Sunflare's Biography

Sept 23 2012:
I seem to have been gone too long. Sometimes life just gets in the way.
Thank you Deyna for watching over my darlings for me. I know I said it was your choice
and you could give them away if it became too much for you...but I'm so glad you didn't <3

I'll be re-doing this page to more reflect my current views of the Forest and role play.

So happy to be back!

Name: Sunflare (Sunni)
Gender: Doe
Age: Adult
Pictogram: waking fawn
Appearance: Silver&white pelt, skeleton-key antlers, Magpie mask.
-Ornaments? Abiogenesis necklace (Thanks Redkora Eye)
Eye Color: Light green. Often mistaken for gray at a distance.
Text Color: #FEA324


  • Enjoys time alone, but she's not reclusive, and never turns anyone down who wants
    company or just to say hi.
  • Enjoys rubbernecking. Sticking out tongue
  • Generally displays a calm disposition.
  • Doesn't speak out much.

  • Running long distances
  • Jumping
  • Sitting
  • Keeping watch
  • Fawns
  • Hopping on the Playground
  • Catching butterflies
  • Sparring
  • Using Forest Magic on naked/sleeping deers and fawns
  • Exploring under moonlight

  • Excess calling
  • Mean-spirited creatures

Body Language:
Took this off because it's silly to expect everyone else to memorize my made-up language,
especially if it's outside the norm of the regular emotes.

Personal History

-Father: Moonstone
-Mother: Dawnfire
-Guardian: Merle

Sunflare was born into the Suntrod Valley herd, not far West from The Endless Forest. Her
family clan, the Moonstones, were the vigilant protectors and guards of the entire herd, so they constantly moved around the edges of the territory, patrolling the borders. Sometimes they passed close enough to the borders of TEF that she could go in and play. It was in these days she learned to be quick, silent, observant, and protective.

However the herd was facing great strife, long before Sunflare was even conceived; food was becoming scarce and their territory was constantly attacked and thinned by sharp-fanged creatures. Due to the constant stress and fear, fawns had not been in the herd for several seasons, and the few who were did not survive long after birth.

When Sunflare was finally born, with fiery red fur, bright green eyes, and a headstrong will, the entire herd took it as a blessing and message of hope from the Sun, whose name they took for their home. With this little mascot the herd's confidence was renewed, and they fought with great strength and even managed to reclaim part of their lost territory. For a time afterward the herd was able to live in peace again.

But the herd was old, and most were past their prime. Apart from Sunni, there had been very few fawns to raise, and this meant no generation to grow and revive the for the future. It was not long before the predators returned, and even with the Moonstones endless vigilance, the herd could not be saved.

The Suntrod Valley herd was forced to separate; each family clan went its own way, except for the Moonstones. Instinctive guardians, they were unwilling to let their herd go unprotected, no matter how small or scattered it became. Two were sent to each clique to offer any assistance they could to assure the safety of the family; in this small way, the entire herd could still be protected.

As for Sunflare and her parents, they went with the Starblades, a peaceful clique renowned for their wisdom and insight. Sunni was particularly happy of this arrangement, for there was another doe her age in this family and they were close friends. Together, they went East, and settled on the very borders of the Endless Forest, near the birch trees.

It was around this time Sunflare began to mature into an adult, and with this a startling change of her appearance: the red-auburn pelt she inherited from her mother faded like the changing seasons and transformed into the white and silver coat of her father. Likewise her lively green eyes faded and became livid and pale, as if it was a memory of green and nothing more.

Though everyone had their own opinions of what this transformation could mean, all took it to represent new life and change, and everyone agreed that there was no better place for this than in The Endless Forest. To symbolize this new life, Sunflare proudly wears the Abiogenesis pendant around her neck.

Sunflare Art ^.^ (click on the pictures go to the artist's page)

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-stalk stalk stalk- 8o so

-stalk stalk stalk- 8o

so desriptive~

LUL ..
A smoking gun in hand,
now don't you realize what you've done?
Put a bullet in his back,
your hero since you were so young.
How could you kill the man who brought salvation through your pain...?
He must mean everything to end it all this shameful way
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Aww, I'm glad you liked the

Aww, I'm glad you liked the necklace! Laughing out loud

About the Deer
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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Sunni sounds like such a

Sunni sounds like such a lovely deer! So well thought out and so...sweet! Tails would love to meet her one day. Smiling

Why thank you! Sunni will

Why thank you! Sunni will definitely be looking out for your Tails the next time she's in the forest Laughing out loud
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Ravyn enjoyed your

Ravyn enjoyed your company.
She thought you were very bold to come right up to her and sit. (:

Oh, I'm so glad Sunni has

Oh, I'm so glad Smiling Sunni has seen Ravyn around many times and considers her to be a lovely deer ^_^ She would have stayed longer had McAffee not done one of it's automatic virus scans and crashed the whole thing grrr....
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Hahaha awe, it's

Hahaha awe, it's alright.
Ravyn will make sure to say hello again. (: