The Antler Selector

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EDIT:ah man. it didn't turn out all fuzzy like i wanted it too -_- man Im down today.
Edit#2: Im not having a nice day. -_-

Pelt Selector
Mask selector

sorry for the crappyness of the whole thing. -_-
there will be no surprize because somebody beat me to it. XD but then again -_-

FINALY ITS DONE!!! oh wait. should i do antler selector for the pelts? you know like how the orca pelt has white antlers?

I'd Like to thank
Fledermaus for the candles
and Jadine the sneeze machine

YAY!!! *looks to all

YAY!!! *looks to all antlers*
WOW O.o we have much antlers xD
Maybe an animal selector? xB

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Whoa, great job! I don't

Whoa, great job! I don't think you'd need to do the antlers from the pelts too, because you can see those at your pelt selector! Jadine the sneeze machine X"D *Lol'd*

--Stays a lonely Seele
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Aww! Thank you so much!

Aww! Thank you so much! That's great! Well done! :3

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Wow, Thats nice!

Wow, Thats nice! ^_^


nice lol how do you change

nice lol
how do you change your antlers?
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Awesome *pointless comment

*pointless comment to track* XD
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Tracking. ;D

Tracking. ;D

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Tracking too

Tracking too Sticking out tongue

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Tracking :)

Tracking Smiling

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Double track

Double track

Um, can someone tell me how

Um, can someone tell me how to get the candle antlers? is it the kind that someone can give to you or do you get them by doing something like eating flowers?

they are only available

they are only available around helloween.. then you can pic them up like flowers ^^

... besides helloween there is the possibility that a member who saved them can cast them on you... just ask friendly i bet someone will give them to you ^^ (unfortunately i cant |D else i would give them to you... sorry...)

Oh, mmk, thank you! But wait,

Oh, mmk, thank you! But wait, how can I ask someone if there's no chatbox or anything?
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You can make a blog entry and

You can make a blog entry and ask nicely on here. Then someone can meet you in the game somewhere to give them to you :3
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Tracking...? I THINK I know

Tracking...? I THINK I know what that means... *is a total n00b*
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Could someone kindly tell me

Could someone kindly tell me if/how I can get the anthlers before the last (looks like carnivorous plant...) and the ones after the orca? (Black and pointy... I can't see many details in that position). Are these realised in Abiogenesis, or can I get them at any time through mushroom/pinetree spells?
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I think you mean the zombie

I think you mean the zombie antlers? Those you can get during halloween.

And the ones after the orca ones you can get from normal spells ^^

which ones are the rare ones?

which ones are the rare ones? how do i get the rare ones?
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I have a strange

I have a strange request...any chance someone can post the names that correspond to each of the pelts/masks/skins? People are always talking about them, and I never know which they're talking I'll soon have to try to find some for myself, and it would be nice if I knew what to call them. Nothing too fancy is needed...just like:

Regular | Short?
Red Flower | Blue Flower | Candles
Feather | Antelope | ..curvy? | Antenae-like?

etc. Row by row so they match up to what's above. I think it would make for a VERY helpful newb guide. Smiling

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I love this guide, and thank you for taking the time to make all of them.

And also: what was the surprise? The link to the person that beat you to it does not work.
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Okay..actually..I found the

Okay..actually..I found the space on the forum that talks about the sets...let me see if I can guide-this-up myself. Laughing out loud

Regular | Noh
Red Flower | Blue Flower | Candle
Carnival | Antelope | Argus | Monarch Butterfly
Long (?) | Kabuki | Golden Butterfly | Fan (?)
Peacock | Magpie | Secretary Bird
Orca | Space Beluga (?) |Dragon/Kirin
Zombie | Day of the Dead (DotD)
Real Deer

Experienced players feel free to correct me, I'm sure I didn't get them all right. I also just went off the set name, and I'm not sure if the antlers aren't called something else.

EDIT: I got the info for these posts from here:
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what was the surprise

what was the surprise supposed to be =) i love all your pelt,mask and antler selector
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Can i haz the 18th down? the

Can i haz the 18th down? the one right in the middle of the the striaght up ones and the striped kinda circlish ones? PLZ RESPOND ASAP
Lawl i liek cookies. Laughing out loud I need To get a new video card 4 mah PC
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*tracked* Smiling
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well i noe only that flowers

well i noe only that flowers give u a flower headband, I ALSO WANT HORNS!!! Sad
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is there a way u can choose

is there a way u can choose how ur deer will look like at the beginning of the game? 'cause I see many deers changing of pelts, antlers and masks even though the other deers dont forecast a spell on them :S
I'll be there for you always you need me! BF are meant to last forever. Smiling
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@Andy- When you're a fawn,

@Andy- When you're a fawn, the forest magic wears off after a while. When you're an adult, the forest magic will stick and you can sniff/cough off the magic if you want. But not yet ^^

Oh, here's something that will help you get ideas for when your fawn does grow up: :3
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Ok, thnk u Bayleen!

Ok, thnk u Bayleen!
I'll be there for you always you need me! BF are meant to last forever. Smiling

how do i get this!!???!!

how do i get this!!???!!
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Redraptor. Seriously. Check

Redraptor. Seriously. Check the dates of threads before you post and bump them. The last comment on this was made nearly two years ago.

As for your question, I don't quite understand... but you don't get a selector in-game. This is only meant to display the different types of antlers in-game.