam party.

Chaos ensued


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Hello Starling, I enjoyed

Hello Starling,

I enjoyed spending the time with you and with everyone! Smiling It was nice to have a little party with Fjara and the others, especially having a team effort to bring some forest magic antics to the deer we chased.

Thank you for keeping my deer company. Lovely screenshots! Laughing out loud

I will look forward to seeing you again in the forest! Smiling
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Hey Widmung! Thankyou as well

Hey Widmung! Thankyou as well for the fun, looking forward to seeing you again next time Laughing out loud

So good screenies! It was so

So good screenies! It was so fun running around and just being silly xD I enjoyed it a lot and gosh it gave so many nostalgic spikes, I can't stop being happy about it. It felt like old days and spell spammin was like something I have missed the most, it was a blast <3

Thank you so much for the fun! Laughing out loud