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Set Help/Questions

SO, I'm always asking these questions whenever I pop back in.
Say I have a set saved for my main deer (mini pelt included), and suppose I got myself a new picto.
I'm afraid to log into my new picto in fear that I will lose the set I have saved to my main account.
Any words of wisdom?
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A silence in butterflies

Hey guys! Just doing my annual swing in, but I've come to a point in my life where I need something, I'm not sure exactly what but my life has been feeling SO bleak. I'm not unhappy but I just need that spark back. You guys know, that Forest spark. So I'm going to try and get back in the swing of things, and I love writing and reading. So feel free to interact! I'm bringing my main back from her slumber, a restart if you will! Hope you enjoy!
A doe, with a dark and vibrant pelt sits among the monarchs she feels at home with. They dance in the sky, while their featherlight wings sing a tune of pure silence that only the attuned can hear. It seems as though time has stopped, and she doesn't know how long she has been sitting here. Hours, days, perhaps years have been spent wasting away in her own mind. Or has time really been wasted? Sometimes time in thought makes the mind sharp and intuitive. Sometimes the butterflies take a break from their dancing and rest upon her for hours. Days. Perhaps years...
The doe startles out of a trance so deep she is not entirely sure where she is at. The world around her is not a surprise: ambient sounds of birds and grass and butterflies looming around her, but it is herself that makes the breath inside of her catch. There is a bleakness inside of her mind she cannot understand. Something dark and sad and confusing. She does not know when one memory starts and another ends, much like the forest she resides in.

Unfamiliar voices and bellows echo through the breeze.

Where has the time gone? When did the time end that she could recall her past memories?

The doe glances around at her all too familiar surroundings, and tries to remember when it felt like home.
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My name is Ellowyn.

Below Cut
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I Need Contact|tcatnoC deeN I

Just thought it would be a nice idea to have peoples IMs for when im in forest or whenever C:
Here's mine:
Can I has yours?
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Day4's Updates & Personal.

under the cut homies.
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Note: She will be using a temperary pictograme of my OOC. Just look for her set!


Crying Mask, Peacock Antlers, Brown Deer Pelt

W h o I a m
Indy is a Doe


Recent Happenings:
Today: ....Rain....

Indy has a small, slender body. Her face is one of a humans, she
has large black eyes with red stains streaking down her cheaks.
She has short, brown, extremely soft fur with small cream
colored dots from her shoulders to her rump. Her head
it topped with three vibrantly colored peacock feathers.
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Oh my..[1 year 2 days]

I have been here for 1 year and two days :'D
-tears of joy-
Well, I just wanted to say thank you for all of you wonderful people here! <3
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In the forest (Story)

This will be a short story about a deers life in a forest. I will be posting a short story every day.

It is early morning, the sun just breaking the horizon. The trees are surrounded by a light mist and the breeze is cool on your dampened fur. You look around, the rest of the herd grazing upon the dewy grass and then continue with your own morning meal.
You and the other does stay close together today, everyone knew there was a lurker upon the leaders territory.
The leader was a large stag, standing proudly above his herd. He kept an extra lookout this morning, keeping his head high above mist. The scent of the other male was getting stronger, it was time to move. He gave a great snort, the does beginning to walk the other way with him. He kept his pace light, checking all around them for the intruder.
The leader led you and the other does to a small pond, where everyone drank. You'r eyes locked on the stags tense muscles. The mystery stag was closer, you and all of the others knew it. You watched as the leader let out a puff of breath, his hot breath steaming out of his nostrils. This was clearly a warning sign for the lurker but the leader never untensed. The intruder wanted to fight.
The great stag gave another snort, moving his herd again. He was nervous, but ready for anything. He waits for the stag to come out and show himself, waiting for the perfect time to attack. His large antlers were one of a kind, most likely the biggest of the valley where they roamed. Why would someone challenge him? His ears twiched at the slightest sound of a twig breaking. The intruder had made a mistake, he was caught. The leader let out a bellow, beconing the stag to come forth.
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LETS MAKE OUR OWN ABIO!-De drinkplaats-

Well, since we dont have the Abio anymore, why dont we make our own at the De Drink Plaats?
Laughing out loud
Dehy Will Be there!
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Day4's Tips on how to get moar Frps.

=Reading off of everyones tips and using my own=
1. Turn player ident. off
2.Turn nature detail low or off
3.Turn character animations lower, to your liking
4.Turn off reflections-might work-
5.Turn off blinking eyes-just one of those "you dont really need' things-
7.Turn "Show players" to minimal. You may not be able to see everyone but you'll be able to see the ABIO
Hope this helped!
And for those who have labtopies like meh.
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