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Hello All! {Pseudo-life update}

It has been a very long time since I've been here. Like really long. And I really don't know who still comes here and who is still around, who will actually see this and even recognize me what so ever. But that's fine, I just kinda feel like I'm screaming into the void, here. Maybe best for me.

So I guess in a long story short I've been here since the long, long ago times and I've made tons of friends here that I still remember the good times, and very sad. It's so heartwarming to come back here and see how advanced this game is becoming yet this place stays the same and it feels welcoming. I feel like I'm 15 again. But It's been a very long time and I wish I could catch back up with my old goons.

Since I've left here and life has caught up with me, lots of things have happened. Family trauma, my own personal awakenings within other interests, adventuring the world at large and expanding my own artistic style to reflect all that I've seen. I know I was pretty young while here, but now I'm 21 and a senior in college (nearly) studying Art History and Anthropology, while chasing my dream of working within the National and State Park services.

I actually hope to hang around here more and watch the game evolve into an even greater thing, even though my life is hectic and busy, I wanna try to find my happiness I once had here.

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Oh my gosh.

I really suck at upholding my word. A few months back, I said I was "back" and dedicated myself to play this game again. Well, that didn't happen. (Great job, Kat. Really good impression.)
Anyways, I am back Officially!
The reason being that for my 18th Birthday I received a loverly new Gaming PC from my lovely parents. I can now run this game at full settings and finally am able to see the most beautiful details.
And with that, I shall also add that Leeon was reborn again, so he has a brand-new appearance. (i.e., silver pelt, new black swan antlers, deer mask), so I'm working on some art I'd like to put on his new profile page!
But I realized I can do CSS because I am a failure. And I also lost my Bamboo tablet so no art until then, either.
This whole post is driving into the ground really quick.

Enough about me! HOW HAVE YA'LL BEEN?
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I'm on a roll!

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I'm actually alive?! Could've fooled me.

Yes, yes. I'm alive, though it's probably a fact that nobody cares, but I digress.
Hello, hello wonderful TeF go'ers! I return from the dead because I had such a powerful bout of Nostalgia I just had to go back to the forum to only find it closed. Hmm.
Well, this will work just as good.
Life hasn't been so kind to me as of recent, but I find a romp in the forest always seemed to relax me. So, as I re-install the game, I hope that I won't be as much of a bother as I was before.

Also, I re-read some old posts, and I'm pretty sure my eye's are--in fact--bleeding.

I'll log on as Leeon (if anyone actually remembers him), and I'll completely re-do his profile later. When I'm not so lazy.
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The ground melted around his cloven hooves. The wind howled over his ears, he scowled at the gods. They cursed him! They betrayed him.

The glitter of the pond ahead, a ligfht in the darkness of the forest, a midpoint for travelers or lost fawns. This night of nights, the hallowed tree's sung no sweet tune to his ears, nor did his pictogram glow brightly for all to see. His mission was dark as the showdow that loomed below his body.

The firefly's that lived around the pond's graceful willow tree's, they were gone. The koi fish that danced so gracefully through the clear water's of the pond, gone. Sleeping calmly. Only the Gods knew truely what thoughts this stag had. His plot for this night.

Passing the tall birch tree's, snoring of many deer could be heard, they slept peacefully, their dreams filled with magic, not shadowed by nightmares. Leeon's head was only full on a thought, a simple thought.

Only a few months ago did he betray himself, the God's betrayed him, he stood up against the Demon Gazelle. He was punished. Blood was shed on that great stone bridge, a place where no evil could swallow. His blood now matted in with the moss that grew there. His mind was eveloped with a thought

His hooves reached the muddy edge, the pond glitter with a perfect picture of the moon. Leeon's eyes welled at the sight. He was born under this moon, the moon was his friend, his family. Everything. To see what he was doing, he could not stand it.

Stepping back, he waited until clouds covered the moon, the eyes of the Gods were no long upon his pelt. Walking back to the edge, he eyes for a certain somthing. There, a broken tree, it's splinttered trunk still firmly planted in the water.

Arriving where he began, by the shallow waters, did he fall.

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;; Kagamine ;; .FAWN. 1/17/12

;; (Name) Kagamine

;; (Alias) Rin

;; (Age) .Newborn.

;; (Picture) .+

;; (gender) Female

;;(DoB) 1-17-12




;; (voice) .+.

;;(family) .Mother.

.Juliet. (sister)
.Echo. (sister/mia)

;;(thoughts) ".."
;;(mood) .Happy-go-lucky/Peppy.

;;(mental) . ||||| .

;;(physical) . ||||| .

.She loves to sing.

.She is always happy.

.she has much kokoro.

.very emotional, she feels for everything.


;;(theme) .+.+.

.Kagamine is now Born! Visit with her!.

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That is all I can come up with as a Title? Oi. Well, first off; i've been quite MIA for almost a year, (or more if you've been paying attention) and I feel guilting of ignoringsuch a love community of people. To confess, I igored you all and the forst itself because I was too overobsessed with furcadia roleplay (-brick'd-) and just when I feel n othing could go wrong, I get a virus, and POOFBOOMOWCH my computer equals LARGE LUMP OF USELESS JUNK so I went into denile and then I got my life back. woo.

As if that could be the only thing that goes wrong, I get within of an inch of not being able to goto public school (for my highschool years) at All. (medical crap. not going into it.) Well, I get to goto highschool anyways, and thats what all UGH is about, I find that in a high school made up of-- well you know how most high schools have those awesome football teams that win every game? Well, same here, except its's with girls vollyball. I figured out I dont fit in much, since most of the freshman girls are ON said team, and I am not. There is a portion of girls that are not on the team, but I dont know them yet, and we have nothing in commen if I do know them. Anyways, I came back to TEF community because I am now in the social life, but have nowhere to go. I have little to no 'friends' and after school, I just stay home. There have been multiple times I could've been invited to the vollyball games with friends (to go watch) but I have not. It's pretty sad, since the only other person I really know and Love, my brother, is going to collage next year, so my first is his last year here. It sucks, cause then ill be ALONE. crap.

Anyways..This is basicly a...Explanation/vent/random blog anyway Im back and Im feeling better about staying here Longer this time, and I dont plan on poof'ing randomly. Thank you.
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Favor? AGAIN!

Yeah, Ima be getting on my Doe, Gallows (see her -dumb- bio) and I need her to get the following; with help:
-Butterfly pelt
-Black Hair Mask (hands mask)

THANKS! Ima be on her, waiting at the pond<3
TO show me that you wanna help,
Bow+rear+nod <3
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Silent Whispers - 2 (WIP)

As the next day appered, almost 2 months had passed since getting her new mentor. 21, or Eppi; thats what Gwin Called her, Was almost ready to complete her training. being her eager self, Paragwin was very very Excited. Still bundled up in a snug ball, Gwin was a 'Teenager' now, with her feathers begining to grow in, and a bit smaller then an adult, but bigger than a regular fawn. Her dreams pranced around her mind until a sharp pain grew on her flank; her head shot around to see when had Dared desturb her rest. A small Bird was very interested with her hind feathers and thought to pluck one to use in its nest. Ah Well, Its already plucked. Might as well let 'em keep it. She grunted as she sprung up from her fern nest and went to look where Eppi had slept; Empty. Gwin rolled her eyes and went to go serch for her mentor, or maybe not. Nto Today! Gwin desided that it had been 2 months to long to keep around 21, so, Diching the training for the day would be nice. As she bounded through the forest, she caught sight of a giant mound of Sleeping orange fluff! Ohhhhhhh Goodie! She knew that the only huge deer in the forest was Quamar. Pestering him was her main passtime. Her Light Blue Orbs serched his body for movement; nothing. Using her teeth, She plucked a small hair from his back, causing Quamar to stand quickly and looking around for the thing that caused him to wake up. A smug grin grew on her face as he looked down on her but said nothing.
(More to come, right now my fingers hurt! D:)
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