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"Nature changes. Time passes. Strength grows and bones stretch. Living is hard."

The air is often still in this place, and the sunlight always similar. Small flecks of dust and matter descend from the sunbeams, and there is often a chatter of a crow amongst the birches. Dappled light dances across the forest floor and over the often still pond. The Forest, almost too perfect to believe, reflects an idea, a sanctuary; home. Between the trees and shadows lie small flecks of blood and tear stained stones. Between the grasses are worn away paths that led to poor choices, regrets and heartache. To a newcomer, the forest is endless and the warm birch grasses curl and caress as they nap in the summer time sun. To one who grew and fledged beyond their time and years, it is a cage and the roots of the trees bind them against their will. The forest has borders, cracks and unlike its endless concept, its boundaries were in view. It had defined them for so long. Every choice and meeting, every friend, love, kiss, tear, battle, birth, tale; life. Beyond that forest, greater forces had long been in play. Weathered by growth and time, like all things – it was time to move on.

They arrived, each and all of their differences at various points in a significant time and their experiences seemed to mirror a greater power or force. So once again, unbeknownst to the four – they met in a similar place under an old oak tree towards what was understood as the edge. They all carried a rune above their heads as all the others in the forest. They however, knew their identity was defined well beyond it. Each looked to the other and dipped their heads in respect, in another time and place they were all unified as one – and perhaps they still were. The feathered ones gaze was weary – she had seen this ending many times before, although this time she knew it would be final. Ravenflight was always subject to be a martyr, not for her own story, but for a greater forces change; a creators? The others were younger, perhaps they were born from the feathered ones changes?
Words were not exchanged in that small moment, the small band of cervine looking back on the forest below. The eldest one smiled and sat for a moment, inviting the younger girls to join. Sterre sat beside Ravenflight comfortably; Vasana and Jezabelle were reluctant to join. Soon all sat by the forest edge, reflecting.

Had there been another watching from afar, what was witnessed would be mundane – as the four slowly lowered their heads on each other to fall to sleep. Beyond what was seen, far greater forces were at play.

Our characters are often special to us, perhaps some more than others. In the characters we create, we project parts of ourselves. At times it is healing, at times it is damaging. From within ourselves we give a muse, a feeling; a thought a tangible form. We grow, we change, we regret, we desire, we battle; birth and death, these characters become subject to it all. Perhaps in time you will come to reflect on that and smile. Perhaps it becomes a large part of our lives for some – an escape for others, and sometimes, like a fledgling bird we gain the ability to fly and see beyond the ground that lies ahead. On the path that is sometimes trod, we know we can no longer return nor reclaim a time that was once so special.


When the characters awoke, the chatter of crows, flecks of dust, light and shadow trees and pond had changed. They no longer walked a hall of mirrors, where boundaries were given the impression of being infinity – reflected endlessly. For the forest, they had moved on. Always to exist within that greater forces heart – the force that drove them, the one they would never understand.
They stood in a new realm, one of infinite possibilities, for life had changed again.

And isn’t that exciting.

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We will always remmeber, but

We will always remmeber, but it is time to move on. Farewell.
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hurts my heart to see this,

hurts my heart to see this, but i wish you all the best in the world. ♥ farewell.
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You will be very missed. You

You will be very missed. You and all of your stunning, amazing characters.
Best wishes ♥
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I think this echoes a lot of

I think this echoes a lot of my own sentiments currently. Our characters are going on in different ways now, the old ways are just not suitable anymore, and that’s okay too. I’m not seeing it as an ending but just a changing. Growing pains hurt sometimes. We’ll find our way.
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take care ♥

take care ♥
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What a lovely goodbye

What a lovely goodbye <3
But we will miss you. I enjoyed your art and characters so much but change sometimes is good.
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I can relate to every bit of

I can relate to every bit of this. This place is a sanctuary, but eventually it becomes nothing more than a cage though the characters are still so precious to their creators.

Goodbye. I'm glad you're able to move on.
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Argh, I wanted to cry when I

Argh, I wanted to cry when I read this.

Farewell, even if I didn't know you nor your character(s], I will remember you. I loved your art.
Best of luck for you. So sad that I stil want to cry. ;w;
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Farewell and take care

Farewell and take care ♥
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Take care. < 3

Take care. < 3
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:c <3
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Your presence here will be

Your presence here will be remembered. <3 It was always so cool to see a character of yours around, like seeing a celebrity.
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Best of luck!

Best of luck!

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

Be safe, be well.

Be safe, be well.
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This brought tears to my eyes

This brought tears to my eyes !
Take care and i am sure you will never be forgotten Smiling !
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we'll miss you. &hearts;

we'll miss you. ♥

It seems like you only just

It seems like you only just returned so I was surprised by this, but you've obviously given this a lot of thought. Best of luck, just from the comments I can tell a lot of people will remember your time here with us.
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This was beautiful but sad to

This was beautiful but sad to read. Take care, wish you the best! ♥

So sorry to see you go, I

So sorry to see you go, I loved seeing your art and deer around. I wish you all the best in your new endeavors! --acer
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Goodbye parrot

Goodbye parrot <3 Your art was very stunning and your characters aswell, I wish you good fortunes in the future. Farewell.
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Well written. I hope you're

Well written.
I hope you're happier taking them all elsewhere ♥

At the risk of spoiling the mood I can't believe you have this dork on your wall.

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Take care, I wish the best

Take care, I wish the best for you ♥

"You won't leave

"You won't leave farewelless."
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I wont reply to everyone

I wont reply to everyone singlarly, the sentiments mostly echo the same. I really have had an amazing time here - a huge part of my own art and presonal growth, but that time has long gone. I dont feel the need to return here any more.

Thank you everyone for all the great times - I hope you enjoy your time here as well. <3
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Always to late for special

Always to late for special things ...Wish you all the best ,
hug and have a good life in the future !! <33
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Happy 9 Parrots ...&hearts;

Happy 9 Parrots ...♥
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥