The Diary of Seed, 5-23-14

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I'm still not entirely sure what to think of Walter's...reincarnation? new form? after-after-after-after-after-life? Regardless, all I can hope is this one will be better than the last, and if there's anything I can do to help guide him well, towards the best he might be, and away from his demons, then I'd do it and gladly.
Today, though, it was just frolicking in the ruins -- at times resting, at times playing with a few other fawns, like Jojo (she introduced herself to me, so I made special note of her) who'd gathered around him. He seems so hesitant and small; I just want to pinch his little cheeks and protect him! Aaaaah! It's too much! I tried to teach him to dance, but he wasn't having it -- too soon? Well, he'll learn it one day. It was just good fun, and I was glad to see it; I suppose the Walter I knew never had the chance for any of that, and I think perhaps -- just perhaps -- the path out of hatred begins there, with days like these, peaceful and bright and cheerful, with the sleepy scent of poppies in the air and the bounding laughter of fawns, the bright golden whir of magic. There might have to be big moments -- there will always be big moments -- but they will live or die on these little ones. I believe in that, in heavens found in wildflowers.

And as interesting as that was, I wanted to write about something that happened between that. Cian, a recent patron of mine, came to me suddenly in the midst of this play, asking urgently for me to follow him. I didn't exactly understand his purpose at first,but he was insistent that I come. And so, with a worried glance over my shoulder at the fawns (well, they'd be fine; I'd almost never had proper supervision as a fawn and I'd turned into a loving, if useless and deeply neurotic adult), I followed him to a likely-looking flower patch, where waited a doe. The realization dawned on me immediately that this doe was Palli, whom Cian loved, and for that love I'd composed a sonnet the other day (The sonnet's quality -- sincere, if dubious, and I'm stunned no one called me out on rhyming desert with dirt, but we get by where we can). I could not have felt more embarrassed if he were doing it deliberately, because the reason for my being summoned was made immediately clear: he'd called me to read it to her for him, to present his gift as I'd see best.

The birds chirped, the butterflies moved like slow-motion dancers, and they looked at me only in quiet, expectant glances that lasted a second and stretched into infinity, but only when they tore their gazes from each other. Sweat rolled under my mask, but I also understood: the poem, unless read, had no power, and all the effort I'd put into it was worthless. I bowed, deeply, and they bowed in return. And I read, though, in truth, it was mostly from memory. I stood as still as I could, the only movements flowing downward from my head -- from my mouth, from my voice, from my words, coursing into my neck and my shoulders, into my expression, into my chest and my tone. And as I spoke Cian and Palli nuzzled and cuddled close, separating only to gasp momentarily for air, the words washing over them like music. And I felt like it was all somehow important, and for the poem's flaws, perfect, because I made a special little moment they'd both remember for a long, long time. I bowed again, accepted some praise, and went back to Walter and the other fawns.

((If I guessed wrong about what that was all about...Boy. Will my face be red.))
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Pfft, each to their own on

Pfft, each to their own on in-Forest interpretations. I'd like to think this is what happened mainly because the idea of Seed reading love poems to a couple is adorable.
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Well, mainly, I've just never

Well, mainly, I've just never actually met Pali before to my recollection, at least not with an introduction, so I don't actually know it was her. He might have been reciting that sonnet to *anyone*, in which case, *shrug* Seed will just be a silly goose, I suppose.
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That's the cutest story I

That's the cutest story I have read in a long time. I'm d'awwing all over the place.
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I hope Cian did not put too

I hope Cian did not put too much pressure on poor Seed. Unfortunately he can't read...but Palila loved it all the same!

It's hard to rp something out in-forest, but it seems you understood well! XD Cian also just wanted to show off his girlfriend to anyone he could, and as luck had it, he caught Seee's scent and thought it was perfect timing.
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@ AlisonRobin: It was super

@ AlisonRobin: It was super sweet in my head out, so I had to write it! Glad you enjoyed.

@ Pelicann: I'm glad you did! I don't get much chance to RP things out in the forest itself, mostly because it's difficult... But I always find it fun, and it really was sweet to resolve that all there.