A Delicate Balance

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BodyHealthy - MindStable - EmotionalHappy
"Boundless Energy"

Has been spending his time playing with Heather and the herd.

Snuggle with Heather and Waefreleah today, senses she's (Waefreleah) off today.

Played with Heilong! Heilong got tired and went to cuddle Waefreleah and Noirin, so went swimming in stream that is the border to the forest. Wonders what it's like to feel tired, has only slept out of boredom or longing to dream or fit in. What is tired?

Running! Around! Everywhere! He's feeling upbeat, his previous injury and caution ~completely~ forgotten. Jumped around at Heather's playground (home, not in forest). Enjoyed the lavender, rolled around in it. Grabbed some and ran back to give it to Waefreleah.

IT RAIN! MUD! FUN! Running around in circles. Having a blast.

Entered the forest, seeking friends. Found Lark, overjoyed. Spent rest of day cuddled up with other, let himself fall asleep. Trusts, admires, and loves the kirin. Glad to have his friend after a stressful week.

Raced around the forest, enjoying himself. Delacroix crossed his mind, he hasn't seen the giant in a long time. Misses him, hopes he's okay. Wonders if Heather has seen him at all.

Sprung out of his nest this morning because he had decided he felt better. Got up and raced around, a little more carefully than usual but with his old energy again.

Felt a little better today, but still didn't want to leave nest. Curled up and listened to the world around him, felt weird and unsettling not to be running around as energy built up in him, but didn't want to risk a repeat of yesterday.

Playing at the playground when he tripped. His delicate bones did not appreciate this and his front right leg snapped. Small shrill screams and tears erupted, Noirin heard him and raced to see what was wrong. Found the little fawn curled up crying, immediately started to heal him. "You're okay, I've got you, you're okay." After healed quietly walked home with Noirin, upset by this first experience of physical pain. Curled up in his nest and cried.

Celebrated Jonquil's BDay with Jasta, Jonquil,, Heilong, Larkspur!!, and Ryuu. Was very excited and happy to run around!

Met a doe Damisona, curious about her antlers.. or antler? He isn't sure. Enjoyed asking about the forest and its history, learned a lot. Can't wait to tell Heather!

Met Artemis and Larkspur! Had fun running, dancing and playing with them. Sat with them for awhile, barely able to contain his energy. EXCITED. New playmates!
Fell asleep next to them, for the first time in a long time he let himself sleep, felt safe and happy. Dreamed good, happy dreams as he slept.
Part Two:
Woke up to Larkspur still there, watching over him. Felt loved and happy. A new creature named Ryuu approached, and Peri started to dance with him. Larkspur joined, Peri was overwhelmed with how wonderful his day had been.

Today Peri had a wonderful time playing with his sister. They ran around, then played hide and go seek for around an hour! He wasn't good at it at first, because his Heather is very tiny, but it was entertaining and he loved spending time and bonding with her. Afterwards, they met an unnamed fawn, who seemed instantly happy to be Peri's friend. Also, today, everyone who saw Peri seemed to be hugging him. Peri didn't mind, he likes socializing. He was also glad that they were hugging him, not Heather, as he knew that would make her uncomfortable. Overall, he had a great day!

Met a wonderful giant named Delacroix. He and Heather had fun,
and Peri was exhilarated to meet a potential playmate.
Peri is excited, and hopes to run into this lovely giant again soon.
**Roleplay with LowLights and Dazzleflash Here

Today Heather helped him gain his set, which he had fun doing! It took awhile, and he had to sit still, but it was worth it. He had alot of fun playing with his sister, but he knew that she needed some alone time.


Peri is a fawn who lives with Noirin and her herd. He has a curse where he is extremely delicate and prone to injuries, however he is lucky because Noirin is a healer.
Despite his fragility, he also has endless energy. Always ready to play, sprint, and climb all over, he is very active and enthusiastic.

Home X

Abandoned with his sister soon after birth, a doe named Noirin found and adopted the pair. Saving them from certain death, they found a loving home with Noirin's herd.

Sex: Male
Orientation: Not Yet Discovered
Species: Nubian ibex (father) / TEF deer (mother) mix
Age: Fawn
Physical: Periwinkle pelt, black splotches and one black hind leg, delicate curled silver antlers
Size: A bit smaller than 23
Characteristics: Energetic, playful, enthusiastic, fun, easily entertained
Set: Magpie pelt, real deer mask, kirin antlers

Voice: FE5501

Curse: Prone to injuries
Power: Endless Energy


~Noirin [Looks up to|Motherly Figure]
~Heilong [Friendly]
~Clarion [Playmates]
~Waefreleah [Protector]
~Heather [Sister|Loves|Protective Of]
~Delacroix [Friends]
~Artemis [Friends, Playmate, Seeks]
~Larkspur [Friends, Playmate, Looks up to, Seeks]
~Ryuu [Friendly]
~Damisona [Acquainted, Respects]
~Jonquil [Friends]
~Jasta [Acquainted, Friendly]

Refs X

Lathyrus X

Dazzle X *his bio art <3

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Test Comment?

Test Comment?

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This bio draws me in. The

This bio draws me in. The colors and the pics are magical.
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Awe <3 I'm glad! That's very sweet of you Laughing out loud

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I'd agree with Vani, it looks

I'd agree with Vani, it looks so dreamy and sweet here.

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

Ohh, what a sweet boy~ I'll

Ohh, what a sweet boy~ I'll protect him with my life >:'|


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sweetie &hearts;

sweetie ♥

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