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I am fickle. My new username will be PandaXiongMao This username will also house the pictogram for my new OOC, Pandi.

I will be moving my bios and everything over there, so I have to change a lot of stuff.

(Once I find a perfect picto for Pandi, of course)
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Has anyone on here experienced this?

I was just surfing the internet with the forest playing in the background.

All of a sudden I heard a splash from the pond. I quickly minimized the browser window and found myself in the pond. I dunno how I got there or how erratic my deer's behavior looked before I found out I was moving. XD

Have any of you ever done that before?
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Whatcha think of this name? (The Blue Stag)

Under the cut is name and definition
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Does anyone have any tips for me on resizing my crow?

Does anything special work for you if you want to resize your animal? I use the newest version of the game.

I did get the link to how, I just would appreciate some tips

Just to make things easier Eye
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Help for a vulture?

Muro needs help getting his set.

Please meet him at the mushroom circle by the river and flower patch to help turn him in to a crow?

Much appreciated from the both of us.

And also, someone please link me to the blog for changing your animal-spell's sizes?

Love for you all!

~Moons and Muro
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Putting away a few characters.

Well, almost all of them.

The only ones that will be in the forest will be The Blue Stag and Tien, as well as my Vulture Muro.

Don't ask why.

<3 Moons
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Gonna have very low activity for a bit...

I am getting ready to go to college and there is so much to do!!!

[ ] clean my room and put things in storage
[ ] go get my bank account
[ ] get my bedding supplies
[ ] Gotta get dorm supplies
[ ] go see my great grandpa's grave and visit family
[ ] get my classes and books all situated
[ ] send in a whole bunch of paperwork from the VA and loans places
[ ] Get my new laptop

All this plus more.. and I only have until August 24th... move-in day.

Sorry guys! I will try to be on as much as I can!!

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Gen One Exchange Question

How long did it take to exchange your gen 1 picto?\

It has been a couple days, so I wondered how long M&A usually take for this?
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For you to see

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Poll to make me feel better about myself...

How many pictograms do you own?
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