Nekumbra, the sorrowful shadows...

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Thanks to z.m123 for this awesome edit!

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"Mmm...breakfast...I need breakfast..."

"Little one...I'm afraid the gods aren't listening this morning..."

"Seconds? Mmm...lovely..."

"Oh my, hello there...I'm afraid I'm not your mother, but...mmm..."

"Minifawn! Oh my goodness, how adorable you are! I must..."

"Mmm...I'll keep you too..."

Fawns eaten - 5



" little....morsel..."

Fawns eaten - 1

"Mmm...that'll sate me for now..."


Taking full advantage of the new fawns in the Forest. 8 in her belly already, not enough adults around to stop her. Today is a buffet.


Gorged herself this morning. 7 fawns in her belly. Fled from Rutilus who protected a small group of fawns and also chased her away from other fawns who strayed too close. Almost had an 8th fawn but Miyako was too fast for her. Nekumbra takes note of her pictogram

Sitting alone to digest her meal. Tired but pleased with her catch, though still alert in case someone shows up.

Name - Nekumbra (Neck-oom-brah)

Meaning - "Sorrowful Shadows"

Age - 37

Gender - Female

Fur color - Golden brown and white in the sunlight, dark brown and white in shade

Eye color - Dark brown

Powers - She has eight spider legs that come out of her sides, where she is able to climb and maneuver easily. She can shoot webbing from her belly, and she has a weak venom in her fangs. It is also thought that she can perform a mini-deer spell on any adult deer, making them easier for prey.

Weaknesses - She isn't very smart when it comes to trapping her prey, and often does not go after easy targets. Her fur burns when anyone casts the devout pelt on her, causing her to panic and flee the area. She can be temporarily blinded if too much sunlight gets into her eyes.

Pictogram - Hourglass

Favorite haunts - The Old Oak and the Birch Forest

Alliances - Iugulare and Anirapio

Nekumbra's Trusted and Enemies Lists

Reputations/warnings - Fawn eater

Fawns eaten - 64*
Minideer eaten - 3*

* In-game, Nekumbra is constantly searching for fawns and minideer to 'eat'. I keep count by when she nuzzles a fawn. If you are a fawn and get nuzzled, no you are not considered 'dead' (I'm not forcing anyone to kill off a character, this is merely for fun), and of course if you are a stag/doe you are more than welcome to 'shoo' Nekumbra if she's approaching a fawn. It won't hurt my feelings at all, in fact it will be fun for me (As long as you're not being a RD and chasing after her long past where she had been). So yeah, please feel free to interact with Nekumbra if you see her in-game.

Thanks to Halafax for this beautiful artwork!

okay. *goes and searches for


*goes and searches for a big, big fly flap*
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Gotta remember to do this bio

Gotta remember to do this bio sometime too...

By the way, anyone who has spare time and can draw a doe with spider legs coming out of her, I'd love you forever. *artwhore'd*

I also haven't quite figured out how she...err...secretes her webbing silk yet. *scratches head* I mean, spiders do it out of their butt, so...maybe she has a bellybutton instead that it comes out of. :\
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I am going to draw her. As

I am going to draw her.
As soon as my food finishes cooking and I have eaten.

I will draw her.
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Hey thanks! Take all the

Hey thanks! Take all the time you need, too!
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Finally got Nekumbra's

Finally got Nekumbra's biography up, and I introduced her 'game' during play.

Nek is constantly stalking fawns, and her goal each day is to 'eat' as many as she can. I'll keep a tally on here as to how many she has 'eaten'. She simply has to run up to a fawn and nuzzle them for me to consider her hunt successful.

If you are a fawn and get nuzzled, no you are not considered 'dead' (I'm not forcing anyone to kill off a character, this is merely for fun), and of course if you are a stag/doe you are more than welcome to 'shoo' Nekumbra if she's approaching a fawn. It won't hurt my feelings at all, in fact it will be fun for me (As long as you're not being a RD and chasing after her long past where she had been). So yeah, please feel free to interact with Nekumbra if you see her in-game.

Here's an example of my system:

Step 1 - Fawn approaches alone, or Nekumbra finds a lone fawn.

Step 2 - Nuzzle = they've been eaten. Nek normally won't approach if an adult is present (the adult in the pic was sitting when she went to nuzzle the fawn)

Step 3 - Run run run!! Nekumbra has eaten another fawn (and the player is completely unaware that it had happened)

This is actually pretty fun playing as her, because it's different than how I normally play, just like how different it is when I play as Pent, who only talks to trees.
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Yesterday Nek had a nice day,

Yesterday Nek had a nice day, she got to hang out with the Organization XIII deer, and she ate a few fawnies to keep her tummy happy.

Today, though, she's having a tough time hunting. She managed to get two fawns but only after they left the safety of the adults by the Ruins to see what Nek was doing.

This hunting game is quite tricky, really.
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Nek's having a nice afternoon

Nek's having a nice afternoon snack, she snatched up two fawns and now is sitting happily on the Playground rocks.

Kinda sad but one of the fawns she 'ate' followed her there and is sitting next to her XD
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"Hello dearies. I have

"Hello dearies. I have noticed the growing population of 'little deer' in the Forest. No, I don't mean those sweet, darling fawns. I mean older deer who were born smaller than regular deer. Just looking at them...just even thinking about making my mouth water.

I must have one. Just to try, just to see if it's worth the effort to catch them. Just to see how different they taste compared to fawns.

Maybe by eating one or two, I'll thin out this sudden spurt of these little deer. You dearies could get by without a few of them, right?

I will be watching for those little deer. And if you are reading this and you are one of those little deer, well...I'm sorry...but you have been added to my food chain.

With love, Nekumbra"
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Nek's in the Forest...and

Nek's in the Forest...and she's already eaten one fawn.

"It's that time of the year, I see. All the does are birthing their fawns from the Rut, and I'm helping keeping their numbers down. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. Look at their little newborn bodies, don't they just look so delicious?"
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Nekumbra- "Five more fawnies

Nekumbra- "Five more fawnies in my tummy, and oh how divine they are. I don't care what anyone else thinks, baby venison is quite delicious. I think you who only eat grass are missing out on a delicacy!"
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Oh, this is SUCH a creepy

Oh, this is SUCH a creepy character and concept..
.... I like it.

And so does Crucio. I think he'd be veerrry interested in meeting her. Maybe helping her hunt subtly. How suitable that Death himself should become Nekumbra's acquaintance, maybe ally?

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Just a warning that Nekumbra

Just a warning that Nekumbra is stalking fawns in the Forest again. She picked off one fawn at Drinkplaats already.


"Oh you little darling, how beautiful you sleep..."

"I wonder what dreams you are having. I hope they are pleasant..."

"Sweet dreams, little one. Your mother will surely miss you."

And Woden chased the hell outta Nek X3.

"Your pursuit was fun, darling, but you were too late. Six fawns lie in my belly today. Oh how I wish they were in my womb rather than my stomach..."


"So this Woden person...they're actually being nice to me. This is very odd. Most people chase me away. He actually showed me that I can eat grubs out of's not as filling as eating a fawn, but I suppose...they could make good appetizers. I also met another deer named Hmon that seems to like me too. This is extremely odd.

Why are people suddenly being nice to me? Don't they know what I am? Don't they know what I have become? Are they really this accepting of someone who can't help but eat their young? Or are they just pretending to enjoy my company? I'm sure they'd turn me over to the coffers if they knew what I had done.

I will remain cautious...but maybe this will be the first step toward a sense of normality."
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Such an interesting character

Such an interesting character <3
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"Hello darlings. Your mother

"Hello darlings. Your mother spider, Nekumbra, speaking. I need a favor to ask of all of you if you would do me the honor. I am making a list of deer whom both I can trust in the Forest and who seem to despise me as an enemy, and I would be most gracious for you to tell me if you are one or the other on that post, sweeties. And yes, you are more than welcome to add me to any 'enemies' lists you have on your deers' profiles.

Thank you, my dears, and if you ever need a fawn sitter for the day, please do not hesitate to ask me. I will take good, good care of your young ones."
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Woden: "Sat under you while

Woden: "Sat under you while you were sleeping at the ruins. Hidden, but I found you. But I wandered off to play then you where gone again."
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"Ah, darling, I wanted to

"Ah, darling, I wanted to stay and chat, but that fawn that approached...oh how beautiful it was, I just wanted to nuzzle it to death (and sink my fangs into it's beautiful golden fur) but then someone came up and chased me away. I wanted to stay and spend some more time with you but I think more deer are becoming aware of what I do, and they obviously don't like it at all."
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Hey, Quad! I enjoy your

Hey, Quad! I enjoy your character; she is very interesting and original! The thought of a predatory spider-deer is so creepy, and yet morbidly intriguing. I like how that although she eats fawns, she is a sympathetic character. c:

Doubtless you have seen an irate stag that has a grey pelt, real antlers with poppies and a Forest Spirit mask? Yup, that's one of my characters! His name is Ishibaba, and being an ancient fellow he is very protective of fawns and doesn't take crap from anybody. DX Needless to say, he knows what kind of creature Nek is and wishes to keep her away from fawns whenever he can. Although, he is also interested in learning more about her.

I do not play as Ishibaba often (this is my third times logging in as him after making him), so don't worry, he's not going to pursue Nek everywhere. I just thought it'd be interesting to have him interact with her...or maybe I'm just bored, haha. XD

Anyhow, just thought I'd let you know (sorry for the wall of text!), and please tell me if you don't want Ishibaba involved in anything. I will totally understand, so don't worry about offending me. Can't happen! 8P

Also, totes tracking! c:
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Hey not a problem at all! I

Hey not a problem at all! I was wondering who that was, haha! Thanks for telling me.

I put him on her 'enemies' list but if you'd like me to change it and maybe make an 'unsure' list, let me know. I didn't have a problem with him following her, although he did just save that fawn at the Ruins. Nek was really just trying to hang out with Woden when the fawn approached. She couldn't help herself XD

Woden's actually trying to help Nek find alternative protein to eat. We're over here stomping on this log and eating grubs right now. But yeah if you'd like Ishibaba to possibly interact with Nek, I'll try not to make her run as much, possibly do cower emotes before I decide whether he's trying to attack her or not Eye
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No problem at all; I figured

No problem at all; I figured there'd be confusion! XD

It really doesn't matter to me; whatever you feel is best! Your description of 'enemy' is pretty spot-on with Baba, though (will chase her away, but not violently), so I suppose he can remain that least for now. Maybe his grumpy old heart will be melted. c: Haha, I felt bad when I had Baba just barged in there, and Woden's all, "What the...?!" XD

Ah yes, I saw that in your RP (which is very interesting, by the way). I do like how Nek is not necessarily an evil character; as you said, she cannot help herself. It's very sweet of Woden to help her find alternative to fawns! c:

Again, that is totally up to you, and you may respond to Baba as you wish! ^_^ He is still a little curious of her, and if he sees her sitting there in cowering he may sniff her or nuzzle out of pity. Hard as it can be, he can certainly be won over! XD
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Woden does not mind Ishibaba

Woden does not mind Ishibaba trying to protect fawns at all. Woden is trying to help Nek, but at the same time he will lead her away from sleeping fawns when he can and redirect her to less grisly protein grubs in fallen trees. Eye
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I'll certainly take that into

I'll certainly take that into consideration! Thank you again for telling me who that was, I was really surprised when they were after her, haha! I'll keep him under the enemies list but I did give a note that he is curious about her.

By the way:

TEF Community Watch is in effect. I suppose Nek gives a whole new meaning to "Amber Alert", huh? Eye

"one lonely spider, sipping

"one lonely spider, sipping her tea while gazing at the sky. She watched the insects on the leaves and many flying by. "If I had friends like these" she sighed "who'd stay a while with me, I'd sit them down on silken chairs and serve them cakes and tea"
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@ SHL ~ Oh, that's a relief!

@ SHL ~ Oh, that's a relief! It would be hard for me to play a violent character, and kind of against my nature, so I guess I just worry people might take things the wrong way. XD Woden's doing a very noble thing; I imagine he has a lot of patience! c:

@ Quad ~ You are most welcome! Talk about making yourself know, eh? 8P And, sounds good to me! Haha, Amber Alert, indeed! Us other deer are having a major case of the shifty-eyes. XD
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Such a beautiful poem there,

Such a beautiful poem there, though it makes me wonder if the spider really wants them as friends or if she'd have plans for them later.

Poor Nek...she's trying so hard to resist chasing after that fawn by the Oak.

"I must admit, those grubs I had earlier...really filled me up...although I think I ate too many.", she says, and turning, she hides that she has an upset stomach, throwing up on the side of the Old Oak.

"Urgh...yes...I ate too many."

((Nek is officially food poisoned this afternoon and will not chase after any more fawns for now))

it's from an old children's

it's from an old children's story about a spider who wanted friends, but everyone was afraid of her and would not come to her tea party because they thought she would eat them.
So she goes back home and sets everything up and has tea all alone, when a moth flutters in, he's very wet from the storm outside, so she dries him and gives him tea and cake. and when he tells everyone how kind she was they feel bad, so they all come and have tea with her.
It turns out in the end she just eats flowers and tea and cakes~
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Oh that's such a pretty

Oh that's such a pretty story! I really love the idea, thanks for sharing it! I've never heard of it before

tah-daaaah |D

tah-daaaah |D
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(Toward Ishibaba) "You are

(Toward Ishibaba) "You are quite a silly old stag, aren't you? I suppose I understand why you were angry earlier. It isn't my intention to anger you or anyone else in this Forest...I just can't help when I'm hungry. I suppose those grubs I had are a better alternative, but...urgh...I don't know if I could handle eating any more of them. They tasted a little gritty and slimy to me.

You don't seem as bad as I thought you were. I suppose you really were just trying to protect those little fawnies. I understand, dear.

My name is Nekumbra, by the way."

*going to move Ishibaba to a new category called 'semi-trusting' Eye *
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Ishibaba snorted in annoyance

Ishibaba snorted in annoyance at the 'silly old stag' comment, but he tilted his head slightly despite himself as Nekumbra explained the nature of her ways. It puzzled him to think that he had been around for quite a long time, and until now he had thought he had seen everything there was to see in the Forest. Such a curious world they lived in... After outliving two mates as well as three of his children, he had been hardened into a very stern deer with a no-nonsense air to him...and yet, his well of understanding and empathy was deep. This creature, Nekumbra...there was much to be learned about her. Her intentions were not inherently evil...perhaps, in his own way, he could help her.

Tipping his head and clearing his throat softly, Ishibaba replied, "My name is Ishibaba. I know not of what you are, Nekumbra, but I cannot help but feel curious about you despite your horrific choices. We all have our curses, but yours if the most unusual and unfortunate I have seen. I am not sure how I feel... I do not wish to harshly judge you, but I also do not wish to see fawns get hurt."

He paused for a moment, looking into Nekumbra's orbs and registering the emotion there. Indeed, there was genuine fear and regret in her eyes. He continued again, "I suppose that, since we have had a chance to speak to each other, you are not as evil as I had perceived you to be. Even so, I cannot sit by and watch if others are to be hurt. I do not wish to harm you, and I will not, but do not expect me to be passive about your motives. Your plight is a sad one indeed, and I wish to see you find enlightenment. I do hope that the Twin Gods bestow their blessings upon you, and guide you from this dark path that you are forced to take."

(Huzzah! c: Gah, sorry for the wall of text; this has been my first opportunity to RP with the old guy. 83)
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I think I should be tracking

I think I should be tracking this now. |D

Signature by Roo ♥

"Hmm... interesting.... legs

"Hmm... interesting.... legs you have there, lady... and so many of them..." the white snickered. He never noticed this... wel... doe?... in front of him before... quite an interesting beeing.

*quick step by*
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"Ah yes, these dreadful

"Ah yes, these dreadful things, I'm surprised someone actually finds them...interesting. And you, dear...that fur! I have not seen whiter fur! It's simply dazzling, I must say!", Nekumbra replied, giving a polite (though creepy) smile. "I'm glad to finally meet you. I have heard quite a bit about you, really."

"Hm... white fur.. so

"Hm... white fur.. so interesting, yes...?" He slightly tilted his head, rose his left eyebrow.

"Heard about me...?" he smirked, this was not the first time he heard that. Funny how one could gain a certain... reputation. "... only good I hope, yes..?" the white snickered.
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((You just ninja'd me trying

((You just ninja'd me trying to edit my post, but I gotta get some stuff done around the house, so I logged her out. Thank you for the fun haha!))

"But of course, my darling! I have not heard much bad about anyone, really...well, aside from myself I mean. But those are only rumors."

She noticed a grub walking by on the log they were sitting next to, and turning her head, she refused to look at it. Woden had convinced her to eat grubs rather than fawns for protein, but yesterday she ate too many and ended up having terrible food poisoning. She spent most of the afternoon throwing up in the Old Oak because of it, so now the grubs make her queasy when she sees them.

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"What a rather interesting

"What a rather interesting day today was! I ran into my acquaintances Woden and Crucio, and even met some new deer like Hmon, 'Smiling' Jack, and Illrose! I think today was the first day I wasn't chased away by anyone (except that little bit by Nane, but I believe that was a misunderstanding...).

I'm starving though. I haven't eaten any more of those little bugs that Woden has tried to get me to eat. They just made my tummy sick, and I didn't like being sick at all! I tried eating some of the mushrooms on the trees, and I suppose that's not bad, but...they...they remind me of eating the flesh of those darling little fawns...

Oh what have I become? Torn between becoming what these deer want me to be and returning to my old desires. I don't know how much more of this I can take!"
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((Hey Quad, just letting you

((Hey Quad, just letting you know that 'Hmon' is actually Liam! c: I was originally going to call him that, but then I thought no one would be able to pronounce it, haha. XD In any case, Liam is enjoying Nek's company, even though he still in not aware of her, er, diet. I guess he shall know soon enough since Nek is quickly getting tired of maggots, eep!))
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((Got it, thanks! By the way

((Got it, thanks! By the way if you see Nek running off and coming back to the mushroom hill, she's trying to mini Marik over there

Also I see Flammel is watching Nek. May be a bad situation soon))
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((Yay, more minis! c:

((Yay, more minis! c: Uh-oh... Flammel's a registered enemy, I presume? :<)
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Yep, because he saw first

Yep, because he saw first hand Nek drag away a fawn. He feels really guilty that he wasn't able to save the fawn, so he's after her because of that.
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Very guilty indeed.. He won't

Very guilty indeed..
He won't approach without reason but he's keeping a very close eye on her.
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Haha I wanted to sneeze off

Haha I wanted to sneeze off her mini spell but I didn't know if Flammel would take that as an act of aggression. I think Nek is really enjoying the company she has gotten, it's what she's really wanted - being accepted.

But it doesn't cure her from her cravings...and very soon they may get the best of her.
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Nah, go ahead and sneeze it

Nah, go ahead and sneeze it off. xD I'll understand as his player and keep him reined.~
Exactly.. he knows that, and it's tugging at his frayed nerves.
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Nanetta: "You seem so sad,

Nanetta: "You seem so sad, spider doe. I notice that Woden is trying to help you with your... "cravings" yes? If there's anything at all I can do to help I will... I do love the fawns though, I don't think I could stop myself from getting inbetween you and a fawn if your cravings get the better of you; but as I said, if there's anything I can do to help, I'd be honored..."
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o3o Tracking.~ Nek's such a

o3o Tracking.~

Nek's such a cool looking bugger. I've always admired her. Dunno why I never tracked before. /fail XD
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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Tracking! ^^

Tracking! ^^
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"It seems things are getting

"It seems things are getting better. I tried the grubs again along with Woden's flowers, and they seemed to be better this time than before. I just need to eat a little and not let my hunger get to me. Liam is also helping me consider trying bark, seems a little unusual to eat bark. Oh well, it may be the best thing to try.

I bumped into Trivial today, who has offered to help me with some kind of weird forest magic (although he used some word...'Voodoo'). I suppose it would be okay to try...maybe he can help me with my appetite.

I also felt very happy today, being able to help Honeyfur with her wounds. I wrapped her torso with my silk and was able to give her a bandage to cover the scabs. I'm glad to finally be able to help someone for once, and she seemed like such a sweet makes me wonder what ever attacked her.

Lastly, I seem to have noticed some intense ill will from that stag, Flammel. He was very protective of Nanetta, who seemed to trust me a little more than earlier. I tried to be nice to her, but I think her stag took it the wrong way and thought I was going to harm her. I'm going to try to keep my distance from him from now on. I did notice he was watching me earlier when I was resting with Liam near the Ruins. What a creeper.

Such an eventful day...this certainly is better than the old, fearful days of hunting. I only hope that this acceptance these deer seem to have of little ol' me keeps up. I'd be devastated if I lost their trust."
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During the night, the spider

During the night, the spider doe was awoken by a familiar voice.

"Nekumbra!", Iugulare snapped at her. She sat up, alarmed for the moment, and then relaxed.

"Oh, it's only you, Iugulare...", she replied.

The stoat tilted her head, "What do you mean by that? And what are you doing? Have you forgotten what your job is? Why are you dancing and playing with our prey?", she barked at the doe.

Nekumbra didn't answer. She had stopped following Iugulare's orders when she ran into Woden. The chain of events from the previous days...this intervention that the forest deer had gotten her into...things had certainly changed.

"No answer? Let me propose this to you then...", Iugulare spoke, immediately pouncing on Nekumbra. Her paws began to melt into the spider-doe's fur and skin, causing her to cringe and writhe from the infectious burn. "Now you listen to me, Nekumbra! I will not let your little escapade compromise my plans! Abandon those fools you are trying to befriend, quit starving yourself with these disgusting food alternatives, and go hunt your fawns. You are supposed to be thinning these wretched deers' numbers, remember?", she snarled angrily, her clouded eyes unblinking, staring into Nekumbra's own.

The stoat jumped off, and turning she began to leave the spider doe's den. But she stopped and said one last thing, "You have two options - obey me and eat the fawns, or Anirapio will make a meal out of you. I will be watching your actions, so make your choice." She ran off, disappearing into the shadows.

Nekumbra was left alone here, shuddering at the choice she had to make. Woden...Liam...Honeyfur...I'm sorry...but what choice do I have now?, she thought. Her mind had already been made up.
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(And the plot

(And the plot thickens.~dundunDUUUNN)

He kept observint that

He kept observint that strange creature in front of him while she spoke. He wasn't afraid of her... no... just cautious...
After all he didn't trust anyone.

He giggled.

"So, so, so... hehe well have... hmmm... have to admit i haven't heart anything about you, pretty girl... yes...?" He showed his sharp, fang-like teeth in a wide gring, what was strangely distorted by the scars in his face....