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At the edge of the clearing, you notice a strange hind talking to a number of small fawns. Draped over her back is a blanket of sorts that features multiple pouches and pockets, each seemingly filled with small trinkets or the like. A copper-scaled dragon sits on her back, and at her cue, pulls the shell of an acorn from one of the pouches. The smaller creature takes flight and hovers in front of the fawns to give it to one of them. With giggles and squeals of delight, the fawns dash away to go chase an older deer. In the distance, you see an explosion of bright petals as the acorn hits its mark.

The brown and white stranger chuckles before turning to you, a smile curling at the edge of her lips as the sharp canine teeth seem to sparkle in the spring light. From her back, the dragon familiar eyes you carefully.

"Hello. Were you looking for something enchanted, too? Or were you wanting to see some spells?"

Sage's Spring Rally booth is closed!

Thank you all for the great interactions and the fun trades that were made! Sage had a blast sharing her creations with others and seeing how much they were enjoyed. Though this stand is closed until next year, Sage will be working on restocking and reopening her main enchanting business to continue to serve the inhabitants of the forest.

Even though the main enchanting blog is currently undergoing some reconstruction and reworking, Sage is still available for enchanting requests, though it may require a trade of some kind. I can be reached on the blog linked above or through Discord.
Discord: Sycamorre#8919

(Mostly for my own benefit and use aka to help me remember names)

Items Given

- Waterproofing feather and moving parchment bear, given to Theon
- Pink floating ribbon and ten pigment bombs to Sindile
- Glowing feather gifted to Neirin
- Gold/White glowing paint and a bouquet of light-enchanted flowers to Ramo
- Moving parchment scorpion and dark purple flowing ribbons to Hlin
- Wooden sending bracelets to Glennrosa.
- Left a warming stone in someone's garden to keep it safe from the snow.
- Puzzle toys and multiple other items to Nathaniel. Also put a waterproof enchantment on a feather he brought to her.
- Animated parchment frog to Pao

Items Received:

- Gold-covered flowers from Sindile
- A new book from Neirin
- Phoenix feather from Ramo
- Pictogram reading from Hlin
- Had antlers painted by Glennrosa
- Brass key and a measure of raw, unaligned magic from Nathaniel
- Crystal ball reading from Pao


- Has begun teaching Glennrosa some basic spells, like making objects move and levitate.

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Shameless bumping to let

Shameless bumping to let people know this blog is ready and open to interactions.
Be on the lookout for Sage in-game, or feel free to start things here/on Discord!


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<3 this turned out lovely~