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5 . 11 . 11

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"I never noticed these here before!"


"Pretty flower!"

"He had a really happy face! He smiled a lot and we danced and played.
He asked me to follow him.."

"Uh uh. I can't. Scary..."

"I thought it would be safer here.."


"...I wonder who that happy deer was?"


Pardon the abrupt nature of this journal. Baby steps for us both. We will talk better.
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Absolutely love your

Absolutely love your screenshots.

These are so beautiful

These are so beautiful <3.. Your screenshots are always lovely.

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These are gorgeous screenies!

These are gorgeous screenies!
Kobal Snuff

Lovely edits as always. Also

Lovely edits as always.

Also I need more Sterre-sass in my life. Don't forget the Sterre-sass.