Courage, dear heart

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So... This is it. I've been

So... This is it. I've been planning this one for so many years, set for this specific date. It's still a bit of a shock to me, the reality that the time has actually come now, but it's alright.
The Red was meant to live as natural of a life as possible, considering his situation, and by giving him this death I feel like his character has come full circle for me. He's complete.
I know the timeline has been a little messed up, with different circumstances causing me to "kill him off" prematurely a while back... To be honest. I don't consider it entirely canon from a fictional perspective. But knowing this is a RP setting, there had to be compromises. I'm okay with that.
This time it's handled correctly and at the right time.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been in his life for helping me to shape his character, for leaving their mark and influence on him. It's been an honor and a delight, and I'm endlessly grateful for how much it's helped me grow as a person.

A special thank you to J!n for illustrating this perfectly. She's captured the feel I've wanted to aim for and has done an overall magnificent job. I couldn't be more grateful. <3
Another shout out to Unplugged who made the CSS. Honestly you're a real lifesaver. Thank you.

While The Red's story in TEF is over, I'll be keeping him as a close outside representative to me personally. I'll never truly let him go because he means so much to me, but he will no longer be played here.

Again, thank you all sincerely. I will see you through other characters and interactions.

(I do not consent to his body being scavenged. It'll disappear back to his homeland, where nature will tend to it.)

Your love will be safe with

Your love will be
safe with me.

It's been seven years. The Inferno, still raw and untame from his arrival, was quick to hate The Red from the start - all because he saw himself in him. They fought relentlessly, and through it, they came to know one another in a way no other could. They had met their match. As their seperate stories ran parallel, both of them ending up on solitary paths, they eventually came to seek the other out. There's kinship even in hatred and trust in knowing your enemy. In time their tie shifted into something intimate for the same reason it had begun so long ago. A love story in reverse. Rivals. Equals. Lovers. May they lock antlers again in another life.

Thank you, Vee.

rest in peace, veteran.

rest in peace, veteran.

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Knew exactly what this was

Knew exactly what this was going to be and I've been hit by a ton of emotional bricks.

Thank you for sharing him with us.
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Good night, old man

Good night, old man <3

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I'd hate to say this didn't

I'd hate to say this didn't move me to tears, because it did- as I entered the blog, I knew it would be the one that marked his death. I expected to see all of the bright, fiery and warm colours that I associate Virgil with. My eyes prematurely showed me the oranges and reds, so when I instead saw blue I had a strange reaction to it, as if it were unnatural. I pressed play and my ears expected violins, reverberated piano or ambient music. But instead I heard the sounds of the forest I know so well, and that was also strange to me. Suddenly an atmosphere of eerie serenity was created. I was moved by the third panel, his silent body which seemed somehow happy as if there was an invisible and all-knowing smile on his face, yet he was still shadowed by the visibility of his ribcage, of the cancer. I saw flowers and expected more, my mind said to me it shouldn't end with just a drawing of flowers (no matter how beautiful), but it did. And all of this culminated into a very moving, grounding feeling for me. It's an ending he deserved, because though I did not know him very well and thus possibly do not have much right to say this, I feel that it is perfect in it's unexpectedness. It seems only fitting that such an unbridled soul should come to such a quiet end, one so submissive to the nature of the world that he was a part of, and that he represented here in TEF- even though that is just one of the many things he embodied. ♥ Sorry for the ramble.

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Vee, I have Red to thank for

Vee, I have Red to thank for your friendship and being a positive force in molding my characters and getting me through some dark times in the process. We had a lot of fun, and the way this has been done has been truly touching and true to character and purpose. I take this place for granted and honestly thought he'd be in the forest forever, he's just always been there pretty much the moment I joined and even though I'm an infrequent visitor to the forest, I'll be honest, Virgil's pictogram is the first one I've always looked for even when it's not my intention to interact... I'm going to miss him.

Jin, you've outdone yourself with these illustrations. It's difficult to put into words, but looking at Red... he doesn't look like Red, even though I know it's Red... In the same way when ones pet dies, they don't really look like your beloved companion anymore. They're not there and it's hard to comprehend. I can't think of a time when I've read a comic or seen a character drawn deceased, and they've actually looked as such. Looking at this is actually quite difficult! It's weird, I don't know how else to describe it.

TLDR; I need windscreen wipers for the inside of my glasses and a mop for my waterlogged wacom.
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@Unplugged - Beautiful.

@Unplugged - Beautiful. ♥

This gave me chills,

This gave me chills, everything was absolutely breath taking (including the picture comments above!!!). I think I've only had the pleasure to interact with him once, but I always admired this character from afar...he was truly an amazing addition to TEF.

Rest in peace, old timer ♥
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Goodnight, Hart. You are

Goodnight, Hart. You are loved always.
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way to do me in twice

way to do me in twice unplugged

You will be missed, Red. You've been around TEF for so long that it'll be strange to not have you around anymore somehow.

He will live on in the ones who love him.
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Thank you for his wonderful

Thank you for his wonderful story and allowing my characters to be a part of it in time.
This is stunning - it feels real, raw and humbled. Jin, your artistry is fantastic.

Thank you, friend Red. Goodnight <3
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I'll be honest, I didn't get

I'll be honest, I didn't get a chance to get to know The Red close enough. But I feel like he is a great part of history of the whole Forest. And I know that he is Bono in some sence, which is quite amazing. He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, dear deer ♥

Wow. Something told me this

Wow. Something told me this was coming, and like others, it also moved me to tears.

I came to TEF during his "first death". Saosin was with Rav, and my little Valeska nosed herself in as I got used to the world, started to know people and pictos and characters, and made my first official character for the forest. I was confused upon his return, and slowly came to know them on a deeper level from a distance. To know their story. To be a part of it in the small little spans of time when they would watch over one of my girls, keep them company. To see their bond through all these illustrations. See some be frustrated with them and others nearly infatuated. Such simplicity and yet so dynamic. I also have high respect for your lifespan choice for him, as I also had an idea to do that with a character so long ago.

Even though my current characters only knew them by sight rather than by direct interaction, he will truly be missed.

And Jin...amazing art work, as usual. You have a talent for capturing emotions with such simple illustrations. It truly shines through the monotone feel.

Dang double post -_-

Dang double post -_-
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Agórel vae, Naurrînâr. N'i lû

Agórel vae, Naurrînâr. N'i lû tôl.

I will greatly miss the Red.

You two make a perfect team.

You two make a perfect team. ♥

This is beautiful, simple but very fitting.

Thank you for letting Amary be a part of his life. We'll miss him a great deal. But we'll always be grateful for the time we had.
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I knew it was coming, but I'm

I knew it was coming, but I'm moved nonetheless. I feel as though a legend has passed away. The Red's presence will be with the Forest always... even if only from the numerous lives he had intersected at one point or another.
Goodbye, you majestic sonofagun. Now's time to rest. ♥
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I am so moved. He has always

I am so moved.
He has always had a powerful presence over the years.
Thank you for sharing The Red in this forest for so long.
May he live on with your heart, always. ♥

My heart feels heavy and

My heart feels heavy and light all at the same time.
A fitting end that is true to his nature.

Thank you Vee, for letting Lacie be a part of his life, no matter how small the capacity. And for letting Myu come and stay to pay respects that have been long overdue.

Still feels so surreal, like I'm stuck in another space where everything's the same. You guys did an amazing job with this.

Rest in peace, Virgil. Your memory lives on in the hearts of many. <3
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Rest in peach, Red. You'll be greatly missed.

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"No. P-please, no." He's

"No. P-please, no."

He's been such a big part of my tef-experience. He's been one of those characters I hold in such high respect, for how you've handled and represented him. You know how much I've loved him.

I love how you pulled this off, so true to him, undramatic but dealing a heavy blow without leaving it just sad, it also feels strangely hopeful. It's a good end? It's a good end. Thank you for sharing him with us. Rip will miss him very, very much.
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A big, big part of the forest

A big, big part of the forest and its history - its very HEART - has passed today. May he find his rest as we know he certainly deserves.

It has been incredible.
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"Be well, from Pasts Ghost."

"Be well, from Pasts Ghost."
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Goodbye Red. On the first

Goodbye Red.
On the first year of spring's existance in here, spring found him very lovely.
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Goodnight. <3
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Having watched his story from

Having watched his story from afar for a long time, I'm sad to see him leave. Thank you for sharing him with all of us. <3
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"From death there shall come

"From death there shall come new life.

... I will not forget your face, dearest friend of mine."

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J!n: &hearts; Ozi111:

J!n: ♥
Ozi111: ♥
Unplugged x2: ♥ - It's so wonderful to see Mozart again, and the visuals are stunning. ;; Thank you so much for sharing that moment. <3
FishBiscuit: I'm so glad you enjoyed the journey, and that this made you emotional, hehe...
LooksForDoves: ♥
Evern: Your comment absolutely delighted me to read, multiple times even. You've put to words exactly what we were going for with this post. I'm glad it affected you so, and I'm so happy you took the time to analyze the post as you did. Thank you, it made me so happy. ♥
Iaurdagnire: Thank you, both in RP and IRL, for yours and Dags friendship. You've had a significant impact on my life too, you know. And I look back so fondly to Dag and Reds friendship. I'm so happy they knew each other and were as close as they are. Jin did wonderful portraying this, I'm glad to agree with what you say!
Luu: ♥
SingaReindeer: I'm glad this impacted you the way it did! And it's been a pleasure interacting with you too - I hope we get the chance again someday. ♥
thelittleraven: ♥♥
Kaoori: Thank you. ♥
parrotsnpineapple: Thank you for being a part of it, I'm delighted you enjoyed it. ♥ I did too.
HoneyDiva: I'm honored you think so highly of him. Thank you so much. ♥
Valeska: I'm glad their stories have been of such entertainment to you, and that our characters' stories got to intertwine too. It's been a pleasure. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ♥
Acurna: ♥ Love those words, thank you.
Amary: Thank you for Amary being a part of his life too! I'm glad you find this fitting too. ♥
Freyja: ♥
Aquilo: I'm honored he's had such an impact on you, and that you feel that way about him. ;; Thank you, I'm glad he got to know your characters. ♥
Bayleen: Thank you for enjoying him! And yeah, he'll always be close to me. And thank you for all the tear jerking ear worm music you've been sharing through Jin hhhh, it hurts my heart, in a good way haha. ♥
lunaa: I'm glad you think so too. ♥ Thank you for being a part of his life, through Lacie and Myu, it's always nice to be in your company. Thank you. ♥
Keepiru: ♥
Luksus: Thank you. ♥
ratt: ;; Thank you, ratt. You honor me with your words, you really do. I'm so happy to read how this post made you feel, it's so good. ♥
Mary13: glhlsgf I'm seriously honored you feel so highly of him! ;; Thank you for enjoying this. ♥
Hraeth: It's lovely to be visited by her, old friend. What a lovely emotional sketch too. Thank you so much for sharing. ;; ♥♥
Vessan: ♥ Thank you, and I'm so glad Spring liked him. ;; ♥
Chromai: ♥
CydaLuva83: Thank you so much for enjoying him! I'm glad you did. ♥
Fincayra: That's such a sweet tribute from him, I love it. ;; Thanks, Esll, I'm so glad they knew each other. ♥♥ Thank you for sharing.

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I keep coming back to this

I keep coming back to this blog and wondering how to write my response. Jin has done an outstanding job with the illustrations. Evern's description is just perfect for it all.

My personal interaction with The Red was never too much, though he has always been a big presence in my eyes. Almost feels like the roots of the forest; he's been around for such a long time, he's one of those pictos I was always happy to see on the black border of my screen. Always a familiar face, we were not close but he meant a hell of a lot. & clearly not just to me, but so many others too. He will always be King of Red Hill. Sleep well, dearest Red. <3
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Thank you Vee and Starling,

Thank you Vee and Starling, I'm glad you guys feel the same way. Means a lot to me. ♥

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This was a great wrap up to a

This was a great wrap up to a wonderful character. I didn't get to know the character too much but loved watching them grow and interact. <3 great job! And we'll miss this character but we have lots of great stuff to look back on too ^^
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&hearts; Almost a year...

♥ Almost a year...
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥