Saburo [Biography]

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Under constraction.*
feel free to contact with me:
skype: rivercatra

UPDATE: Bio is not actually correct, need time to fix it.

name: Saburo (Sab for short)
gender: male, stag
age: adult (37 for human)
orientation: bisexual
speak in these
set in game: beluga pelt,
default antlers(+candles ,
flowers), magpie mask
or fan mask
(if he didn't wear mask)


current thoughts:

"well, as usual."


*Respects loyal and polite deers.
*Understand if somebody says "No"
*Likes fawns and mini-deers.
*Prefers to be alone, but likes somebody company.
*Desn't likes battles, but will protect friends, or unknown deers if it need.
*Has a poor health, so could be seriously destructed by little kick earlier, but now much stronger and healthier.
*Doesn't trust to skull masked deers, except if he knows it.
*Likes female looking stags, also likes to play in the "games" with other males. Has a posession to males.
*Quite sensitive, prone to mood swings.
*Doesn't active in relations at first, but can be very funny and active with friends.


*please note, deers go in random positions

Atuutluk -beloved mate, old friend, most important doe in the forest.

Bao- little daughter.

Atuuru- daughter

Uroluk- son

Misaki- little boy which need in some warm. like to care about him.

Oliver- adopted brother, missed him a lot.

Donut- adopted sister. First ever friend in the forestmissed her a lot.

Leviathann- old good friend.

Dinah Moon- one more important friend.

Crux, Atlaxis- important old friend.

Jokerman- strong doe, wich keep a good company. Friend.

Emmy- funny lady, friend.

Crybaby- long-time acquaintance.

Ephire- still not sure, but important deer. Saburo like his as soul brother, even if this is not mutually. Friend.

Dampir- friend.

Nidhem- a very good acquaintance.

Herla- something a bit less than friend, but only because of not so much time spended together.

Tieff- one of the strange relations. sab feels something to him, but not understand him at all.

Ravus- good acquaintance.

Estme- long-time freind.

Bu- little funny friend.

Rumen- good acquaintance.

Sianna- good feelings to her.

Geography- strange relation. Sab afraid and likes him. He likes to be in company of this stag, anyway.

Darcy- just acquaintance, may be.

Kagekaze- acquaintance.

*let me know, if I missed somebody, or write name wrong


tracktrack. <3


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*Gasps!* A Saburo bio!

*Gasps!* A Saburo bio! *Tracks*
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I think I've ran past you

I think I've ran past you several times without noticing that you were Atuutluk's friend. I do that all the time.

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Aha~! I think I saw you

Aha~! I think I saw you today. My fawn enjoyed some peaceful company. c:
This you?

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I've noticed you

I've noticed you around.

*agrees with Celes* So YOU

*agrees with Celes*

So YOU are the Saburo ^-^

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PrairieWolf, <3<3<3
CelesteLune, realy, we can spend with Atu a little part of time, we have a such different timezone((
Emerald, yes, it's me)) Thank you for company)
BrokkenSaint, ^^
Kittyo8, Smiling

Oh my goodness, one of my

Oh my goodness, one of my favorite names! <333

He seems to have a very genuine character--not at all flat.
Fish is intrigued :v
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FishBiscuit, thank you)

FishBiscuit, thank you)
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So you're the one who was

So you're the one who was sitting next to Crybaby :3 -tracks- &hearts
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Yeh, glad to see you))

Yeh, glad to see you))

Ra! Why were you showing me

Ra! Why were you showing me all them? X- D lol
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))))) I thought, that you

))))) I thought, that you should know all them))) Just in case you meet somebody of them in the forest))

heeh, but when near you was a littel fawn it was so cute)) It seems that it is Atu's child )))
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You can directly link it to

You can directly link it to his bio, the other blog is just my updates-blog ; )
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Oh, sorry)) fixed)))

Oh, sorry)) fixed)))
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Ah it's ok xDDD thank you c:

Ah it's ok xDDD thank you c:


Ah, alright.

Ah, alright. <3<3<3

It was adorable. I actually thought the same. ^^;<3

By the way, the little picture in your signature is neat. I like how the white silhouette behind him seems like wings and a beak. :3
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I now realize I've seen him

I now realize I've seen him around a lot. ^^*track*
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Tracking <3

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MrsHalloween, TheSnalf

MrsHalloween, TheSnalf <3
SnowSauria, ^^

PrairieWolf and others, I'm leaving my home for two weeks, until 20 aug, so Saburo leaving too. But we have different reasons, Saburo go to looking for one little deer.

I love you all...)))


Aww, ok. Will miss you and

Aww, ok. Will miss you and Saburo, Ra! <3<3<3

Yay! Ra and Sabu' is back! *Hugs!*

(: i like this profile

(: i like this profile
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PrairieWolf, aw)))) Thank you

PrairieWolf, aw)))) Thank you for your kind words...and where is Atu' ...? Saburo miss her...)) And me too)
RaQu, I'm glad you find this) Thank you for great time near the crying idol...)
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My doe Lily is currently

My doe Lily is currently sleeping near Sab in a patch of violets. She likes the new friend; sometimes even the silliest creature in the forest needs some moments of peace and companionship. She was also the biggest crow dancing earlier with Talla Smiling

.:.:~Activates trackzilla~:.:.
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Oh, so this is you)) Saburo

Oh, so this is you)) Saburo played with Lily before this some times, if you remember)
I'm enjoy, your company, thank you))


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3linmaya, <3<3<3<3 <3<3<3
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Heh sorry for Lily walking so

Heh sorry for Lily walking so slow, hobbling and sitting so much today, she got her leg injured yesterday while she was fooling around Cutlass&Riptail (her new dangerous hobby). And 5 minutes ago Cut's antlers hitted her head and shoulders straightly (ouch, although you probably noticed that) and she ran to the trees. She's happy that Saburo stood with her anyway |')
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Oh, Saburo was sad to see

Oh, Saburo was sad to see that, because he not like dangerous, and he don't like to annoy someone...Saburo ask her, why she is doing this...But anyway Saburo not leave Lily)
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Even if Saburo left Lily, it

Even if Saburo left Lily, it would be hard to make Lily leave Saburo xD She really appreciates his company and if he got away she would limp after him and nuzzle him to death. And if he kept running away she'd probably treat him like Cut and Rip, I don't know ;p

Is Saburo going to

Is Saburo going to participate in The Rut this year? My one character, Zanny, will be. I may throw Atu' in there just to have a doe running around. :- P
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Could you tell me what is The

Could you tell me what is The Rut, and when it will be, please? I don't know what is it(

Basically it will be like how real deer spar/fight for does in the mating season. No actual mating happens but participating stags/bucks will spar and try to impress does. Just an event some players put together for some fun.



It was good to see you and

It was good to see you and Saburo tonight. : ) I just caught sight of you right before going to bed! lol
Atu' has missed Sabu'. <3
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Thanks for spending time with

Thanks for spending time with Tails today! He was a little confused at first, but appreciated the company. Smiling
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Oh, that's you)) Thank you

Oh, that's you)) Thank you too)


track <3

Heh, hadn't seen Saburo

Heh, hadn't seen Saburo around in a while. Nice to sit with him again. Sorry for Crux's wary actions, she's been a little overwhelmed by others today.
also - track!

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Don't worry, we had a nice

Don't worry, we had a nice time together ^^

Emmy had fun playing and

Emmy had fun playing and sitting with him today! ^^ Thanks for the fun <3
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Ohhhh, thank you too

Ohhhh, thank you too <3 Saburo was glad to Emmy company^^ And he was realy sad, when he didn't noted when she leaved him .

Dear Saburo?

Dear Saburo? <3

Marry christmas Saburo

Marry christmas Saburo <3
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I see you on the map, sitting

I see you on the map, sitting with Cry ♥ (I'm in school right now and can't get in forest, it's opened at home).
It's nice to see you (or... actually not rofl) again : )

I miss seeing Saburo around.

I miss seeing Saburo around. :(

^ I second that.

^ I second that.