biography of Sithrim.

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like a chalk outline


...I tell you I need you.

Life expectancies come fast. Life comes fast - comes rushing in on you.

You lift your head in the morning and the wind is rushing by. Over, under, ruffling you up the wrong way. You get up, you go, you let it move you. You don't stop, you don't quit, until the day is over.

Life comes at you fast and it doesn't stop even when you ask it nicely.

Not that you'd ever ask it nicely.

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By dear Bylah, thank you. ♥



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. .. .. .HUMAAANN. . . ...

Name - Sithrim Mateo Kylian Moonslicer
Age - 21 years old, 06/06/1989
Place of birth - Maisons-Laffitte, in Paris - France.
Nationalities - Franco-portuguese.
Languages - Portuguese, english, french.
Sexual orientation - Heterosexual. (one exception, see next)
Engaged? to Crybaby.
Pets - Guadiana.
Height - 1,86m.
Weight - 81kg.
Voice -

biography - story of a life

David likes to open his beer bottles with his teeth; he likes to talk about his mischiefs when he was 20; and he likes everything that relates to sex. He's a man that speaks in a loud tone of voice, that laughs loudly as well and he likes heights.
Laura is a bookworm and she likes to play the guitar when her man is not home; she likes to watch History Channel. She's a quiet woman, organized and mysterious.
They met two years before the first kid was born : two years full of changes, but that's another story.
Sithrim Mateo Kylian Moonslicer was born 6th of June in 1989 in Paris, around 16:45h / 4:45pm. He was a big boy, weighing around 3,9kg, hair barely visible from how light it was. Even though the Moonslicer family was quite a modest one, financially, they welcomed the newborn with tenderness. Well... Laura did, at least. She was the one who took the most care of the little boy, since David seemed to be quite indifferent about him since he had MADE him. Did he only have in mind having sex with his wife? Probably, since they had a second child. When Sithrim was 4 years old, Gwenhwyfar was born. A little princess. But at this second birth, it was discovered that Laura wouldn't be able to get any more babies because of some problems around her Fallopian tubes. It was a shock for the young woman since she would have liked to have more babies.
But she had Gwenhwyfar and Sithrim to take care of, afterall, and that is what she did. David didn't really care about the children because if he went to bed earlier it wasn't to avoid them but only to be with his wife.
When the little girl was only 4, Laura learnt that she had developped cancer in her sexual organ.
One month before Sithrim'd turn 9, Laura died from it.

Gwenhwyfar, too young to even remember it, and Sithrim were left with their father. Though, this latter went crazy.

A day after the funeral, the battle between Sithrim and his father started.
If there wasn't any more beer in the fridge, it was Sithrim's fault. If the TV antenna didn't work, it was Sithrim's fault. If Gwenhwyfar came back from school with scratched knees, it was Sithrim's fault. Consequences: each time David drank all the beer stock and that he'd notice their exctinction, he'd punish his son. Not only by beating him occasionally, but also aggressing him psychologically. No one around Sithrim ever noticed it.

But the boy refused to grow up in the fear of another battle. After some time, getting beaten was a common thing, and it didn't take much until he'd let off steam at school, fighting others of his age. A will of taking revenge boiled in his veins, and if he accepted to get all the kicks from his father, at home, it was thinking about his sister's health. He'd rather be beaten himself than let her be the oppressed one.

. .. .. . DEEEER . . . ...

First seen in forest on 31 of May in 2009.

Nightfall pelt, white antlers, whistling mask.
Note: he has no stars from the pelt and the blue is between emerald and blue; his antlers somewhat recall of a huge heart above his head and are golden coloured, not white.

Pictogram or pictograph can be seen right next to this.
Possible interpretation : "Eagle dropping a guitar".

1.90cm at the shoulder
Around 170 kg.

Sithrim is male. This doesn't mean he goes instinctively to females. But this doesn't mean he is bisexual or anything. He sees it equally, it's part of his instinct to want to tame every creature in some way. It's his animality which makes him differ from his human form/ human sexuality.

I don't measure a deer's strength according to one player's computer performance. So don't say Sithrim is weak just because I have low framerates.

2) only this 'tab' is dedicated to the deer form of Sithrim. You may cross Art with his deer form but the Extra tab concerns his human form, which has nothing to do with this tab.

Favourite weather -

. .. .. . AAAART . . . ...

soon enough.


. .. .. . EXTRAAAAAAA . . . ...

Sithrim loves music. Who doesn't, in fact?
He didn't have much chances to hear much music in his childhood, maybe that is one of the main reasons why he finds it so fascinating now.

The first time he heard some kind of music, it was Bob Marley's. And it had unexpected reflections on his personality and tastes. Reggae is just the kind of music that drifts him away in a violentless world he always wished for, also full of love. Yes, peace and love. He likes its simplicity. ♥

On the other hand, he can appreciate so much other genres... his main favourites are Latin, Rock, Indie, Reggae, Celtic, OST... his open mind accepts almost everything, as long as he feels it means something.

Surfing is a surface water sport in which a person (the surfer) rides a board (the surfboard) on the crest of a wave as it carries the surfer towards the shore.

Sithrim's surfboard reference.
Sithrim started surfing around the age of ten, god knows how. His father repeatedly expressed his wishes to stop him from practising this « pinguinish sport for losers ». Even though he was naturally guided to do the opposite of what his father said to him, the boy quickly understood that this was the perfect sport to practise. He loves the sea, everything related to waves and saltwater. Although, around his thirteen birthday, the sea was so strong that he couldn't reach out for the shore again.
But I think enough is said on the board itself.

- The guitar is a plucked string instrument, usually played with fingers or a pick. The guitar consists of a body with a rigid neck to which the strings, generally six in number but sometimes more, are attached. Guitars are traditionally constructed of various woods and strung with animal gut or, more recently, with either nylon or steel strings. Some modern guitars are made of polycarbonate materials. Guitars are made and repaired by luthiers. There are two primary families of guitars: acoustic and electric.

Sithrim used to play this instrument when his father wasn't home, or mostly, when he found himself alone. His mother used to play - before she got pregnant of Gwenhwyfar -, her fingers very long and fine, agile, strong. He certainly herded from her in that, because he has somewhat a gift for it, although he was never conscious of it. He just thinks he plays good, and basta.
He found a guitar at the age of 7, in a corner of a room, and used to just poke the strings. As he grew a bit older, he would secretly take it, make his fingers dance on them and try to make something out of it that would sound like what her mom did sometimes.

- The harmonica, also called harp, French harp, blues harp, and mouth organ, is a free reed wind instrument used primarily in blues and American folk music, jazz, country music, and rock and roll. It is played by blowing air into it or drawing air out by placing lips over individual holes (reed chambers) or multiple holes. The pressure caused by blowing or drawing air into the reed chambers causes a reed or multiple reeds to vibrate up and down creating sound. Each chamber has multiple, variable-tuned brass or bronze reeds, which are secured at one end and loose on the other end, with the loose end vibrating and creating sound.

He once found one on the streets, laying on a bench. He decided to keep it to himself and occasionally played, whenever he found himself alone and bored. He still plays it today, mainly when he's alone. He knows this harmonica melody. He plays it whenever he's unhappy and needing to escape his reality.

No more? F'cking bottle!
201 questions answered.

What Sithrim is for, to me?

my model.
my inner boyness.
both my mirror and my antithesis.
I believe he actually exists somewhere.

© Marie | M-G.D.

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  • Very sorry about Laurette's

    Very sorry about Laurette's behaviour towards Sithrim today, she wouldn't normally act like that, she was just acting 'territorial' with that small space, she was upset and felt like she needed to keep away from the ones she doesn't know. It's because she knows one of her friends is going to die(?)/dissapear. Dx
    Sithrim's picture

    No problem, really. Sithrim

    No problem, really. Sithrim understood she was unhappy and sad about something, tried to cheer her up, even if it was all in vain, but respected the fact that she .. had to go away.
    Poor Laurette! Sad


    She's alright now, ate a

    She's alright now, ate a load of mushrooms earlier which always makes her happy (Hyper normally xD)
    She should be fine next time when they see eachother. xD
    Sithrim's picture

    Cool, glad to know she's

    Cool, glad to know she's better Laughing out loud Magic mushrooms, huh? x)

    Monica's picture

    You can add Francis as a

    You can add Francis as a friend. I believe he helped Sithrim get his set back again, along with the help of a few other deer. Anywho, it was nice to meet Sithrim! Hope to see 'em again!
    Sithrim's picture

    Oh! We have to meet again

    Oh! We have to meet again then, 'cause he lost his kit twice (in the same day xDDD) and a lot of deers helped. What's your picto'? (the Monica's account one?)

    ocean's picture

    The Fawn met Sithrim today.

    The Fawn met Sithrim today. If you were wondering why she was running, she's irrationally afraid of the giant white antlers along with stags. I was actually hoping they wouldn't meet, 'cause I knew they probably wouldn't get along too well. Sad *pats Sithrim*
    Sithrim's picture

    I don't really remember; was

    I don't really remember; was it a fawn? I remember a deer was running away, afraid, and Sithrim kept on stalking him.

    ocean's picture

    Her name's kinda deceptive;

    Her name's kinda deceptive; she's actually full-grown now, with antlers with purple flowers, the dark brown fawn-spot pelt, and the mask with the orange lines.

    And yes, I'm pretty sure that was her. xD
    Sithrim's picture

    Yeah I remember, it was her

    Yeah I remember, it was her then ^^

    ocean's picture

    Yeah, don't worry about her.

    Yeah, don't worry about her. :3 *pets Sitrim*
    Sithrim's picture

    Okay... xP

    Okay... xP

    Custard's picture

    Lyric met him today :3 She

    Lyric met him today :3 She was the doe wearing the whislte mask, secretary bird pelt and them weird trumpet antlers xD.
    Sorry I had to leave so soon |D
    Thankyou for watching over me while I slept. c:

    Sithrim's picture

    Yep (L) We definitly have to

    Yep (L)
    We definitly have to meet someday ^^ I'll add you right now to his friends !
    (or, is Lyric in the forest now?)

    Custard's picture

    Aww I'm sure she'd be happy

    Aww I'm sure she'd be happy for that, thankyou <3
    I spotted Sithrim and kicked her in but then he seemed to have dissapeared xD. So I put Skuller back in again lol.

    Sithrim's picture

    Awww I'll log in again then.

    Awww I'll log in again then. xDD Didn't find anything to do xD.

    Custard's picture

    8o I'm playing as Skuller at

    8o I'm playing as Skuller at the moment, shall I put Lyric in too then?
    Sithrim's picture

    Yay, it would be awesome

    Yay, it would be awesome Sticking out tongue


    Ah, it was Sithrim that was

    Ah, it was Sithrim that was with Riptail. Amary met them both today (although I think she's seen them both before...well I know she's seen Riptail). She enjoyed her time with them. Smiling

    deer: Amary, Melinoe, Oisín
    Sithrim's picture

    Awwww so you were a doe ^^ I

    Awwww so you were a doe ^^ I enjoyed it too, I have some nice screenies of them, I'll post soon.

    I hope she wasn't disturbed by Sithrim's attitude with the guest-deer. I saw her telling him ''no'' with her head... But that guest-deer had been stalking Sith' and bothering/attacking him all day, for no reason. He got a lil' upset after that. And had to do something to protect both, Riptail (sleeping) and Amary.

    « I hope you don't think bad about me, I was just making sure that the unknown deer wouldn't touch you, or Riptail. It was nice meeting you ! »


    I could tell, Amary just

    I could tell, Amary just didn't want a fight to start, that and she was also trying to tell that deer to stop.

    No, it's fine, I appreciate you trying to protect us, but I just didn't there to be any fighting. And, it was nice meeting you, too. *smiles*

    deer: Amary, Melinoe, Oisín
    Sithrim's picture

    « I understand your fear.

    « I understand your fear. It seems I was built for brutal aggression, but that doesn't mean I'm pleased when I use that issue... I always prefer a good chat and a nice dance with my deer friends. *smiles* Nice to meet you too Amary!

    Moss's picture

    *handsomedeerstalk* I should

    I should draw my Nine without his mask someday. @_@

    Nine(9) is my main deer.
    Sithrim's picture

    Hih <3 Yeah It's always so

    Hih <3
    Yeah It's always so interesting to see the different deer's human faces :'D

    Moss's picture

    You can see his chin, at

    You can see his chin, at least? :'D

    Nine(9) is my main deer.
    Sithrim's picture

    Sexy chin indeed xDD

    Sexy chin indeed xDD


    Sunni also had fun with

    Sunni also had fun with Sithrim yesterday! Sorry if she did weird actions from time to time, the hotkeys kept changing around for some reason o.O;

    Sithrim's picture

    Yeah, it was so cool to meet

    Yeah, it was so cool to meet her again after all this time ! <3


    Bawww, Sithrim shouldn't

    Bawww, Sithrim shouldn't feel like that at all 8c She was so stressed out about the deer she didn't know gathering around her she may have accidently taunted at Sithrim if that's the problem. xD
    He's allowed to come near her, he trusts her. C8
    "I'm so, so sorry about earlier, I couldn't handle all of those deer.. It's not easy.. I won't harm you or get mad if you come close.."
    /lazy to get the colour
    Sithrim's picture

    Yeah I know, poor Laurette!

    Yeah I know, poor Laurette! He just approached her to check if she was okay but I think she just reared because of the mad orange stag (forgot his name) that was approaching (I realised it later) He thought it was for him xDDD.
    But then Sithrim thought he shouldn't be so sad towards her, because of all those deers gathering around. So he felt he had to go away x] He's just a little emotional lately >> lol



    {pointlesscommenttotrack} 83
    Sithrim's picture

    Stalker :'D

    Stalker :'D


    Hey! I'm an unwilling

    Hey! I'm an unwilling participant! It's the doe in the bushes watching Sithrim behind me. -LustdroolsasSithrimstepsoutofsteamyshower-
    Sithrim's picture

    Graaawwr <3 xD Nasty Lust !

    Graaawwr <3 xD Nasty Lust ! Shocked My poor Sith' can't enjoy any privacity anymore ;__;


    XDDD Nope...well He

    XDDD Nope...well He shouldn't have been so smexy then! XDD
    Lust: ;^;
    Sithrim's picture

    Hehe he can't help it, his

    Hehe he can't help it, his parents made him like that :3


    Bawww...It's really a curse

    Bawww...It's really a curse for him then. ;^; Poor be beautiful is such a burden.
    Sithrim's picture

    Well... being sexy isn't

    Well... being sexy isn't that bad... he kinda likes it... secretly >=D


    PHHHHFFFFF! XDD you made me

    PHHHHFFFFF! XDD you made me lol. XD
    Sithrim's picture

    Hehe xD Btw I drew Sith' and

    Hehe xD Btw I drew Sith' and Lust today xD But on paper xD


    O3O DIDJU!?! -spazzes- Is it

    O3O DIDJU!?! -spazzes- Is it all like:

    Lust -seducesSithrim-
    Sithrim -IsLikeOMFG-

    Sithrim's picture

    Aww god, you saw it? xDDD

    Aww god, you saw it? Shocked xDDD


    Say wha? I was right?!

    Say wha? I was right?! -lmao- XDDDD
    Sithrim's picture

    Yup totally right x)

    Yup totally right x)



    PHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFFFFFF -laughs- Ren's not Lust's boyfriend...but it's cute that Sithrim is so jealous! ;3
    Sithrim's picture

    Jealous? Who said he was?

    Jealous? Who said he was?



    Lust: 8D <----> 8C -lmao-

    Lust: 8D <----> 8C
    -lmao-'ve just made war with her. She is going to seduce the crap outta Sithrim now. lmao
    -thegirllikeswhatshecanthaveinaflickofaneye- XDD
    Sithrim's picture

    Hehehehehehe bring it on,

    Hehehehehehe bring it on, lady :'D


    Lust: >8D You've got it

    Lust: >8D You've got it have no idea what you've just done.

    Oh...Oh gawd....XDDD lmfao
    Sithrim's picture

    Omg now I'm scared to log

    Omg now I'm scared to log >:'D
    Sithrim = "..."
    lool xDDDD