The Rabbits Heart Beats Ever Faster

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The Rabbit's Heart Beats Ever Faster
"Not even the gods themselves could please me"


This bio may contain mature context and content, such as but not limited to: sexuality, drug abuse, mental illness, toxicity, self sabotage, and more. Please proceed with caution.

Individual warnings will be given, except on the Lore page (which is where most themes stated above occur.) Proceed at your own risk, and please keep your mental health and triggers in mind.

This character is typically IC however their actions/thoughts/etc do not reflect their player's. Damage will accounted for. If needed, contact my discord at Luna#8228

Love the half deer/rabbit

Love the half deer/rabbit design! Tracking~
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Trackk &#9829!

Trackk ♥!
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@ Hautakumpu Leverett had fun

@ Hautakumpu Leverett had fun playing with you guys!

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Ketu had also very fun. It

Ketu had also very fun. It was nice to meet your bunny doe!

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