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His ears twitched back whe

His ears twitched back whe the stag put his head on his back. He felt the touch...
... a strange smile crept on his face, while he turned his head away... it seemed like something lured behind it... and as if he would enjoy this closeness... in his own special way.

"Oh... a god...? Hm no... not exactly..." he turned his head again, the false look in his face again... a soft smile, a caring look... "Yes... I am happy..." he chuckled, turned his gaze away again.

"No need to thank me... Saburo."


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He understood. He felt a lie

He understood. He felt a lie very good. He was not a young naive boy, he was enough old to understand when somebody say truth and when not. But actually, he always had a strong intuition. For this, he often paid headaches.
And he was okay with that. Really. Why not. All have a reasons to lie.

That was even intresting.

"mmm. Powerfull. but not a god. I like it " - the light smirk slipped across his face. He enjoyed a comfortable warm body of Typhus.
He raised his head to look up to him again. "You know? I don't care who a you. And this is no matter what will you do next. I feel you warm, that you already give me. Even if you didn't notice that. So thank you...." -he looks a very seriously in that moment. He lowered his eyes for a moment, as if he wanted to say something else, and he looks a little sad. Than he lay down again.



He looked into his eyes for a

He looked into his eyes for a moment, then he started to smile again, lowered his gaze once more.
The devil chuckled... so, so... that one didn't care what we will do next?
How interesting.

However for now he kept up his masquerade.

"What I do next? ... Hm what should I do next...? he stretched out his legs a little more, threw back his head... in the same movement the skullmask seemed to crumble, vanished from his face.
He shook his head rapily... yes. Much better.
"Oh... I notice... I notice... don't you think I don't enjoy that as well...?" he chuckled again... of course he did. He enjoyed any kind of closeness...
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He pricked up his ears, but

He pricked up his ears, but he was a still relax on the Typhus's back.
" know better what you should do next....Typhus."-was something really strange in whole this dialog. As playing with fire? Definitely..
he noted that skullmask disappeared. Kind of magic? ... Who are you , stranger?
" know better what you should do next....Typhus. I know just one thing. If the star has already appeared in the sky, it definitely will fall. No matter what we will do."- so just don't be fast in you decisions, and give me a time to sit here. Just a simple sit.

He smiled. Yes, he was right, they both enjoyed this closeness. Just in different ways. But this is no matter.
"I can't know everything for sure. isn't it? ..."

(first: sorry for the long

(first: sorry for the long delay... spent the weekend at my boyfirend's house. ^^ )

"What I should do next? he chuckled again, yawned. "It is merely... what I want to do next... hmhm... and... for now... well... I have all time in the world..."

He glanced down to the other stag, still a tiny smirk on his lips. Sounded almost like he suspected something...

"... sounds almost... like the star is eager to fall... hmh?" He lifted up his tail, stroke the hair out of saburos face.
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We're talking conundrums. He

We're talking conundrums. He smiled in strange mix of wild and soft smile.
"...all time for what?...i think, I heard this phrase before...but I don't remember, when..and who said this..."

"well...seems so...who knows."- it's started a headache. Saburo shaked his head a few times.
"but in real...i think it was simply inevitable. Like the autumn comes after summer....but the star is still fly, isn't it?"- Damn headache...
He raised his head sharply and strongly bite a his shoulder. Small trickles of red blood appeared on the blue fur.
But the pain in the head decreased.

"All time for anything I do."

"All time for anything I do." his eyes rested on the stag again.

He watched him... watched how he bit his own shoulder... watched the blood dripping out.
There was no reaction in his face, just a strange spark of interest that shone in his eyes.
Thyphus turned around so that he was able to touch the shoulder of the other one.

His forked tongue ran over the small wound, licked off the blood.
He snickered.

"Saburo... Saburo... be careful where you spill this liquid...."
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He flattened his ears and

He flattened his ears and shivered when he felt a touch on the shoulder. "What?..." He saw forked tongue , and Typhus's face. This was unexpected.

He can't say something during some time, he was confused. But the most thing that confused he a most of all was that he liked this.
" ... ........... ? .... .... ........?? " - he looked around at a loss and looked at the Typhus.

".you...what..... Typhus.....well.... hmm....seems you know better...about ...this...liquid..." -he wanted run away and hide somewhere. But he sat as stone.

The sudden change in the

The sudden change in the stags behaviour let him laugh... he lifted his head and grinned.
Oh... he liked that.

Seemed... this action confused the other one... a little bit.

He chuckled once more, curled up around Saburop almost like a snake, let out a satisfied purr.
"What's it Saburo... you seem nervous...? Did I do something wrong...?" he tilted his head. "Oh... yes.... a little bit I know ..."
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he felt like a rabbit in in

he felt like a rabbit in in the embrace of well-fed boas.
" know...of course not! I am absolutely calm. " -said he really nervous .
But Typhus was so was ...

" are doing's just so... unusual for me...kinda unexpected..." - he seems more relaxed now.
Enchanting warm reassured ... forced to breathe evenly ...
Finally, he turned and put his face to Typhus neck.
"you are strange..." -said he as a young boy to his first love. But then he add absolutely serious, with cold face -"and I'm afraid you."

"Absolutely calm."he repeated

"Absolutely calm."he repeated with an amused smirk on his lips. He stated to enjoy this little game... oh yes...

"Hmh... unusual?... Oh... I am sorry... that's... my nature..." he sighed, put down his head, obviously relaxed now.

"Strange...? Hm... maybe... yes... but... you don't need to be affraid. All I want... Is to help... and to comfort."
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don't kill meh D: xDD of

don't kill meh D:

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*has a death here* xDD

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