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16 - 1 - 12


I have been feeling a little bit better today. I still have a lot of things on my mind though, unanswered questions. Things that seem to be lingering, things that sometimes make me a little sad. I awoke from a large patch of dense grasses to find the birch forest completely quiet; the forest itself was really quite nice. I made sure to look around me and listen to my instincts in case there were predators lurking, the birch forest grass is really tall after all. And even though I looked my hardest, I started to smell blood, and then some more familiar scents...
They must have escaped my vision, how could I have missed them! I raced over to them jumping and laughing. “Gehirn! Herla!” It took me a moment to realise there was another deer curled up beside a tree, it also seemed to be the deer that smelt of blood. I couldn’t see it at first, but when he lifted his head….

“V-Virgil? Virgil!”

I was so excited to see him I gave him a really big nuzzle, but I didn’t understand why he was hurt. His face was swollen and covered with blood, he even seemed to have difficulty breathing. I was kind of scared, I hope he is okay. I made sure to stay really close to the group, especially Virgil. Maybe if I sat close enough I would make him feel warmer and he would get better? Suddenly Herla roused my attention and called me over as another deer slowly approached us. She seemed really happy to see him. He was black and white. Gehirn is black and Herla is white, so I reckon it was their son. They said his name was Ciel. I…I was a little shy and hid behind Gehirn’s antlers, but I did end up saying hello. “H-hello Ciel. My name is Sterre!” Herla seemed really happy that we got to meet each other though, so maybe Ciel is really nice.

Suddenly Gehirn is running about, he seemed a little tense, and all of a sudden Herla was starting to walk away from the birch. Virgil got up too and called me away from him. I wonder what was going on. Herla and I followed but Ciel stayed close to Gehirn. I kept pawing at the ground and asked him to follow though, because it seemed important. We eventually found ourselves close to the crying idol and that made me really happy, it’s one of my most favourite places. I ran and jumped around, and Ciel started to play too! Herla stood close to Virgil and brought out some…things from behind her feathers. I didn’t understand and walked over to watch intently. She was putting things on Virgil’s scar, I think she is trying to make him better, but Virgil didn’t really like it very much. Herla scolded him though and he let her. Ciel was watching too, it is really quite interesting. Herla suddenly talked about Tulip roots. I wonder what those are? Ciel was curious too and we both asked what it was. Herla made sure to tell us that it was Poison. Then why was she giving It to Virgil? Gehirn eventually said it was medicine for old deer. Hmm, I guess its not poisonous to grown-ups. Im nearly grown up, Ill have to ask Herla for some when I am sick too!

Herla finished up and Virgil was really quiet glad that it was over. Now there was nothing to watch, Ciel and I kept running and jumping around. Y’know, he is really quiet a good jumper and runner! I like Ciel, he is r-really quite fun to be around.

We kept laughing and jumping for awhile, when Ciel suddenly ran off. There was another doe that had a face like his in the distance. He must know her, so I followed. “Hello, my name is Sterre, what’s yours?” She seemed really scared and confused, and she had blood on her nose too. Maybe Herla will give her some tulip root mash? She seemed really scared, I don’t really understand why. Ciel and her kept talking and I got a little bored, they were so busy talking. Im here too you know! I walked off and sat with Virgil and the others. Another deer was there too, he had a bird mask and a nasty throat scar. He seemed really quiet though.

Ciel eventually brought the sick doe to us and Herla walked over to introduce herself. She said her name was..Ha..harumy. Harumi. She sat with us for awhile but she soon left. I hope she is okay. Ciel and I sat with the rest of the group for awhile and we both drifted off on occasion. It is nice to sit down quietly…for awhile. But then it gets boring. We started to run and jump around again, and used magic to change out colours. It was lots of fun. Ciel and I had lots of fun, I even showed him the tree. Y’know, I told him that it was just a tree, Otis thinks its mum. I don’t really know, but I feel safe around it. It’s home. Ciel said that anything could be a mother…

I wonder what he meant. But maybe he is right?

After that we found this group of deer. I wouldn’t usually approach another group, but I felt…kind of brave and safe with my new friend Ciel. We even joined in and danced with them. I still think I am a really good dancer y’know.

But eventually I said my goodbyes. Seeya Gehirn! Seeya Herla! Bye Ephire and Virgil!

I made sure to whisper as I nuzzled him
”Byebye Ciel.”

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She's becoming quite the

She's becoming quite the artist!
I really enjoy reading these entry's, and watching her develop... I think I said this before fff...

But she's definately getting better at drawing!
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Awww, charming as always.

Awww, charming as always. The little illustrations are always a treat.

I love how she assumed Ciel was Herla and Gehirn’s son because he was black and white, I guess that might be the reasonable assumption, even though he is in fact adopted.

That was such a fun day it was lovely to get to spend so much time with Sterre.
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@ Vee: She is! I wonder how

@ Vee: She is! I wonder how she will draw when she grows up/matures more..
I am glad you enjoy them ♥

@ Sight: Thankyou!
Hahaha yes, I guess she is starting to figure out the ways of the world. Maybe one day she will understand adoption, after all she herself could be considered 'adopted' but not.
I enjoyed the company. Always good fun ♥

As others have said, she is

As others have said, she is certainly becoming quite the artist!
Sterre is so amazingly adorable kdsfjkasdlj

Great edits, great storytelling! :]
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I don't know how I completely

I don't know how I completely missed this until now T-T
This is amazingly adorable! <3
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I did too! I miss Sterre's

I did too! I miss Sterre's diaries...I always love to see her art Laughing out loud
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@ Shim: She is! I wonder what

@ Shim: She is! I wonder what sort of artist she will develop into? THE NEXT REMBRANDT.
Thankyou C:

@: Faustt: YAY. FINALLY SAW IT. Sterre had lots of fun with mr Ciel. My crappy connection and poor timing hasnt helped in trying to catch up with him again, which is a shame really. He has left some impression. Thankyou ♥

@Ourourarararandfgl: Im glad you enjoy them!