You are all Beneath Her [Ntombi]

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Update; RP with her, pleaseeeeeee.
And added music in the first box: Great Heart - Johnny Clegg

| Ntombi |
owl mask | beluga antlers | angus pelt

• Giraffe
• Mature Adult
• Sexuality Unclear; probably bisexual?
• Cow | Female
• Size - very very tall
• Pictogram - A Tree
• Speaks in #cc8430
• Scent - Gunpowder
• Appearance - hover very tall giraffe with the face of a woman
• Personality - hover proud, observant, manipulative, weak, and protective

| RP is OPEN on her blog |

| Interactions |

Kaye; Was the first to meet in the forest. Hopes this little doe can explain how she has gotten to this strange place. Not sure of much more then that.

Taz; They bumped into her, unsure of them yet. Hopes they didn't hurt themselves.

Abejide; A cheetah in the forest? He intrigues the woman, but not sure if she should trust him yet. Tho, he claims there is a way out of the forest and to go back into the real world. She must know the way! - his bio

Ivan; An antelope in the forest? Even if this bull had no words to speak, he said just enough for the giraffe. Just sitting next to the pond, watching the water. Being with Ivan felt natural, maybe it was because they came from the same world . . . or something more? - his bio

Rhea; A hyena but not a hyena? - her bio

| Images |

• Face by Meadow xxx
• Myself xxx xxx
• Salka xxx
• Colored by me xxx

| In the Forest |

The forest was still strange to the giraffe, but she did her best to not stand out to much; but being so large didn't help that much. She looked around for Ivan, feeling the most comfortable with him so far. No sign of him, so she stayed near the weeping face that cried the river.

| Before the Forest |

Ntombi had a passion for helping those without a voice, to save and protect the beasts on the savannah that were gunned down just for their pelts and horns. It sickened her to know people even had the desire to do such a thing. Now, you would think a young woman would stop at just attending protests and donating? Not this lady. Ntombi put her life on the line going under cover to get information on one of the biggest poaching group in Africa. After spending over a year under cover, she had got all the information that she needed; yet somehow her cover was blown.

A small group of members of the group chased Ntombi over the savannah all the way to a local Animal Reserve, only to find that they had beat her there and slaughtered the staff and most of the animals.

Ntombi was shot point blank, only to wake up in the forest.

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Retrack Laughing out loud
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Thanks ^-^

Thanks ^-^
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Retracking~ ♥

Retracking~ ♥

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Retracking ^.^

Retracking ^.^
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Thank you so much Meadow.

Thank you so much Meadow. ^-^

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Also, remember; RP is open here.
Don't be shy. haha
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Aww, I'm gonna track this gal

Aww, I'm gonna track this gal
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oo, yes. Thanks for the

oo, yes.
Thanks for the track

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bump; anyone wish to RP?
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" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

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Thanks Vala; and weeee she

Thanks Vala; and weeee she was Nominated. c:

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bump; adding an opening post

The giant female moved slowly past the now barren trees, have already dropped their leaves many weeks before. Face turned to looks around, now able to see each of her exhaling breaths escaping her lips like a little puff of fog. Oh dear lord, it was cold here and she wasn't even sure it would be this cold. Being use to a place where you just struggle with heart . . . not chills. Plus, she didn't have a coat to wear, but then could a giraffe even wear or coat or cloak when she as living in a forest. A shiver flowed down her long spine. "Holy smokes . . ." Stuttering, but kept moving to keep her muscles warm.
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sorry to interrupt rp! track;

sorry to interrupt rp! track; this character is great! ^^
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Don't worry, this is not a RP

Don't worry, this is not a RP you are interrupting; just an open post for interaction. o.o


Bump, cause I added a song
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I love this character and all

I love this character and all of the ideas that she is.

This character... is so much

This character...
is so much yes.
She is gorgeous and everything about her is gorgeous and amazing and beautiful
-covers this blog with tears of joy- so beautiful...I'ma crai
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Just bumping her up, seeking

Just bumping her up, seeking some rp.

I love this, she's beautiful.

I love this, she's beautiful. Lesedi and I would be more than happy to rp with her sometime. Lesedi's name and design have some African influence as well, and they have some similar personality traits. I think they'd make really good friends Laughing out loud
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Oy, that's some real original

Oy, that's some real original character you got going on in here. Going to be sitting here

I'm a real sucker for RP, but three of my characters are complete jerks or killers and Manda's a bit boring so I dunno yet :'D
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