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Mild NSFW warning.

03.10.2020 yes

Yo so guess what.
Thousand-year storm, hail.
Windows shattered, hail was flung so far inside the house from tiny niches in the shattered windows.
Leaves, dirt for meters upon meters.

ONE MORE TREE GOT UPROOTED and I'm fuming. Animals got injured.
Dead birds everywhere, and whatever ones were alive were in no position to have a good life anymore.

Guess what, no roof over my head anymore :') emergency repaired with some plastic sheet covering.

The hail only lasted a few minutes, but it...destroyed just so so so so much.


04.01.2020 yes

Starting new job in game design on the 10th.
Good stuff.

The beans I planted birthed a new generation.
I am happy.

From now on you can only contact me here, discord or skype.
Preference as listed in order.
Distancing myself from toyhouse, I never really used it either way. The bios here are much more flexible anyway.
I may open up human commissions. Or attire/fashion commissions sometimes.

14.11.2019 Things

I can't get tef to work without stopping to a crawl, so for now, I'll just keep it uninstalled from my computer until I figure out a solution that will work.

If you wanna catch up with characters, you can roleplay with me on discord easy. But for obvious reasons, you won't find me in the forest.
Because tef likes to move in 7 seconds per frame
Also I found a second tumor.

Also some better news. Decided to make a discord group related to discussing deer behaviour, feral characters, animals and birdwatching.
For now, you can DM me to ask for a sneak peek entry, but when it's complete I'll release it to the public so anyone who is interested in any of those topics, or just wanna lurk/hang with everyone can freely join.

01.09.2019 Doing my part

Sir, I'm just doing my part in populating the forest in roe deer.
That's no crime!


14.05.2019 -//-

click this link if you want a good start with the game world of warships. I know I joined with a referral link myself from a youtuber to get some free goodes (One of which was the battleship Diana and I LOVE her. I even played wit hwarspite occasionally as she was granted to me for a limited time and I can safely sa she is good)

I hope if the game catched somebody's interest we get to mee on the high seas and battle together l:)

5.05.2019 -//-
Im finally home! I've been to prague this time, it was half sunny and hot and half cold and windy.

No gorgeous pictures this time.

25.04.2019 -//-

TLDR I have paranoia, leave me alone.

1.1.2019 So much...

2018 was plagued with lots of sadness horror and dread, but it finished on a very positive note for me. My tumor feels smaller, amazing!!

Also it's very casual Smiling you guys can easily ask for me to bring a character in forest as if you were asking me what's my favourite colour ~ *

i have so many and i rotate them on my own, I never sort my ocs per activity either, as to not discourage users to wanting to itneract with those seemingly innactive.
But if you feel like you want me to bring X or Y out, don't fre to ask i'd be happy to put them in and have them sit beside or even interact if i'm more free with time~

Take care and mayb 2019 be amazing for a change.

18.09.2018 Mmmmm tumors

Hot an ultrasound and yep. It's basically what we already know it is.
A tumor.
Getting a second checkup in 8 months as a controll to see any growth changes.
If it grows rapidly i gotta call urgently in.

17.7.2018 brother issues

the family of my brother's gf is crazy. But...all seems normal and friendly again, even though they mother and daughter were at eachother's throat.

But it's all good again.

Also i'm updating some links. But decided to let things shfit to some good news too <3

17.7.2018 brother issues

And it does get even worse...

My brother's gf's mom manipulated her husband (who's a total shoe) to kick out her own daughter, and with it her son, and they cannot even move in the apartment that they already started to furnish )that belongs to the dad) and my brother already started to make a life for himself there with a nice job and all...

Also the bi cousin was a total jackass, he didn't behave like a son at the funeral, he acted like some creep bystander...
How heartless.

I'm really thankul for the support you guys.
I'm hgaving a bad headache from the standing in the sun. 10 in the morning to 20 in the evening. i'm tired...

13.7.2018 Drugs drugs drugs drugs

Apparently after weeping myself on and off throughout the evening and morning today was not enough.
Life came running with another punch!
My mom could not sleep (now, half of her siblings, which is three died prematurely. it must be so horrible i'm already tearing up by trying to emphathise)

My bipolar cousin raided my aunt's house for money.
Plainly awesome. Did I tell anyone that he lives in the old house with two whores and does drugs to the point that he developed shizophrenia?
Well now you know.

At least he said that 'we' can organize the funeral. Already looking for fine black clothes of mine...
Gotta try get him to not take any inheritance for the good of his son, he's bankrupt cause he didn't pay off his half of something relating to the house he lives in so whatever he'd get it would be taken away anyway.
If he didn't take it it would be given to the son and they could pay him off _something_ so he at least gets something and his son actually gets something too.

Just devestated. Yet more.
It's probably gonna get worse... I just have a gut feeling. Each day one disaster.
Teeth, tree, aunt, son...

And with this i'm in such an emotional low that i cannot bring myself to even play one game.
I never play games when at my low points.

And it includes tef... but it's a social game, so farewell.
For the people with families, i'll try to mess something up after this or during of what they were about to excuse their inactivity.


12.7.2018 Possible Trigger warning?? Cancer, Death

Two days ago I had my wisdom tooth removed. It wasn't a nice experience, but I did get to see my aunt right after since we're so close, held her hot hand for a bit just because not knowing that this would be the last time I saw her.

The next day I kind of knew what was comming...
She only asked me for my crochetting book last week. How did things turn so bad this quickly.

Metastasis on her bones, tumors in her brain. She was taken to the hospital a day before because of her inabiltiy to eat or drink (my maternal grandma died from dehydration due brain cancer, not being able to eat/drink is that bad).

Uncle died years ago from bone cancer, it's one of the most painful cancers to have.

She died...
At least she doesen't suffer anymore. But I wish her departure would not have been so ridden with agony.
She was such a major supportive figure in my life, for art especially.
I'll miss her.

And the nthere's the deal with her son who's so horribly bipolar, and doing drugs, which is no good thing onsidering he developed schizophrenia from it.

just idk anymore, a lot of things o do. The storm ruined my favourite tree a day before and it'll need to be replaced somehow. Old sorts aren't readily sold anymore.

29.6.2018 ...

Ugh okay so. I have a tumor, what can you do. Regular checkupts to monitor it is all.

HOWEVER guess who also has a tumor.
My cat.

And it's a particularly viscious one that (It's not cancer, it doesen't wanna spread to other organs so, PHEW) BUT it just wants to grow and grow and grow.
Some of it was still left behind so not sure if she'll be just monitured regularly (which will be very stressful for her, 's a reason why vets aren't too keen on having pets come regularly to the vet(stress is bad, obviously)) or if she'll need yet another surgery to get it all out.

She's so poor...

13.5.2018 OH JOY

It's a tumor.
Getting a biopsy...


31.5.2018 ...

So after a long string of good events there is a lump in breast.
Hoping for the best sine I'm not in any risk groups for breast cancer but
My family was decimated by it.

I don't know yet but.

19.5.2018 PLOTTEING

If you're like shy r something now u know I am looking for stuff and I don't know you wanna plot with me untill you poke me about it <: I don't have any grievances with anyone so come come! The more the merrier.

Cannibriel removes curses for good deeds to her and other roes.
Heller is a magic nullifier tormented bby.
Hecate drinks blooood. the drama with her old 'cattle' like evaporated due the gal disapearing but a new roud of manipulation and grooming could be fun. OR Tormenting my vampire!
Zephyr is now mostly trying to seduce, then marr.

Or if you have something else cool:
Octane Burner, Maryam, Tuien etc.
I defenitely wouldn't mind negative long term interactions.

18.5.2018 Extremely curious

How is Vuk recieved? I find him p. fun, but there is far more to him. I was curious if anyone else -beside- me would be willing to have a complimentary oc to him instead of me lol.

There are some minimal design limitations for the other character would come from my oldest headworld
There is lots of lore attached and a specific secondary role that has to be followed. (the white vampire (hunter)) the role outside that role is... up to whatever as long as it works.
other than that it's free game as far as everything else goes + plotting to add background and catalysts for future occurance.
Slavic or bust.
Exactly the same age as Vuk.
If youre less so creative pr clueless designwise. I have a design that i would have used (but severely touched up) for inspiration or use. (again, touched up)

17.5.2018 Hello there new bio of mine
New bio. The shape of this bio...I think and I hope will now stay like forever...I hope lol.
But i'll customise myself some different colour themes Laughing out loud One of which will be the olde grimy rusty one y'all gotten used to.
Maybe i'll do a nice sunsetty one too. But for now. Sleek black flowers.!

Well for now I'm just busy studying. Working for my Job. In animating hell for an important project. Hopping up and down everything as I visit my aunt in her home and try not to break down.
Been also missing out on courses due insomnia and hayfever. (Thank god the rain came so one less thing to deal with)
Otherwise a lil bit of a trainwreck atm. I have a subtle guess I may be slightly bipolar due the way my mood just swings from SUPER DUPER AMBITIOUS, and NEVER does said ambitions to a lump of dough on the floor.

Well anyway. Cheers guys for now.



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Heyy <3
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Look at all that suhar!

Look at all that suhar! <3
Hey guy's I'm super duper curious about which characters of mine people mostly asociate me? Cause I know some people have that one, two or three even if they are not in forest much anymore. I'm legit curious which are mine rip. OTL

Mostly ought of it after I realized how diverse my ocs are in personality while doodling em. And many others have either superbly cute, cool, disturbed af and etc. The closes I come to any sort of general thumb for a majority of ocs, "where is the face".
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! look at all the

! look at all the pretties!
The style you chose for this blog is so appealing!

[e] As for who I associate with you, I gotta say Cannibriel and Torfastr. Babes.
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huello >u> 'berry and torboy

huello >u>
'berry and torboy for me, as well as the handsy god

consider this a track

consider this a track <3

I'd say Apprentice, Torfastr

I'd say Apprentice, Torfastr and Grimhildr.


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Guess I can't say I didn't

Guess I can't say I didn't expect torfastr not the one of them haha with how much art he's been getting.

The Apprentice and

The Apprentice and Cannibriel, as I've seen art of them in pictures cat. and that's the way they stood out to me.
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Yeah. Back then when I posted

Yeah. Back then when I posted them, people looked more at art and wanted to discuss it more too. I do fondly remember the artworks I did of those two, especially the gritty apprentice art.

I'm not as active in-forest

I'm not as active in-forest as I used to be, but if you're fine with interactions over discord, feel free to add me and we can whip something up ^^ (my discord is in my profile!)


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I must! Haven't checked this

I must! Haven't checked this around ages so I'll definitely get to ya'll for all the sweet plots once I finish my uber hectic semester.
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Sending positive vibes your

Sending positive vibes your way

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Personal/Character Hub


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Ooo exciting. I'm up for plot

Ooo exciting. I'm up for plot stuff!
Also, so sorry to hear that. Must be awful... hoping everything turns out alright soon. ♥

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Thank you guys! I really

Thank you guys! I really aprechiate that.

My poor kitty, the vet said that there's still 3 centimeters of tumor tissue left (they ought they got it all out in one turn) So that'll be a total of 9 cm radius of tissue that will be eventualyl removed (with what was already removed) essentially. It's A LOT on a cat.
Thankfully vets aren't that costly like how they are in the cities, so it'll most likely be roughly a hundred euros, last time cost about 140, with the extra being for the lab test on the tissue.

But there really is nothing that we can do about it now.
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I'll be lowkey withdrawing

I'll be lowkey withdrawing from discord and tef, I usually cannot stomach games or anything I love at my lowpoints. But i'm letting people know since it is a social game. (this includes discord since i use it mostly for tef...)
I'll stay in touch with people that speak to me or I have something going with (commisions, rps, anything to take my mind off)

Otherwise I'll be mostly huddling over at skype with a select few people untill i'm more well and my mood for all thing living returns.
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*hug!!!* Take all the time

Take all the time you need, dear.
That's a lot of things goin' down all at once and I can totally see how that's got you low right now.
If you need anything, please give me a little nudge on here or discord, alright?
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Do take care, please

Do take care, please <3
Vessan's picture

Thank you guys, also for the

Thank you guys, also for the ones that booped me over discord.
It really means a lot to me ;;

Even in the mass, the parish priest had a hard time not to cry. My aunt really meant the world to some people.
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Trying to think of you too

Trying to think of you too Smiling
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13

Sending Strength

Sending Strength
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(No subject)

It's slowly mellowing out, though I'm still thinking about my brother. But I think I've slowly got the appetite back to return to various fun activities and not feel bad about doing them.

Flyleaf I hope you're doing better, you need all the strenght you can get!
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That extended family, yo.

That extended family, yo. Glad things are settling down and chilling some.
Methinks you have a bit of a typo in this update, tho :'D

"decided to let things shit to some good news too <3"
Vessan's picture

bwahaha. yeah. And...

bwahaha. yeah.

And... welll...the thing is the mum is a narcisist. And you need to learn not to say no to narcisists, something her daughter never did.
But things are much betetrn ow an d they were able to move into their apartment! so his drive to his job is sooooo much shoter now.
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Sigi by Wake

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I noticed you far too late

I noticed you far too late OTL, thank you for the track!

Happy to see you around

Happy to see you around :3
Also track!
Vessan's picture

Thank you Hutakumpu

Thank you Hutakumpu <3
I'll be loafing around a little with my classic characters.
But I am itching for some pure ic experiences sometime down the line when I wean myself back in.
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Up because somewhat important

Up because somewhat important news :'I