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('the witch' he had lost here

('the witch' he had lost here ;D aaand.. sorry.. left the room for a moment |D )

Ah por girl... troubled she was... Dang it he would just leave her alone and sulk here if she would carry a promising... maybe the only... hint he had...

He looked at her, slightly confused as she stood up... winced when she charged at the tree... for a moment thinking this attack would be directed towards him.
He bit his tongue once more... swallowed another curse... and much more.
...the smile stayed on his face, though.

"A drink, yeha."... and a psychologist.

He shook his head as she stormed of, got up on his hooves.... to follow her again
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Chilling water soothed the

Chilling water soothed the large doe's temper, the liquid is a beautiful thing to her.
Her eyes closed, a more content feeling rushing through her veins as she lifted her head and looked to the stag. She snorted and dug at the mud and rocks beneath the water's surface with her hooves, then slowly made her way to the shore.

"I don't understand your fascination with me." She admitted quite bluntly, watching him very carefully.
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He let her romp in the water,

He let her romp in the water, prefared to stay on the sore.
Water was not exactly his element... and that not only because of the most obvious reason of him being a creature of hell.

He watched her, moderate interest in his face, a faint, ploite smile.
... though... in thoughts far away, cursing... thinking about ways to torture this beeing to get this information he want much quicker...
... but...
A more subtile way was needed here.

He sighed "Well... it... may sound stupid but... I am a bit loneley here." he nodded slightly.... "And I have to say.... I really enjoyed your company last time we met." he chuckled, thinking back to this.

Yes... some things there where indeed positive...
Mauvable's picture

She blinked and cocked her

She blinked and cocked her head, then shrugged it off to lay down. The doe neatly folded her legs beneath her body, and nodded or him to join if he wanted. He was...... interesting to say the least.

Perhaps he wasn't... no, shouldn't speak too soon. His company was pleasant, and she had enjoyed the last time they had met.

"You are welcome to come and find me whenever you wish."
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He kept watching her... ... a

He kept watching her...
... a habit he would propably never get rid off.

His face stayed friendly... allthough he secretly wanted to jump on that creature just to get the information he wanted...

Why was it so complicated here...

He nodded slightly "Oh thank you... i think... i will do that then..." ohh and how he would do that...

"Feeling better now...?" he rose an eyebrow, while he looked at her.
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What? Where you the deer that

What? Where you the deer that Shika and Natali attacked? They were angry because you messed with the birds. Which Shika defiantly didnt like at all.
aldebaran's picture

Yes typhus was the deer. And

Yes typhus was the deer. And yes he was aware they where angry about that...
... but he didn't care about since he generally doesn't care about anyone xD
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Migisi's inner thoughts:

Migisi's inner thoughts:
"Just hand over the earring luv and this will all go away..."

Oh, sweet chaos -chuckle-
aldebaran's picture

oh, yes, yes... sweet chaos

oh, yes, yes... sweet chaos <3

rofl... even if he knew he wouldn't |D he has fun in this, i believe...
Shiori's picture

Hmmmm...She will have to

Hmmmm...She will have to switch to...NINJA TACTICS.
aldebaran's picture

xD *has a ninja dressed

xD *has a ninja dressed Migisi in her mind now*
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Don't go to sleep, Typhus.

Don't go to sleep, Typhus. Don't. Sleep O_____O

Oh this must be drawn.
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Totally did not implant a

Totally did not implant a tracking bug into this room.

... *tackle-glomps typhus and

*tackle-glomps typhus and clings to him*
Oh Typhus, you amuse me so much. <3 <3 <3

You know you aren't getting him back, right? Laughing out loud
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Keep him. |D "Ohyes....

Keep him. |D

"Ohyes.... keep me <3

Okay! ...wait...I

...wait...I don't.....I don't think I completely thought this through. D:
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"DEAL!" *clings to* "...and

"DEAL!" *clings to* "...and for that i get your soul now, right?"

Pfft, What are you talking

Pfft, What are you talking about? I don't have a soul, you silly man.

Anyway, I think I'll stop spamming this page now. xD;;
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"Not anymore now, no."

"Not anymore now, no." *chuckles*

omnomnomnom spam. xD

WAIT. WAIT. ::skid

::skid in::






[e] Oman you so ninja'd me.

Side account of Cicadia

Tee-hee. Sorry luv', I'm a

Tee-hee. Sorry luv', I'm a redhead. I never had a soul to begin with. <3

Lawl, I know I wasn't gonna spam anymore, but... ....Yeah, I don't have an excuse. *crawls away*

Quote:"Hm, hm, hm. Why so

"Hm, hm, hm. Why so nervous...? "

Her tongue swirled about her mouth before she spat the word. "Nervous?"

"No, not nervous. Kaon is mine.I'm doing little more then staking my claim. Openly."

Side account of Cicadia
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"Kaon?" ... it took him a few

"Kaon?" ... it took him a few moments until he realized she was talking about the fawn. A sharp grin appreared on his face.
"Oho. Hmhmhm.... actually I came for you, pretty... but... interesting to know that you care for that little one... yes...interesting... hm hm..."

He should meomorize this name.

Shifting on the spot, she

Shifting on the spot, she jostled the fawn closer to her belly.

"I hope you aren't assuming over there. I didn't birth him, and I don't think of him as if I did. He's simply mine." Her head bowed, to offer the child a sharp eyed glance. "Fleet footed, evasive, and mine."

Her neck jerked to its previous, alert arch, eyes narrowing, subtle amusement.
"You didn't find her, did you?"

Side account of Cicadia
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"My name's Kaoori... I think

"My name's Kaoori... I think I may have seen you before, at the ruins.. so, I figured I'd come over here and offer some friendly company. You looked a bit lonely."
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@Labstrake "Yours... hmhm...

"Yours... hmhm... so so... yours." He chuckled, the talk of the doe remining him of an angry, stubborn child.

"But whatever is yours, can be taken away, right?" his voice sounded sweet, without the slightest hint of a threat. He maybe found a way to get her.

Her next words let him chuckle again.

Hm... so the little doe saw him before. He though, couldn't remember he saw her before.
Well... maybe he had been busy observing someone else at that time.

A smile appeared on his lips. "Oh... Kaoori... hmhm... how nice of you. Company is always apreciated..." he chuckled.
"You can call me typhus..." He cocked his head slightly, haveing a careful look at the little doe next to him.

When her head tilted, her

When her head tilted, her mane, too, fell to one side. "There are some things that can't be taken away."

A moment for thought, before she spoke to him in a very direct manner. "You have things that can't be taken, don't you? Or are you really so superficial?"

Side account of Cicadia
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"Everything can be taken

"Everything can be taken away." he repeated once more.

He was determinded by that. Some things may easier than others.... but there was always a way to take everything from one beeing. Worldly posessions... as well as hopes... dreams...
... even faith.

It was often... just a matter of time.

He smirked again.
"What is it then.... that can't be taken from you, hmh, my pretty?"
Kaoori's picture

"Typhus.." It seemed as if

"Typhus.." It seemed as if the little doe had trouble pronouncing his name. She noticed he had been gazing in the direction of the one who had been sitting in the pond. "Do you.. like her?"
aldebaran's picture

He glanced down to the

He glanced down to the smaller one.
For a moment he just looked at Kaoori, an indefinable look on his face...
... then he had to grin...
... a wide grin, showing his sharp fangs.

"Yes..." he replied then, without hesitation... before he looked back to the doe in the water again... the grin vanishing... a sad look in his eyes now.
"... sadly... she doesn't seem to like me."
At least those words... where not a lie.
Kaoori's picture

Those fangs were frightening,

Those fangs were frightening, and the little doe's ears pinned back, eyes widening. They vanished as soon as they appeared, however, leaving the doe to question whether she had even seen them. "Th-that's a shame. I wonder why. You seem to be good, quiet company."
aldebaran's picture

He cocked his head and smiled

He cocked his head and smiled to her... this time... les intimidataing.

"Oh... thank you Kaoori... I can only return that compliment..."
The dark pelted stag turned his head again, looking over the pond.

"How did you guess I like that doe there...?" he smirked "You are quite observant, aren't you?"
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Track. o:

Track. o:
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derptrack <3


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"Nice to meet you...stranger"

"Nice to meet you...stranger" -blue male deer greeted as polite, as he can. "You here. Because of 'she', right? well, if you want I can leave...if this need of course."
aldebaran's picture

The ears of the stag perked

The ears of the stag perked up as the stranger begun to speak. He slightly tilted his head "Mh... excuse me?... I am here for no one... just enjoying company..." a smirk crept on his face. This time it wasn't even a lie... he was done with the pretty face, was just here to kill some boredom...
... and to look out for the next possible target...

"... and I have to say it is a really nice gathering... would be a pity if you'd leave..." this time... at least the second part was the truth... the stag could be a target as well..
RiverCatRa's picture

"Oh, I'm sorry for this

"Oh, I'm sorry for this mistake ...really..." - he seemed a confused a bit. He was a disconcerted, when heard what a stranger said. "Of course, yes, it's a good to meet somebody new here" - and somebody really 'intresting'. Something scared him in the stranger, but this attracted even more.
"All changes, strangers politely and kind, when friends become cold and distant....what...oh, newermind, this is just my'm Saburo... Could I know who are you?"

really really please ignore my mistakes, english is not my strong side D:
aldebaran's picture

The smirk calmed down to a

The smirk calmed down to a polite smile... the black furred stag changed his weight a bit, putting his full attention to the the stranger now "Saburo... hmhm an interesting name..." he nodded his tail flicked slightly "My name is Typhus... " he cocked his head slightly, an interested look in his eyes "Oh.. and... please... don't hesitate to share your thoughts... I am always willing to listen...." ... especialy if they may could reveal some secret desires...


(its okay mine isn't perfect either xD
Oh and sorry for the afk-ness, had to drive my mum to the supermarket ^^)
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"Typhos...your name seems

"Typhos...your name seems dangerous" - little sign of worry flashed in Sab's eyes. But this was a just for moment.
He smiled . "It's a good to know your name, thank you...but I asked who you are. this a little different things, isn't it?" - there definitely was something in Typhus. something 'black'.

"You so kind....well. I just lost some friends... It's not always easy to forget somebody... Even if i'm somewhere alone, I remember about all who gets a little place in my heart. and when they ignore you...empty. ...... full empty...."

(don't worry about this c: I can loose internet connection in any moments for a long time because of a great Russian Internet Service Providers, or just something else happened x)
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He chuckled "Oh... don't

He chuckled "Oh... don't worry... that is really just the sound of it..." he nodded before he chuckled once more "Oh you are right, of course, but... its the best to start off with a name, isn't it?" His voice was calm and friendly the whole time... as if he really ment no harm.

"But who i am.. that is such a deep, philosophical question... who would be honestly able to answer? Hm... lets say I am a visitor to this lovely forest, wanting to get you and your world to know better..." he nodded, shifted his weight once more, then his ears perked up again, as if he listened carefully.

"Oh, I am really sorry to hear about that... that sounds..." he seem to search for the right word.. "... terrible... hm... did you... have a fight of some kind...?"

(ah okay xD)
RiverCatRa's picture

"Yes, it is " - he stepped

"Yes, it is " - he stepped aside for a moment and coughed. Then he turns to him again.
"Oh, what? well... intresting. You don't same with other deers. You something another, I think." - he understand that Typhus will not say more.
"He don't like to talk about himself? at least not with all strangers"-thought Saburo and smiled again.

"it's not a good, you right... What? Fight? " -he little laughed in surprise-"I'm not a fighter....even if I have horns and ...and even if I'm I think if I will fight opponent just easy kill me ...hah... the half of my life i just try don't die ... so...yeah..." - he was in his deep thoughts. His eyes looked into himself.
After some silent, he turns to Typh again and smiled. "But I think this is a good in the same time. I'm little....hmmm....unstable somethimes in my actions. So If I was healthy and strong....I don't know.... I could have done a lot .... terrible ..."
aldebaran's picture

"Oh yes... i am ...

"Oh yes... i am ... different."he nodded and decided to let it be with that. He had no problem to tell others what he really was.... it was just sometimes a little more clever to keep that secret if he wanted to get another soul...

Now it was him who chuckled again "Oh... you misnunderstood me... i ment.... if you and your... friends had some kind... of discussion... or something similar that made it so.... hm difficult between you...?" he had a closer look at the stag "Hm... you don't seem to be some kind of 'danger' to me... and... you don't seem to be weak as well... that is surprising to hear..." he smirked.

... maybe there was some chance...?
RiverCatRa's picture

" you see? I loose a

" you see? I loose a half of your words...thats my problem I think. "
Saburo smiled and he was confused again.
"hmm...discussion...I don't know. ...seems no...I don't like conflicts. I wish all can understand each others....I think.... I just not ideal, I'm too much nervous. so ...and when something happen, I just leave. .... hmmm. and.... some little things, they hurt me a much more than real dangers. But. Wait. Of course, I don't want to be 'danger' for anybody, but. Sometimes I losing my mind. It was be once or more.... And I hurt a friendly good deer. Just because I didn't controll myself. ahrhh...." -it was a suddenly change in Sab's eyes. He was in rage and grinding his teeth. "I hate myself for this! oh..." - but then he coughed and turned pale.
"I'm sorry. " - he turned away and stopped.
aldebaran's picture

A strange smile appeare on

A strange smile appeare on his lips, half hidded behind the broken skull he wore as a mask... and only lasting for a moment...

"Oh... no need to be sorry... really..." his voice had a calming tone now, his eyes showed something, that seem to be pity...
... though... like everything it was faked...

"I wish... I wish I could do something to help you or... ease you a little bit hm... but... but I don't know..." he sighed, obviously deeply moved by his words... and feeling truely the wish to help...
... well... he felt it in way... though.... just for a certain price, of course.
RiverCatRa's picture

Saburo slowely turned his

Saburo slowely turned his face to Typhus face and looked at him. He looked into his eyes, stared for a long time, almost at point blank. He tried to understand his eyes.

"Typhus.... what you feel when is nothing happened, don't matter 'good' or 'bad'?...when you feels ok, and obviously 'all good' with you and your life?......I feel bored, Typhus...."-said he almost in whisper, and ?urve grin distorted his facial features. It was a smile of masochist.
"I love, I don't think you can help me. Because I don't need in help. ...
but thank you..."
- his eyes and face was soft again, as if they talk about something pleasant.
aldebaran's picture

A strange shine appeared in

A strange shine appeared in the stags eyes "So... you love pain, hm?... I could give you a lot of them..." he chuckled, as if this was just a joke... what it certainly wasn't.

"Oh... you say you need no help? Hm for me it looks entirely different... for me you look like one single scream for help...." he lowered his head slightly, shifted his weight once more, so that he came closer to the other stag. "Please... all I want is to see those around me happy...and I have such great possibilities to help... it would be terrible if I would just sit and watch..." his voice was sweet now, luring... but also sad...
RiverCatRa's picture

It comes too far now. Blue

It comes too far now. Blue stag just worried about why he told all about him to the stranger.
"What you mean...'great possibilities to help'?... yes, you right. I'm need help, but... please don't be offended ..... this world keeps in balance, and if something will be changed, will be changed whole system. So...if I get some help, i'm afraid this will change all around me. There no any guarantees that this will be better them now.... "
He don't like this theme now.

" know? may be you can understand me. What you think about a warm between two deers, even when they don't know each other? No words, no gender, no anything. Just a warm...I like this. Can you give me some of your warm? "- he was not expecting that he say this. Saburo was surprised at his words." He's definitely a strange effect on me."
aldebaran's picture

He tiled his head slightly,

He tiled his head slightly, took a look up in the sky "Oh lets say, i am more powerfull than... any other of the deer here around..." he had the feeling he would come any further here...
... but... that was okay... he had all the time in the world.

"Warm..." he repeated, as if he knew what the stag was talking about... though, he had absolutely no idea... anyhow, he decided to play this game... he would certainly not give up this soul that easily.

A warm smile appeared on his face as he looked back to Saburo "Of course..." he replied softly.
RiverCatRa's picture

"hmmm....sound intresting. so

"hmmm....sound intresting. so you something like a...god? well... if you so powerfull, and so kind with all deers around.... are you happy ? .... "
Saburo stand, and come closer to Typhus to feel his body. He sat and put his head and neck on Typhus's back.
[like this]

"thank you... "- said he almost in whisper...and closed eyes.

I feel like I'm sitting on time bomb c:]